11 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android that ACTUALLY WORK!

hey guys it's Miriam and I'm back with

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the problem with Android is that there

are a lot of apps and it is hard to know

which one works and which one is the

best for you

so these are the total of and best

battery saver apps for Android that

actually works hope you guys enjoy first

a modulus is unified most of you

watching this video might know about

this application but for those who don't

I will explain how it works and how you

can use this app to save battery purify

is an application that allows you to

have an 8 apps that means you can kill

background running apps if you take a

look at your battery stats you can see

that background running apps like

Facebook use a small battery power than

other apps so having I think these back

running apps can really make a

noticeable difference in your Mobile's

battery life unify has three different

modes one for normal users and two for

rotary serves the same way and the

easiest mode is the root mode but if you

want to use that you need root axles the

difference between these modes is that

in root mode greenify will do everything

automatically and silently but in

non-root mode unifi pops up a for stop

message of each application so this

mother is a bit slow and on the third

mode which is called boost that mode has

a couple of cool thing cool additional

features that you can enable if you want

to use the boost mode you must have

exposed star installed on your phone

this is how you can have an a background

running apps open unify then select and

add the apps that you want to have an

eight to the list to have any gaps

easily you can add havenít now shortcut

to the home screen and also you can

enable or behave annexation which will

kill all the back and running apps when

you turn off the screen next we are

going to look at an app which does not

require root access the name of this app

is shut up clever name I found out about

this app recently

what is app does is it will kill bag of

running apps one of the downside of this

app is it is a bit slow that is because

it is not doing everything directly

since it does not require root access

this app has to kill the bad

running apps using an indirect method

with that being said this is the best

practice ever ad for known route to

users this app has this thing called

magic bar which is a floating which is

shortcut to kill bag of running apps so

we don't have to open up the app every

time which is cool if you don't like

this widget you can of course turn it

off moving to the next one it is called

monochrome this app will turn your

screen into black and white when your

battery hits the low battery percentage

usually 15 percentage this app will not

make a huge difference in battery life

if your phone screen is an AMOLED it

records root access however if you want

to use this app only you have not rooted

phone you have to execute an ad become a

widget you can find on this app's Google

Play Store page to grant right secure

settings permission it works great with

a form that has AMOLED panel one of the

things that I like to see in this app is

the option to manually set the low

battery percentage but the developers

actually said that if they provide an

option to manually set the low battery

percentage value this app has to run in

the background to work which will

negatively affect the battery life so

that is why they really include that

option in this app moving on to the next

step on this list it is called those it

is made by the same developers who made

the share app application this app will

prevent a apps from accessing Internet

while your screen is soft so the

background apps won't consume a lot of

mobile data and battery power there is

also an option to whitelist applications

amplify is one of the top battery saver

apps that every Android enthusiast

recommends but it is not that easy to

use to be honest I don't know exactly

how this app works but using this app

you can control how often your device

can make up and how long it can stay

awake you can set the way closed

interval for each services where clocks

are basically a power managing software

mechanism which makes sure that your

Android device doesn't go into deep

sleep so delaying this way clocks will

result in better battery backup I am

still learning about this app so I will

leave a link to a video as well as to

AXT a thread in the description so check

it out service Li is the next time on

this list it is basically a task killer

but the speciality of this

is that it will continue killing back

running apps on the hit list every

interval so every interval this app will

check whether any services on the hit

list are running and if any services are

running this app will shut it down it is

pretty easy to add any app to the hit

list open the app then tap on the add a

new after the hit list then select the

apps you don't want to run in the

background then tap on the stick mark

and down there are some other cool

features inside - if you don't know much

about Android don't mess with it

roses blue light is the next step on

this list and it does not require root

access this that might be the simplest

and very close to being a gimmicky app

because honestly it doesn't do much what

it does is it will automatically

disables Wi-Fi Bluetooth and clears

cache when the screen turns off and when

you turn it back on it will enable all

these services surprisingly while I was

testing this app I got around 30 minutes

of extra battery life

I don't know how kernel editor is

actually what I would call an advanced

application that means if you use this

app without knowing the simple tech

terminologies there is a slight chance

of permanently damaging your phone so

use this app only if you know what you

are doing and of course it requires root

access with that being said this app

will let you change CP maximum and

minimum frequency and a lot of other

cool things if you set the maximum

frequency a little bit lower your phone

will only consume less power which will

result in longer battery life but you

are sacrificing a little bit of

performance here there is also a couple

of other things that you can do using

this app to extend battery life even

more but if you don't know what you are

doing then please don't do it

pixel off battery saver is a bit similar

to monochrome this app works best with

the phones that have AMOLED panels this

app will overlay a black mesh layer over

the you are AMOLED panels display is

black colored by note turning the pixel

saw so since this app overlay black

lines which means less pixels to worry

about your screen or phone may only

consume less power which means more

battery life this app has different

levels the higher the level the darker

the screen and the phone will only

consume less power

this is a great app if you don't want to

settle for

performs performance during this battery

life tape slave battery saver might be

the easy to use battery saver app that

actually works because all you need to

do is just select a profile this app

puts your phone into deep sleep mode and

makes up your phone at specified

intervals you can set the intervals from

the profile tab each profile has

different intervals it is definitely an

app that I recommend and it requires

root access last one on the list is dos

battery saver this app is very similar

to greenify the difference is just the

UI the UI of this app is a bit more

flashy and materialistic than vd5

if you know any good battery saver apps

other than the ones that I've featured

in this video please comment down below

it will definitely help a lot of people

and if you have any citations for future

videos let me know and that's all guys

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