Top 3 Online Sports Betting Sites & Best Sportsbook In 2021

what's up guys in this video i'm going

to explain to you guys the top three

online sports books that we use here at

linemaker sports

and i'm going to go into detail and tell

you guys exactly the pros and cons

of each also i'm going to give them a


on a one to five star rating so

this is a common question that comes

across a lot

on online sports books because you got

to be able to decipher

which ones uh you can use which ones you

can cash out quickly which one's got the

best bonuses

you got to be able to decipher that and

also which ones offer the best lines

and what offer which ones offer the most

variety of sports

that you can bet on because some of them

don't offer certain sports

some of them offer higher lines so we're

gonna break down the top three

and i'm gonna show you guys exactly the

ones that we use

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follow along with me we're going to hop

into the ipad you guys going to be able

to watch above what i'm looking at so

that way we can decipher and i'll show

you guys exactly

what to look for at the sports books all

right let's get into it

alright guys let's dive into it now

let's go and let's start with number


number three on our list is going to be i'm gonna give you guys the

pros and cons for it as you can see

right here

this is what it looks like as soon as

you pull it up and you're going through

you can see that they offer what live

betting mobile betting which is pretty

basic along all the

all the online sports books out there if

they don't offer that you shouldn't

really even be an online sports book

so the first thing i do want to address

is the betting limits betting limits

they do allow

large betting limits you know you can

bet a lot of money on certain games

but i will address also how there's a


that offsets that in a minute so with

the large betting limits though like i

said you can go all the way up to uh you

can play some

five figure bets with these guys so you

can place a big amount of money and


reputable sports books so they're

definitely going to pay you out if you


win that now the second pro is they do

have live betting a lot of online sports

books do

there's this pretty uh well put and they

use the televised

all the televised games no matter what

they are they throw live betting odds on

there so you can

watch the game and bet it at the same

time which is something that a lot of

people love to do

so they offer that which is very very

clutch when it is you know you just want

to sit there and keep betting on a game

on a monday night football game a

thursday night football game or sunday

night football game anything that you

want to sit there and watch

you know you can really live better and

you can

always rely on them for a televised game

to have

live betting options for you to get

there all right and now let's go into

another pro another pro is they give you

a lot of options

to bet on as you can see right here they

give you all your little basic

all your basic uh football basketball

hockey but they also give you like

esports if you do like the bet on

esports some people do

they give you uh your formula one racing

they give a lot of options in that

also the entertainment which is the uh

like the political races or who's going

to win dancing with the stars

they do put little uh props up there for

that so that's pretty good for

a lot of people it does entertain them

sometimes to be able to bet on certain

stuff like that

so they do offer good and they also take

cryptocurrency as well so they take

bitcoin and all that stuff

and uh also their deposits and


their deposits are obviously instant a

lot of sports books are because i mean

why would they why would you want to

wait to

have access to your money to bet also


rewards program is a little bit on the

skeptical side because

when you start actually winning money

and you are profitable

they start putting restrictions on you

so these are both the cons

for is when you are


as soon as you're profitable your limits

start getting hit so you're

you're not betting being able to bet

five figures anymore if you're

consistently winning five figure bets

they're going to drop that down also

your rewards are going to be starting to

get cut down

as well the more that you win because

they're not going to give you

any free play they're not going to give

you stuff if you're making money off of


all right so those are the two cons with

that so

with that said let's go to the board i'm

gonna show you guys out of a

one star to five star rating we jumped

on and we gave

a four all right so a decent decent


but uh you know they have room to

improve when it comes to certain uh

aspects of an online sports book all

right guys now let's get to our top two

our top two

is pretty much neck and neck so it's

very hard

to really decipher which one is better

here we kind of just threw

one over the other by like a 0.1 of a


because they're pretty much even there's

only one aspect that makes them

uneven all right so let's get to number

two on our list which is bet

us now as you can see as soon as we pull

up bet us

now this was a better looking website

obviously than this is a little bit of

flash look they got warren sapp on their

hall of famer they're showing you the 25

plus of years

in the business and they just show a lot

of options that you can deal with you

can play the table games the slots the

video poker you can do a lot of stuff

with all of that and it's just it's a

very easy nice website to go through

like it's nice to scroll through

you can click up here you got your live

bedding you got your

casino you got your sports book you got

you know you got everything that they

they'll give you options on everything


let's go into the pros and cons real

quick with that now the saw

the the one pro is the live betting the

live betting that they

offer is pretty solid so they they give

you multiple games at sometimes not just

ones that are televised they give you

multiple games that you can live bet on

and you can check so like games that

aren't even televised

you can live bet and you can follow

along on your phone if that's the way

that you know if you're interested in

doing something like that so they give

you the option with that

also one of the things i do want to say

is the fast payouts this they're

the leader in fast payouts so on some

certain like circumstances

you can get a same-day payout from them

which is very

you really don't find that when it comes

to the online sports books to have a

same-day payout so

in certain circumstances you can get a

same-day payout from them i just think

if it's maybe like a hundred thousand

dollar payout

you're not going to get that in one day

but uh anything under probably about

ten thousand five thousand you'll

probably be able to uh you'll get that

in the same day

so when it comes to deposits as well

deposits are pretty smooth

now i do want to mention that when you

do make a deposit

they have these big promotions that they

throw on there

and there's one of these promotions they

are probably the best when it comes to

promotion wise

and they offer 125 percent match bonus

and sometimes 100 match bonus that's

pretty much instant like

that's the money that you put in they

double that exactly in free play so you

could sit there

and not even touch the money that you

put in for a while

and just play off of free play for a

while so

there's really no other online sports

books that do that so that is a pretty

big notch right there that they

they offer that and you can play

basically with house money almost the

whole entire time

so that is a very good thing that bet us

does offer

all right another thing i do want to

mention about bet us too is their

customer service their customer service


excellent now you're not talking to a

bot the whole time you

actually go on and can talk to a real

person that's actually there working and

they really do help you out exactly and

get you know

squared away exactly with what you need

so their customer service is very

excellent now

let's go into the cons there is only a

couple cons for the sportsbook but we

are going to talk about that all right

guys so one of the cons for

bet us is the sports that are listed

there are they do miss out on some

sports as

for let's say soccer you go into the

soccer category here

you can see they do offer a lot of

soccer options a lot

but they are missing a lot there are

some soccer leagues that they do miss

now that is literally the only the only

thing that they miss when it comes to

the sports that they offer they've just

missed a couple soccer

lessons couple soccer leagues out there

they don't post

and some of those are you know pretty

vital to

playing when you're betting soccer but

other than just soccer they offer

betting on everything

everything from look cricket you got

cricket darts ping pong politics

entertainment they literally give you

any they give you a snooker as well

you can you can bet on anything you can

bet on madden simulations as well they

give you a lot of options you can

basically bet on

anything when it comes to bet us all

right now let's talk about one more con

here for bet us

and one of the bad things that we did

notice was

that their lines sometimes their lines

their bedding lines are jacked up a

little bit

other than the market price so let's

talk a little bit let's just go for an

example here

and let's say college football on this

day you got northern illinois that's

plus 14 and a half well

you can find that there's a couple other

books there's mostly

the general public of books right now

have it at 14.

