Best USB Bluetooth Dongle for PC? Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter Review

so are you looking for a reliable yet

affordable Bluetooth adapter to connect

all of your Bluetooth devices to your

desktop or laptop if so I got a great

little device here that I'm gonna go

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any other points I forgot to mention so

today I'm going over the pluggable

Bluetooth USB adapter this is it right


it really is the definition of

plug-and-play you literally plug this in

and you have Bluetooth connectivity on

your desktop or laptop they may not

originally have it there are no drives

to install they do have drives on a

website if you run into problems but

again I honestly installed it I had no

problems I plug it right in connecting

my Bluetooth speaker to it the very next

minute if you're looking to get a

Bluetooth speaker or if you have a

Bluetooth speaker or you have any other

Bluetooth devices headsets headphones

gaming controllers and you need to

connect it to a laptop or desktop that

doesn't have Bluetooth connectivity or

receptivity I highly recommend this

pluggable model now I was looking on

Amazon myself and I found that this

model in particular had the top rated

reviews from Amazon customers it was

only like 10 bucks so it's a really

cheap investment to be able to have that

flexibility and have the option to use

Bluetooth devices with your desktop or

laptop one other thing I forgot to

mention about this pluggable Bluetooth

USB adapter is it is Bluetooth 4.0

compatible and it's also backwards

compatible to bluetooth 3.0 and 2.0 but

4.0 is the latest Bluetooth technology

so it's gonna really give you low energy

but effective Bluetooth connectivity and

receptivity so that pretty much sums up

today's review of the pluggable USB

bluetooth adapter there really wasn't

much to say about it it does the job

that it's supposed to doing it does it

really well I'll link it down below if

you want to learn more about this

particular model as well as read some

other current reviews and the current

price and availability of this

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