Bathroom Basics: How To Pick The Best Bathtub In 2019

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in this video we're going to cover how

to pick the best bathtub for you here we



the first decision to make when deciding

on which bathtub to get is how you want

that bathtub to be installed

installation number one is typically

referred to as a three wall alcove

installation something like this where

you have the walls on three sides and a

door in front there's usually an apron

or a skirt that crosses the front of the

tub and this is your most basic type of

installation I think pretty much all of

us have seen it at some point the second

type of installation that you need to

decide on if you didn't want to do an

alcove tub which would have a tub/shower

combination you could do a drop-in tub

something like this one right here so a

drop-in tub is just that it is a tub

where your contractor has built a box

and there's a surround and usually this

is tile or granite or something like

that and the tub is dropped in as a side

note you can actually under mount a

drop-in tub as long as it has a flat

edge like some of these that I'm showing

you today so the way they do that is

they build up the plywood and take the

tile or granite and go over the edge of

the tub

the third tub choice is of course a

free-standing bathtub now many of us

when we think of a freestanding bathtub

many of us think of something like this

clawfoot cast-iron porcelain enamel and

definitely a very classic look if that's

the look you're going for but there are

a number of freestanding tubs some with

jets some without that we can do in a

variety of different materials that are

not clawfoot now once you've decided on

the installation of the bath tub now you

need to decide what material to use so

the first material that you could use

would be plastic and a plastic bath tub

is cheap but also does not hold up over

the long term so I would only recommend

this for a customer who was installing

in maybe a house flip or as a landlord

something where you're looking for super

low investment the way a plastic tub is

formed is you they take a fiberglass

shell and they spray coat it with a gel

plastic material that hardens and so the

support is actually coming from the

fiberglass which is not its original

intent now some things as a consumer to

watch out for with regard to plastic

tubs as companies have gotten good at

using other words to describe the same

or similar materials so for example any

word that has coat in it gel coat last

coat things like that the other way

companies get a little bit sneaky when

they're labeling their plastic material

is they make it rhyme with acrylic or

they make the word sound acrylic ish

words like acrylics Vicryl

Varitek things that kind of feel like

the word acrylic but in this case these

materials are all a plastic or a plastic

composite type of a material they're not

actually acrylic again each material is

right for somebody but make it an

informed decision on what material

you're gonna get the way an acrylic tub

is formed is there's usually a sheet of

acrylic that gets bent and formed into

the shape of the tub and then the

fiberglass is sprayed on the back as

simply an insulation device so the

acrylic actually provides all the

support the insulation comes from the

fiberglass so I must have gotten this

question probably a hundred times over

the course of my career it goes

something like well most of these tubs

aren't plastic they're actually acrylic

get your nails done right huh what's the

difference between a Lee press-on and an

acrylic nail the next material to

consider is cast-iron

porcelain enameled cast iron has been

mainstay in the plumbing industry pretty

much since a Bulgarian immigrant named

John Michael Kohler poured enameling

powder on a cast-iron pig trough put

some feet on it and sold it as a bathtub

cast-iron tubs come in a lot of

different shapes a lot of different

sizes a lot of different configurations

cast iron is a cost-prohibitive material

to work with as compared to acrylic

that's why the prices on cast iron are a

lot higher the other pitfall to cast

iron is today's cast iron is not the

same as the cast iron was 50 years ago

today's cast iron is low lead now low

lead sounds like a really good thing not

that I lick my bathtub that often but

I'm not going to get lead poisoning from

it so your low lead cast iron however is

also going to be very brittle and more

prone to chipping so this is something

as a consumer you need to be aware of as

well when making your decision on the


the last material you could choose would

be a composite stone or a composite type

of a resin material where this material

which is available in some sinks and

some tubs and various other fixtures is

actually it starts out looking like this

and it is a volcanic limestone mixed

with a resin and poured into a mold this

particular material is from a company

called Victorian Albert out of England

and they've been doing this for well

quite a while actually but there are

other companies doing some interesting

things with the composite stone resin

material here now blue bath works is a

company that makes composite quartz

bathtubs and fixtures now the

interesting thing about quartz as

opposed to limestone is it's a far

denser material so when these folks that

actually emboss a tub that is they put a

design on the side that design is

actually etched into the tub as opposed

to like a screen print that some other

companies would do other companies would

do some sort of a screen print put down


a tub this company actually you can etch

a design into the side of the tub and

have it be structurally sound now this

material bluestone as I mentioned from

blue bath works is a material designed

by a designer named Michael Gottschalk

and as the story goes he was looking for

just the right stone for one of his

projects because he's an architect and

he couldn't find it anywhere so he went

out and had it made and he figured if he

had that problem

well then other people probably had that

problem too and that is how he began a

company called blue bath works my final

note for you on bath tubs is every bath

tub that I sell just like every faucet

just like every every appliance is right

for somebody and they're right for

different reasons because people are

different so if you want to choose a

particular tub great just make sure that

the decision you're making is an

informed one I hope you enjoyed that

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