Best Areas to Stay in London (Near the Attractions 🎡) | Book Your London Hotel series

if you want to stay near the major

sights and attractions when you're in

London I'm gonna tell you three great

areas to check out when booking your

hotel by the way if you're new here I'm

Jess and I make videos for people who

are coming to visit London before I tell

you the areas these are five things you

should know about choosing to stay in a

hotel let's mirror all the attractions

and these sites number one these areas

will give you the most convenient

location when it comes to seeing the

major sights and attractions many of

which you can just walk to number two

because of that convenience the hotels

in these areas will give you the least

for your money number three some of the

city's most amazing hotels are in these

areas like the Covent Garden hotel and

sea containers number four not all of

the attractions in the city will be

within walking distance because some of

them are just spread out to other parts

of the city number five don't expect a

local experience these are not really

areas that Londoners usually end up

living in because they're so expensive

and so central and also the prices on

food and drink will usually reflect that

and number six these are some great

areas but it doesn't mean all other

areas are bad to stay in this is just a

curated list based on my own experience

and opinion so here are three great

areas to stay in number one is Covent

Garden Covent Garden has tons of great

food drink and shopping options my

personal favorite part of it is Seven

Dials where you can find boutique shops

little cafes and wine bars and there are

some lovely luxury hotel options here

from any part of Covent Garden you can

walk to many West End theatres Carnaby

Oxford Street and you can even walk to

Waterloo Bridge which brings you over

the River Thames to the south bank and

lots of other major attractions

number two is solo which is just around

the corner from Covent Garden Soho is

almost always bustling and it has a

bunch of great bars and restaurants

within just a few blocks it's also

considered the lgbtq+ capital of London

staying in Soho and you can eat well

party and you're also smack dab in the

middle of the city so you can easily

walk to Chinatown Piccadilly Circus

Carnaby Oxford Street ends your failure

Square just to name a few

Soho is definitely crazier in the

evening then come and garden is so keep

that in mind when you're choosing

between the two number three South Bank

and Bank side these areas are nestled

right next to each other and are great

to stay in if you want to be near to

anything along the south bank so that

includes the London Eye Borough Market

Tate Modern and both London and Tower

Bridge you really have to know where

you're going in these areas in terms of

getting good food and drinks but there

are good options if you know where to go

Southwark and Bankside are part of my

three-day London itinerary so if you're

struggling with planning your first

three days in London that you should

definitely check that out you can do

that by clicking the card popping up in

the corner if you want some hotel

recommendations for each of these areas

that I mentioned I've put some resources

down in the description of this video

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down there number two that's the one and

you can even walk to Waterloo Bridge

which brings you over the River Thames

to the and you can even walk to water

loop and