hi everyone this is Christian here on

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video for the channel in today's video I

want to talk about a topic that I've

been asked many times in the past I

haven't made a video in regards to it

and I decided to make it today in order

for you to actually be able to design

what broker you guys will be using if

you're gonna be trading binary options

so in this specific video I'm gonna give

you my top 5 brokers for binary options

in 2020 we just we're not just gonna

talk about the name of the brokers but

we're gonna talk about their license

we're gonna talk about their assets

available and we're gonna talk about the

deposits in more importantly about the

features of the broker cuz you need to

adapt to the features or get a broker

that adapts to your strategy before

choosing one so in this video we're

gonna go over the five brokers that I

recommend in this specific video are you

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all right everyone before I actually

jump into the video I just want to let

you guys know that I'm gonna have the

list of the five brokers below in the

description of this video all of them

have a demo account 100% free and I'm

gonna have the link to them below in the

description of this video so that you

can get an account with the one that you

prefer the most without being said let's

jump into the content so we're gonna

start with the first one that is IQ

option s is the old time favorite is the

top this is the top five I'm gonna start

from first play second third and the

fifth one that I recommend you gotta be

able to choose the brokers you're gonna

be using dependent on the availability

in your location as well so for example

if you're in the US there's only one or

two brokers in the list that you can use

and so on so forth so you need to check

the availability of your country before

you actually jump into any of these

brokers one of the cool things though is

that even the demo accounts are

available worldwide so you can use it

whether you can use a real account or

not but I would recommend you that you

open a demo account with the broker that

you can use in the future so that you

can get used to the platform and you

don't waste the time of learning the

actual platform if in the end you're not

gonna be able to use the broker cause of

your location does that make sense

hopefully does so the first place of

this list is obviously IQ option now IQ

option nowadays in 2020 has some mixed

opinions when it comes to it whether is

a good broker or not and here are a few

reasons as to why this is happening and

by the way this is the broker has OTC so

we can look at the OTC trades one of the

things that people don't like about this

specific broker is not only that they

close their pairs many times during the

day even when there are holidays they

close the trays for non apparent reason

and it causes that you guys lose

opportunities to trade with different so

point resistance level different trends

and so on and so forth so that's one of

the reasons

my people some people don't like it I

don't find it as a big issue but if you

trade during the entire day then

probably is gonna be an issue for you

the other reason why people are

concerning about this specific trading

broker is because they tend to block

accounts now many people says that is

not is for no reason at all I don't

really agree with it I think that there

should be a reason as to why your

account is being blocked

some people say because there is Starr

to make a lot of money which I kind of

find it weird but I do think that when

you actually start making a lot of money

they do need to investigate as to why

not because the business is not

profitable but because in the end there

are some people that are hackers and try

to hack the system in order to make

money there's a lot of people that have

been able to do it and imagine if you

have a business right and you're being

fair with the business but there's

someone who hacks your system and starts

making thousands of dollars a day with

your system based on hacking devices

then definitely they need to shut your

account down I'm not saying that's what

happened but there are a few times that

I've been contacted by iq option asking

hey what is it that you're doing how is

it that you're making money are you

using strategy are you an experienced

trader and so on and so forth

so I do think that there's a reason

behind all of that additionally when I

contact them in the past and ask em hey

are you guys blocking accounts for no

reason what's going on they said that

there were a lot of accounts that were

being blocked because of their location

of the users because they opened their

accounts in places where it wasn't

allowed they cheated the system by

putting a fake address probably using a

VPN service and then when they actually

try to withdraw their account they

realize that they needed to send the

documentation they sent either fake

documentation or the real one and IQ

option realized that it wasn't true the

information that they have put

the beginning of the registration so

they shot the accounts down in the end

there are many theories in regards to it

but if I go with my personal opinion the

broker is actually doing really good I

really like it it's fully regulated

slice egg regulation and I really like

it the minimum deposit is ten dollars

the only problem though in by the way if

this is probably a big topic video that

I want to do on a different one is that

many people find only digital options

available in non binary options this

option does not is not available in

their trading platform and the reason

why like 100% of the times is because

binary is not allowed in all countries

so let's say for example that even the

UK you can open your account for Forex

or to buy stocks or digital but not for

binary same thing happens with your

telephone if you download the

application from the App Store or from

the Android store the Google Play you

won't have binary options if you want to

