Cheap Bluetooth Dongle for Computer - How good are these?

I shouldn't look here,I should look here.

so about an year back when I got my first

wireless headphone, of which I have recently put a review. You can check the card above

if you want to look at that review. So when I have bought that headphone I wanted to have

the same wireless experience on my desktop. But sadly I had a very old motherboard back

then there weren't many solutions of desktop computers with the Bluetooth built inside of

the motherboard. There were some solutions but not many. And under my budget the motherboard

I got didn't have it. So I hopped onto aliexpress and I tried to get a Bluetooth

dongle which matched my headphones specifications exactly the same. So I made sure the Bluetooth

Dongle comes with CSR Bluetooth version 4.2 etc etc, I'll post a picture of it. so I received

the Bluetooth Dongle and for some reason it didn't work at all. It had a quite different

way of working. The Bluetooth Dongle never showed me a BlueTooth icon on my Taskbar even

when I did everything you can imagine to troubleshoot this. So eventually I figured

out that the Bluetooth Dongle connects automatically to the headphone without showing you anything

or without showing you any, it would just say the USB got connected and it would

just hunt for some wireless devices around it and immediately connect to it. But that trick

not always work sometimes especially after I turned on my computer after some hours the

wireless headphone and the Bluetooth Dongle were naturally disconnected. I was a little

bit pissed that even when I tried my best to match the exact specification the dongle didn't

work. This was the part that I want to tell you which dongle to not buy and this

aliexpress model which you can see on the screen right now is the one I bought and I

didn't work at all. Anyway before aliexpress I had hopped onto Amazon India and I tried to

find some dongles. Idid find one and it said it is bluetooth 4.0. I was kinda skeptical

about that and I felt that the dongle clearly says it that it is a generic dongle and it

was so cheap I thought me be it won't work. So after the expensive one when fail I tried this

Amazon India's generic Bluetooth Dongle. As soon as I connected the dongle to my desktop

it immediately showed me the Bluetooth icon and I was like WHAT. It had the standard procedure

to scan your device to connect to your Bluetooth device and VOILA it worked like a charm and

it has never failed me till date, even after I turn off my computer or whatever it works

the same how it works on your phone as you would expect a dongle to work and this darn thing

clearly said that it's a generic it didn't even have a company name on it and it still

works like a charm, I am using it for our 2 months now. So this was the part of the video

where I told you which dongle actually worked. so but I really got curious how different

the sound quality could be on this cheap dongle. Where is the dongle man.. So I got really curious to find

out how different is cheap dongle is as compared to all the modern motherboards which comes

with inbuilt Bluetooth and how different the sound quality and even the file transfer speed

is. A friend of mine works on this workstation in this office and it has this msi x399

motherboard which comes with on boatrd Bluetooth. So when I saw the specs of the motherboard

when I got to know more about it I found out that it cost around 400 US dollars of 28000

Indian rupees. So the Bluetooth on it should be darn good. I'm not saying that all of the

money goes into building the Bluetooth chip on the motherboard but because it sounds

like a very high and motherboard so it should be one of the best out there. Guys I have

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So we did a test, so I went to his office and we tested the headphones on his computer

and there was absolutely no difference in the sound quality in the sound output from

his workstation versus from my work station via that cheap dongle. So I was a bit surprised

that yep these generic dongles do really work. Because the onboard Bluetooth on this motherboard

supported Bluetooth version 4.2 and this dongle clearly stated that it supports version

4.0 so clearly those .1 and .2 iterations are not making much of a difference on the sound quality

of the headphones. So the other test we did was to transfer a file via over phone to

the desktop and to my surprise again the results were exactly the same. The time it took to send

the same file from the phone to X399 motherboard and from the phone to this cheap dongle was

exactly the same. Bothtook one minute and 44 seconds, almost around about the same. So

currently if you own desktop or a workstation which doesn't have on-board Bluetooth do not

worry just simply by any generic Bluetooth Dongle you can find and you will be good to go. At least

around the version 4.0 - 4.2 iteration. I will post the link of the dongle in the

description below and you can check it out and find the similar thing in your country.

I am pretty sure that the similar dongle will be available on aliexpress, gearbest, and

banggood which ever website works in your country and you can easily easily order that,

And never worry that it says that it's a generic dongle, because the darn thing really works. Now I know

that the Bluetooth on an expensive motherboard shouldn't account for all the cost them

that goes inside the making of that motherboard but I really wanted to test it against this

cheap dongle because it would really make sense if there was any difference but there

is no difference at all. So really these things the onboard Bluetooth on the motherboard and

these things are really the same, they perform really the same, so I wanted to check I want to really

feel what's the actual difference and my conclusion says that at least in this area nobody this

this shouldn't effect anyone's decisions of upgrading a motherboard or anything they can

really simply buy this dongle. If you are an extreme audiophile you know what sound cards

are out there to even improve on this performance.

That's all for today.

Save some money.

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