so you got minus you got ball state

minus 14 and a half on here

when the general the general online

sports books have it at about 14 so they

do raise the prices that like they do

raise them a little bit

and sometimes that's vital and when it

is vital when it comes to like football

and stuff like that but you can

go on here and also you can buy points

as well so you can buy

you know manipulate the points down to

whatever it is that you want to bet on

so that is a good thing along with a

little bit of a bad thing there

so another thing that is with the free

play when you get your free play and you

get your match bonus

you can't use that to manipulate points

that you can only use your free play

on the lines that are listed so i do

think that is another reason why they

jack up the lines a little bit

is because they give you the access that

you could use your free play for that

but they

mess the lines up a little bit you know

and more in their favor

rather than what the uh the general the

general sports betting world has listed

so other than that bet us is a very

solid sports book they uh

like i said and they also take

cryptocurrency as well they they do a

lot of they

run it very well it's a very well put up

website and it's very nice to use it's

very smooth

so when it comes to the money aspect too

you can get your money out very quick

and you can put your money in very quick

so there's really not too many


about bet us this is why this one is

neck and neck with our number one

because the only difference like i said

with this one the only really

con to it is that the lines are

manipulated a little bit

because i do think they give you a lot

of free play so they want to make the

lines a little bit more in their favor

for you them to

give you free play to use so that's the

only little thing that uh

you know is a little bit of a difference

there and also that

in soccer there's some leagues that

aren't listed other than that

solid sportsbook this is a very solid

sports book and it comes highly

recommended definitely from

us as well so we are going to give this


a 4.9 on the scale of 5. so almost

perfect score there

because they are very very solid and

they there's really not too much to

complain about them we use them


and they they're pretty solid when it

comes to the online sports betting world

all right guys now in our number one


online sports book that we use is bovada

now bovada like i said is neck and neck

with bet

us we uh do like both of them

pretty much equally but there is just a

tiny little difference when it comes to

bovada and bet us

now let's get into the pros of bovada

now they're easy deposits

just like we expect in most online

sports books you can

deposit your money and use that money to

bet instantly obviously

that is a good thing and here's one of

the best things is the range of

different bets

that you can make on bovada now on

any game you can manipulate the lines

they give you

so many options they give you that you

can bet alternate spread you can bet

alternate totals alternate team totals

all there's so much so many different

options you can bet just on one game

and they give them throughout all the

games so that is very very vital because

you can manipulate the lines a lot in

your favor when it comes to

using them to bet on certain games now

also i do want to mention too

that they have every sport so like we

were saying this is the only

difference between bet us and bovada is


us misses out on some soccer plays in

some in certain soccer leagues

as in bovada does it but vada doesn't

they have every single soccer league

that there is out there to bet if you

can find it if you can think of a soccer


and you can find it bovada's got it and

you can bet it so

they have everything and also they have

all that other stuff that we talked

about just like bet us does

with the cricket snooker and ping pong


all that stuff that you can bet on

entertainment stuff as well

they just they have everything that you

can bet on so it's a very solid

solid sports book as well now let's go

into the cons the cons in this one is

it's for us players only so outside the

us you can't bet on bovada

also if you're in nevada you can't bet

on bovada

so kind of funny that the name nevada

bovada you know but you can't bet in


on bovada so that's just a kind of a bad

thing when it comes to being in vegas

you can't use that but anywhere else in

the us you could use bovada

now overseas you can't use them as in

other sports books you can

other online sports books you can use

them overseas because most of them are


out of the us so when they're based in

costa rica or bahamas or something like

that you can bet

all over the world now another thing is

that uh

they're live betting the live betting is

uh it's not available

on as many games as bet us offers

bet us offers more of a variety of live

betting on certain games so you can

like i said it's not just televised

sometimes they don't even have the

televised games