have binary options you need to go into

the website of IQ option and download

the app the applications from there this

like I said is a topic that I'm gonna

talk in a different video if you want to

learn everything in regards to IQ option

and you got those issues you can put it

on the comment section and say put hey I

want to learn more about IQ option and

I'm gonna make a video dedicated just

specifically to those issues and my

recommendations but other than that I

really like the broker is only ten

dollars as a minimum deposit and one of

the cool things is that they offer you a

free demo account with ten thousand

dollars so that you can practice as much

as you can it's got all the indicators

needed it's super easy to use you can

use candlesticks you can use line you

can use bars so it works perfectly well

you can set up alerts with horizontal

lines too in order to identify support

and resistance so it's verse a very good

broker that to me is the favorite of all

times in binary options but let's go

ahead and continue it with

the list the second one that I do love

right now is actually this one this is

pocket option why do I love pocket

option two reasons two primary reasons

one the simplicity yet very high

technology website they have take a look

at the actual trading charts it's super

fast super easy to use a very user

friendly and more importantly its it has

a good speed when it comes to day

trading and in binary options trust me

is super important to have a speed fast

broker because if you enter a trade by a

couple of seconds delay you might just

miss the appropriate azar and lose all

your money

this in forex obviously doesn't really

happen but in binary options is

important so to me fast and speed on a

broker is super important so this one is

super fast they also have a mt5 trading

platform though with the mt5 trading

platform unfortunately well not

unfortunately but with the empty fight

platform you need to deposit at least a

thousand if I'm not mistaken or two

thousand dollars so that you can trade

using mt5 why is empty fine point I

create many indicators for mt5 signal

indicators most of them so like these

signal alerts that you're looking at

right here they are created by me and

install on Mt Phi so if you're able to

actually connect your pocket option

account to your mt5 account then that's

a huge huge deal because in the end

you're gonna be able to follow the

signals using the same trading platform

with your broker connected with this

signal alert so that's absolutely

awesome and the other thing that I love

about this software the pros of course

is the minimum deposit which starts as

long as $20 if I'm not mistaken

dependant on your location is usual but

to me it's only $20 which is absolutely

awesome and you can trade as low as $1

now what are the cons of this

what because of this broker is the

payout at certain points right now you

can see that the lowest one is 64% but

during the weekdays when the real

markets are open this is OTC when the

real markets are opened sometimes you

get to see even 10% payout in your pairs

which is absolutely like useless okay

you're now gonna risk a hundred percent

of your trade for ten percent in

exchange it's impossible it's dumb we're

not gonna do it

so unfortunately out of at a certain

point of the day there are a few pairs

that you can't really use because of the

low payout so that's definitely a huge

disadvantage when it comes to this

broker and the last disadvantage that I

find is that you can choose how many

minutes you want to have as expiration

but you can't really set up in a

specific expiration time so let's say

that you get a signal saying it expires

at 2045 it's impossible that you can set

up the expiry time at that time you can

set it up for 10 minutes 1 hour 30

minutes 15 minutes but not a specific

closing time like you do with IQ option

for example where you can actually set

22 22 15 20 20 to 30 it's not possible

with pocket option yet I really do find

that if you're trading turbos or your

training based on candlestick and not

specific expiry times this broker can be

super helpful for you when it comes to

actually making turbo trades and making

good money this broker also I'm gonna

have the link below in the description

of this video this broker is not


yet it is trusted and it is available in

some areas of the United States ok and

it's available world y so regardless of

what country you're in you're gonna be

able to trade with this broker so that's

one of what a huge plus the third broker

that I want to talk about is actually

this one that is a limb trade so many

people asking me all the time in regards

to a limb trade a

do you recommend it is it trusted in yes

it is trusted and I do like the fact

that the broker itself is super fast

it's very familiar with IQ option and

pocket option you can select lines you

can select candlesticks you can select

anything you guys want and a trade with

it as well you have bunch of indicators

that you can use such as MACD such as

moving averages and so on I do like the

fact that the platform itself is super

fast and right now there are no pairs

available because I'm actually recording

this on a Saturday but here's the bad

part is well they do have a low deposit

of ten dollars if I'm not mistaken and

this broker is regulated in Russia and

in Europe and it is a binary options

broker of course this is what I don't

like about it take a look at the payout

10% and some pairs it does happen as

well with the binary option pairs such

as Euro USD and so on so it's a huge

disadvantage however when the payout is

actually good like say for example over

here the broker is marvelous it's

amazing right now I'm at my trade

account but let me place a demo account

take a look at the expiration all right

now is just allowing me to trade with

one day trade but I just place a demo

account oh this is the currency okay my

bad and basically it does have a free

demo account it does have an easy way to

deposit and more importantly again the

broker is super fast it is web-based it

