How to Choose a Badminton Racket - The Ultimate Guide

day 500 bowl of running abdominal

channel and I'm still trying to answer

the onslaught of racket questions my

arthritis has reached peak levels I was

losing hope but when all seemed lost I

had a brilliant idea just make a video

answering the question once and for all


that makes my life easier there are

hundreds of different rackets on the

market but filtering it down to the one

racket they'll suit you best really just

comes down to three main factors the

first is balance or other words the

weight distribution of the racket a

racket can be head heavy which means it

has more weight distributed at the head

it can be head light which means it has

more weight distributed by the handle or

it can be balanced which means the

weight lies somewhere in between weight

distribution affects two things the

power and renewability of the racket to

explain how this works let's demonstrate

with a simple everyday object a

sledgehammer if I hold the sledgehammer

this way it resembles a head heavy

racket because all the weight is on this

side so when I swing it's very easy to

generate power let's use this watermelon

as our test subject it's very easy to

generate power in my swing

now if I hold the sledgehammer this way

which resembles a headlight racket

because all the weight is on the handle

end suddenly it becomes a lot harder to

generate power there just isn't very


momentum in my swing it's not happening

this shows that the Moorhead heavy

racket is the better it will be at

generating power this will result in

faster smashes and more effortless

clears from the rear court but the

trade-off for this is maneuverability

the extra momentum that makes it so

powerful also makes it much harder to

control let's take a look at this rapid

tapping motion which is used when the

shuttle is being driven back and forth

in fast flight exchanges if I use the

head heavy sledgehammer it becomes very

difficult to do this because of the

momentum this is pretty much as nimble

as I can get but if I turn it around and

use the head light version suddenly

becomes very easy I have complete

control over this sledgehammer and it's

incredibly nimble so the Moorhead light

your racket is the more nimble it will

be this makes it sharper in situations

where quick reflexes are required like

fast flight changes or defensive shots

the next big factor is a stiffness

you must understand the scientific

derivation the stiffness of the material

is given by its young's modulus defined

as sigma over epsilon where Sigma is

given in megapascals and epsilon is a

unitless constant just kidding stiffness

is basically just how much the shaft of

a racket tends to bend a stiff racket

won't Bend very much while a flexible

racket will bend a lot to understand why

this matters take a look at this video

of Olympic champion Chan log hitting a

smash and notice how the shaft of his

racket bends as he hits the shot the

bend is created from the fast

acceleration of the racket it's

important because it creates a sort of

whip effect that adds power to your

shots and makes them more efficient

here's where it gets interesting

a stiff racket has more energy when you

whip it so it makes this effect more

powerful which is a good thing but it's

harder for AI player to create that with

effect because the stiffer a racket is

the less it bends so the player needs to

give to accelerate their racket a lot

faster to create that bend you're

a swing generating this right speed is

not easy to do even without a shuttle

think of an arch or with a bow and arrow

if the string is very tight which

represents a stiff racket it will shoot

their arrow a lot further but if it's so

tight that the archer isn't strong

enough to even put it back in the first

place it wouldn't go anywhere so a loose

of string which represents a flexible

racket might be better

that means the stiffness of your ideal

racket depends on how much racket head

speed you're able to generate in your

swing the faster you are the stiffer the

racket you'll be able to tame the final

factor is the weight racket weights are

defined by the you system from 1 through

5 where a lower number indicates a

heavier weight realistically though the

only racket weights viable for general

play are 3 you and for you the weight of

a racket also has a trade-off between

power and maneuverability with a heavier

racket you can put more weight behind

your thoughts which means more power but

the added weight makes it harder to

control in general you'll see singles

players use heavier rackets the pace of

rallies is slower in singles even though

singles is extremely grueling the

demands are mostly on speed of footwork

as opposed to speed of racket the number

of shots per second is lower so players

can take advantage of the extra power

that heavier rackets grant doubles takes

place at a much faster pace there's a

lot of flat exchanges that happen at

breakneck speeds and there's twice as

many players hitting on court so in

order to keep up doubles players tend to

use in light and racket as the extra

power isn't as important as their

ability to rapidly manipulate the racket

in between shots

the other consideration to make is your

own physical strength younger or weaker

players might want to look for a lighter

racket those are the three big factors

that will determine which racket will be

best for you but we still haven't gotten

to the most important part of the video

yet sure you've just learnt a lot of

theory but how do you actually choose a

racket in the age of information

overload we have too many choices and

simplifying it to just one option will

save you a lot of headaches

that's why I've created an interactive

racquet selector that will choose out a

racket personalized for you just answer

a few multiple choice questions about

yourself and our algorithm we'll use

that data to match you with the path

racket that suits your games and

complements your strengths as a

badminton player it's free to use and

gives you results instantly so click the

link in the description to find your

perfect racket today and maybe with

enough time my arthritis might finally