on live betting in bovada as in bet us

does and also they have

all the uh other they have like random

matches also that they throw up for live

betting as well

so that's just a little bit of a con

there now here's the biggest con

for bovada is the rewards program now

the rewards program

is not instantly an instant transfer so

it's not like they give you

a thousand dollars replay if you deposit

a thousand dollars how it works with


is the more money that you spend as

you're spending your money you start

getting increments of your free play and

stuff like that so you have to be

spending your own money

to get the increments of your free plan

stuff back so

that kind of like is a little bit of a

turn off when it comes to the rewards

programs and that

because it's like you have to spend the

more money you spend the more money that

they're going to give you

towards the rewards that you thought you

signed up for in the beginning

so that's the really the worst that's

the worst problem with bovada is just

the rewards

program other than that they're

fantastic they're fantastic on just

every single bit of the sports that they

give you

and the options that they give you on

each of those sports so it's very very

solid and

the biggest thing is the the line

manipulation when you can bet

alternate totals on team totals also

totals on the total of the game

alternate totals on the i mean alternate

spreads alternate spreads on each side

of the

of the game there's just so many things

that they give you they give you so many

options so many prop plays

on a lot of stuff so you can definitely

find a lot of stuff to bet on when it

comes to

bovada and for that that is going to be

our five star

sports book so we had bet us at 4.9

bovada at 5.0

and uh like i said the only reason be

between that two the only reason that

bet us is not a five is because in

soccer in their categories they're

missing some leagues

when it comes to soccer and a lot of

those leagues we bet on so we noticed

that and bet

us that they are missing some of those

leagues so it would be uh

you know if they were able to access all

the leagues just like bovada does

we'd be giving them both a five-star

rating they would both be getting a

five-star rating because they're both


very well very well put up and very

smooth to work with both of them

all right guys so let's go through the

top three one more time we had coming in at number three

we gave that

four stars out of five number two we had

bet us sportsbook which is very solid

sportsbook we gave that a 4.9

and then at number one we had bovada


a five-star rating like you said bet us

and bovada

both both are neck and neck bet us could

easily be a five star sports book if

they just offered

a little bit more soccer plays than what

they have listed

so other than that they are a very very

solid sports book

and bovada being the leader in that as


and like i said the only problem with

bovada is the rewards

and how you have to play a certain

amount to start getting rewards back

other than that

solid sportsbook they are solid bet us

is solid

also guys we have partnered with bet us

as well because we use them as well

so in the description we're going to put

the link if you guys want to make an

account with them

like we said they match 100 of what

you're going to put in there so

no matter what you put in there they're

matching 100 and that's instantly

so you can sit there and play with free

play for the next couple months

depending on how much you deposited

in that account so that is something

that's very clutch that a lot of people

like to use because some people don't

even want to use their own money

they could just use their free play you

can sit there and use their free play

and play off of that for the next few


if you'd like so we're gonna put that in

the description as well so make sure you


click the link sign up with bet us the

we recommend that you literally

have all sports books we recommend that

you have access to all sports books

reasons for that

is because there's different lines

everywhere every sports book

definitely has different lines at some

point and you want to find the best

lines at any sports book that's why us

at linebacker sports

we are based in vegas and we have all

the online sports books that we have

access to

in vegas also we have access to all

these other online sports books

that are like the ones that we listed as

well we have certain ways that we get

around some of the restrictions with

things so we do have access to

all the sports books that are to offer

reasons because like we said

you have to have access to all the lines

so it's very clutch to have access to

all lines when it comes

but those that we mentioned are the top

three that we use and like i said we


that you sign up for bet us we will put

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i'm frank with linemaker sports stay

disciplined stay consistent

i'll see you guys in the next video till

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