does have an application on the phone so

that you can use it it does have a good

customer support and more importantly is

regulated now since the broker is

regulated where there are no binary

options available the broker does not

have binary options what happens if they

don't have binary options that they

offer you the the Forex opportunity the

for exotic or good we're not talking

about Forex in this specific video

but once we talk about Forex definitely

I'm going to cover a small portion of

these brokers that have a Forex

capability but the most important thing

in this specific broker is not only the

speed the low deposit and the demo

account that they offered 100% free so

that you can give it a try

I get questions in regards to this

broker a lot a lot on a daily basis and

the answer is the question is if all the

prey is trusted or not and the answer is

yes absolutely yes at the third place in

my list of trusted brokers now we jump

into the broker that I don't know this

is kind of confusing broker to be honest

with you because they do have I don't

know what's going to on my account but

they do have a broker that they do have

a minimum deposit that is $250 but they

have a minimum trade of 10 cents now one

of the cool things that I used to like

about this broker it was that the

minimum deposit was ten dollars now it's

not ten dollars it's not a big deal but

I mean it kind of limited the people

that don't have the $250 to start

trading nevertheless the broker itself

is super cool okay it's fast it's easy

to use and more importantly is a super

reliable trading platform I don't think

I will be able to actually go into the

platform right here right now

I believe I need to open an account I do

have an account already with them but I

don't know what's going on probably

because the weekend or I forgot my

password I'm not sure they do have a

customer support that is a video call I

don't know why is that a point but it's

something that you should know right so

when you're talking to a support agent

which is a real person because you can

ask them to do stuff like to to prove

that they are live you know like say hi

to the camera they will say have to the

camera so that you know that you're

talking to real person instead of a

robot or something like that and they're

very fast to helping you one of the

things that I haven't mentioned in

regards to

previous brokers the fast which rolls

and definitely this is the broker with

the fastest which rolls when we're

talking about one or two hours to get

the which rolled process and transfer it

into your account whether it's Bitcoin

or credit card or bank wire so

definitely a cool broker is well they do

offer a Forex version of wet as well

with a leverage up to 1/100 I really

don't use 1/100 I use 120 but it's

always good that you know how the broker

itself is actually working so this is

the fourth place in my list in the last

one is expert option now you might be

wondering what is the last time but let

me go ahead and give you the pros first

the pros is that they do have a good

payout in most of the pair's most of the

times they're over 60% they do have an

OTC market there's a $1 let me play $1

trade right now there you go it is an

easy easy to use platform where it's

fast it's easy to use as you can see

there are no many tools you only choose

the amount that you want to trade with

and then you click on the direction and

that's it it's pretty pretty damn simple

to trade using this broker it's pretty

social experience broker if you notice

right here there's bunch of people

trading right now placing the trade

these are the results of people placing

the trades right now right now I'm just

messing around with a couple of trades

of $1.00 so that you can see how the

platform actually works and as you can

see the broker is pretty simple to use

you can also change it a candlestick if

I candlesticks if I'm not mistaken yeah

over here

let's give it for one minute you know

this is how it looks like the platform

to be honest with you it looks pretty

cool with just the lines it looks better

but yeah this is a cool broker with a

minimum deposit of $50 now this broker

has a regulation this is a pro con of

course the

company doesn't provide services to

citizens in residence in the USA Canada

European Economic Area Switzerland

Israel New Zealand Australia North Korea

Puerto Rico Singapore Bangladesh vanish

100 to Yemen incident so those are the

come the countries where they don't

allow any registrations from it's

completely understandable but more

importantly is that if you're in the

country where the broker is available

it's definitely suitable for you I don't

remember what is the the license that

these guys have to be honest with you

I'm gonna try to look it up and maybe

mention it in a different video but yeah

they do have a regulation that is non

cite çiçek regulated and not e u

regulator right it's a different

regulation that they got but it's still

even without the license is not a big

deal take any conservation that I have

used the software for about two years

now I think and it's pretty damn cool

you can apply the 2 minute strategy here

five minutes rata G you can apply up to

seven minutes that's one of the cons you

can apply up to seven minute rates if

you notice right here of course its LTC

so it's not available more than one

minute but during the weekdays you have

up to 10 minutes if I'm not mistaken or

portrayed with this specific trading

platform so this is the number five of

my list I kept the video too long but

tell me what are you guys saying and

this is the question of the day right

what do you think is the best broker for

you well binary options in this 2020 let

me know in the comments section below

and remember that the link to all of

these brokers will be in the description

of this video thank you very much for

watching this video and if you guys have

any questions you can put it on the

comments section below I'll be glad to

answer those comments as soon as I can

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