SAFE & UNSAFE hamster beddings + alternatives!

hey guys it's me and today's video is

going to be safe and unsafe hamster


and I am going to be including some

alternatives because I do know that not

every single country has the same types

of batting's or even the same brands

some countries don't even have really

hamster bedding available to them so

first I'll be talking about safe hamster

beddings the first type is paper-based

bedding this is the most recommended and

common hamster bedding there are some

popular brands such as care fetch and

Katy clean and cozy those are the most

common I would say but there are tons of

different types of brands basically

anything that's paper-based is safe for

your hamster you can also get the

colored bedding so those are totally

safe as well there is other paper-based

beddings and these are just basically

different textures and different forms

of paper-based bedding they might not be

as soft as the other types but they are

also safe next is the Katy soft granules

this is a little bit different than any

paper-based bedding this is made from

wood fibers that are not suitable for

paper production and they're kind of

little tiny balls I guess you could say

these aren't the best for letting your

hamster burrow but they do make a great

texture for a part of the cage next is

Aspen shavings these are safe these may

also be known as hard wood shavings as

well and then lastly there is hemp

shavings and this isn't as commonly used

as the other types but it is safe now

I'm going to be talking about safe

beddings that you can use in your

hamsters cage but they should only be

used in a small section the first is

sand not dust you can get sand made for

chinchillas or if you want to go for the

cheaper option you can get a large bag

of children's play sand and then

sanitize it by baking it in the oven at

a high temperature then there is eco

earth this is basically just coconut

fiber and you can find this in the

reptile section and it is

perfectly safe to use a little bit in

your hamsters cage the last option is

hey some hamsters like to snack on this

but you can include it in the bedding

too but you are gonna want to make sure

you choose a type that is soft and not

sharp at all because you don't want them

to cut themselves or poke themselves in

the eye

personally orchard grass is a good type

of hay to use for them now I'm going to

talk about the beddings for countries

who do not have access to any of the

previous options that I talked about so

there is paper pellets while these are

not as recommended because they are hard

and they do not provide your hamster the

ability to burrow they can be used if

absolutely necessary

next is Aspen pellets and is basically

just Aspen in a little pellet form and

this is the same thing as the paper

pellets they are hard and don't provide

your hamster with any ability to burrow

but they can be used if absolutely


next is shredded toilet paper or paper

towel please take note that this

material is not good at keeping any odor

down so spot cleaning daily will be

necessary and the last one is shredded

paper and shredded newspaper this

material is not very absorbent at all or

good at keeping odors down and you also

need to make sure the paper is either

plain or has soy-based ink so now I'm

going to be talking about the unsafe

beddings for hamsters the first is soft

wood shavings now this is basically a

name for the other types of unsafe

shavings anything softwood needs to be

avoided then there is cedar shavings and

pine shavings these both need to be

avoided now why aren't these shavings

safe to use to basically keep things

short cedar trees naturally produce

chemicals that are made to protect the

tree from things like bugs and funguses

from eating the tree and because of this

it's very dangerous for other animals

and even humans living on cedar shavings

can cause your hamster to develop

respiratory infections it may not affect

them right away but long-term it

and pine also has similar natural

chemicals as cedar and can cause the

same harm which is why you want to avoid

it as well

the next bedding to avoid is any type of

scented Bunnings so why isn't this safe

brands will often make bedding centage

so that your pet won't smell while that

may sound appealing to you it can

actually cause harm to your hamster

hamsters have an extreme sense of smell

which means things that may not smell

strong to you may be very strong to them

so living 24/7 on scented bedding can

cause your hamster some distress and can

even cause them to develop a respiratory

infection personally if you cannot

handle a pets odor I do not suggest you

own one and the last unsafe type of

bedding is corncob bedding so why is

this unsafe any moisture that gets on to

this bedding so if your water bottle

drips or your hamster pees on it this

type of bedding can actually grow fungus

very very fast and very easily which is

not safe for hamster obviously this

bedding also is very very hard and it's

not very comfortable for your hamster to

live on or let them be able to burrow I

really hope this can help anybody who is

looking into hamster bedding xand which

kinds are safe and which aren't and I

hope this gives some people who don't

have every type of bedding available

some options of different things they

can use so yeah guys thank you for

watching bye