How to bait a Rat Trap to get the Rat 99% of the time...

hello today I would like to show you how

to beat a rat trap to get the rats 99%

of the time

now most people bait they're at in mouse

traps with peanut butter spreadable

cheese things like that then you go out

and check the trap later that day or the

next day

it's licked clean and it has been sprung

well I'm gonna show you how to bait

these to get them 99% of the time

alright let's go to the workbench and

get started

all right I got the camera moved in and

the workbench you know of course we're

gonna need a rat trap for this tutorial

and you can pick these up you know a

hardware store Walmart Exxon course

restore doesn't even sell these but

you're gonna need a trap no I'm gonna

show you two different ways to bait

these the first one is gonna get them 90

some percent of the time and then I have

my ultimate technique of baton ease

which gets some 99 pretty much a hundred

percent of the time I've never went out

and fall in the trap not sprung with no

rat or nothing in there so who's first

yeah open the trap up get it out of the


now of course you can see here there's a

staple you got to remove before you can

arm it but I'll do that later that

doesn't really have anything to do with

this tutorial no you got your rat trap

next you're gonna need some bait now

like I said before peanut butter

spreadable cheese is what most people

use on their tramps I'm sorry

you put that on here you're giving the

rat 90% of the time a free snack they're

gonna lick it clean you're gonna come

out find it not sprung and it's clean

well this is what you need to use cat

food or dog food is my first suggestion

no you don't have a cat or dog well

don't worry

cereal right here I got some cereals you

can use cheerios otherwise a couple

other options would be like dried nuts

dried corn anything that a rat's gonna

eat that's dry and the reason why the

next thing you're gonna need is one of

these a hot glue gun no this is easy to

do you know just plug in warm up your

hot glue gun right here on the metal

trap tab you just put a bunch a hot glue

on here not too much just enough to

cover it real quick and then take some

of your cat food or Cheerios or whatever

and it put it on there and hold it for a

moment now the reason why this works

better than the peanut butter and cheese

is they've got to chew on this and most

likely they're gonna latch on to it with

their mouth and try to pull it away

bring it home for later or whatever

that's gonna set the trap off almost

every time with peanut butter cheese

there's nothing for him to latch on to

and they're just gonna sit there and

lick it clean and you ain't gonna get

the rat not gonna happen

I mean when I used to use peanut butter

on my rat traps and my mouse traps every

ten times the trap was baited I'd maybe

get one when I started hunt gunning the

bait to the trap almost every time I had

one on a very rare occasion the trap

would be sprung with nothing in it and

it just probably was I was using the

mousetrap and I most got in here and got

lucky he was sitting in just the right

position that this didn't hit him but

that would have been a rat on there it

would have got him definitely would have

gotten them no tip number two on how to

bait these which is really gonna pull

the rats in you're gonna need either

some little wire and I've got some thin

copper while you're here this is magnet

wire or a piece of string and you're

gonna want a chicken wing end though you

make chicken wings you eat it all except

that little bit the very tip of the wing

most people don't even try to nibble the

meat off it me really isn't any there's

just the breading and what you do is you

put that on here and then I wrap it and

tie it down real tight with a piece of

string or I do recommend the wire as

being the best way to put it but if you

don't have any the string lower no this

is really gonna drive nuts they're gonna

grab that and they're gonna try pulling


you're gonna get them a hundred percent

of the time if you beat it this way 100

percent and sorry I don't have a chicken

wing in in the put on here right now I'm

actually gonna be bait in this trap

later cuz unfortunately I got a weasel

in my house and the mousetrap won't work

for a weasel but these well the rat

traps work to get them mum you got no

fight with my cats the other night and I

thought that chased him off but this

morning I seen them in the bathroom and

well I live in an old school house so

it's not like a new house where it's

hard for him to get in they get in here

a lot easier but I'll be baiting us and

the chickens in the oven right now as

I'm shooting this video I get done

eating I'm gonna take some of this

magnet wire tell you that chicken wing

tip on here and put that in the the

bathroom where I seen the weasel today

and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get them

now before we go there is one more

little trick I want to show you because

with rats and also the weasels they will

eat each other and over the years I also

had chickens soul I have rats outside

and I use these and I first started

putting traps out I lost half my tramps

they ate each other and when you get one

they'll pull the whole trap with them on

there in a rat I mean this thing don't

wait nothing is gonna pull them away

otherwise it might have been a weasel

that pulled the ran away or if I had a

weasel in there it might have been her

at the pole the weasel way to eat them

they eat each other their dog

carnivorous and know they'll eat

anything meat plant vegetable anything

so to keep your trap from getting

taken away trick I came up with just a

small scrap piece of plywood it just has

to be big enough where when they're on

there they're not really gonna be able

to get their feet on the ground or

anything to pull it away and this one's

actually heavy enough where even if they

grab the edge of it they move it it's

just a piece of scrap plywood and then

put the trap in the middle take a drill

bit and drill two small pilot holes on

like one here and one back here and then

put a small screw in there screw it down

if you don't have that option you got

the hot glue gun glue gun in the back of

it quick and press it on there and if

you press it on sideways by accident

it's still gonna work it's just gonna

keep them from dragging this away if you

don't have a piece of scrap plywood yet

minimum like in the one of the corners

or sides put a screw in and then tie a

piece of string around it now I would

use wire if you have it otherwise a be a

small chain like the stuff from your

ceiling fans and your lights that

changing appall and attach a piece of

that and then wrap that around something

you just want to make sure that they

can't drag these off because they are

cannibals they are cannibals and I also

recommend this my mousetraps I've got

small pieces like this too because if I

get a mouse out in the garage and a rat

or weasel comes along they'll drag it

off you kill them but can your traps

gone and you can reuse these I usually

get quite a few uses out of them before

they start wearing on what I mean

they're not built to last forever and

staples holding together start coming


well that's uh mic tips and tricks on

how to bait rat trap to get that sucker

you said put peanut butter on there

you're giving them a free snack that's

pretty much all there is doing it's all

well I hope you found this information

useful you did please give me a thumbs

up appreciate it

and if you try this out leave a comment

down below and let us know how your

experience with baiting them this way is

compared to using the peanut butter

alright have a great day and I hope you

catch rats and mice using this this