the ar-15 is one of the world's most

well known and popular rifles there are

a lot of reasons to love the ar-15

platform it's easy to shoot cost

effective and powerful but finding the

best ar-15 rifle is not an easy task

which makes taking the best decision a

real challenge in this video we are

breaking down some of the best ar-15

rifles available on the market today


hi I'm Jerry Mitchell a professional

shooter for Team Smith & Wesson and I'd

like to show you the new Smith & Wesson

M&P 15 rifle some of the feature of this

rifle it comes with a 6 position

adjustable buttstock forward of that it

has the mag pull em bus flip up side

assemblies both front and rear going

down from there it comes with the

integral forged trigger guard the hand

guard assembly is a 13 inch

free-floating mep slim hand guard with n

block capability it ships with a 2 inch

section of m lock rail so if you want to

attach a vertical grip or sighting

assembly you can do that the barrow is a

lightweight contour it's a 16 inch

barrel comes with the mid-length gas

system it's chambered in 556 NATO with

five wall rifling and a twisting eight

so it except the lightest bullet onto

the heaviest bullet it also has an

ammonite finish both interior and

exterior for wear resistance and also

corrosion resistance the bare assembly

is topped off with Smith & Wesson's

proprietary flash suppressor it also

offers a mild degree of a muzzle break

it's all topped off with the Magpul

30-round PMAG this is the exact model

smith & wesson rifle that i use to set a

current world record speed shooting

title width of 10 shots on 4 different

targets and 1.59 107 seconds



today I want to talk to you about our

DDM 4 v7 this lightweight modular rifle

would make a perfect addition to

anybody's gun safe it comes standard

with a 16 inch government profile barrel

in a mid length gas system it also comes

standard with our mnf ar-15 om lock rail

the M lock rail has a patented bolt up

system which is extremely rigid and

durable and can take any beating you

would give it on the range this rifle

comes in just over six pounds which

makes it extremely maneuverable and easy

to move around barriers also if you're

out shooting all day it's not extremely

heavy come standard with our Daniel

offense bolt carrier group

those are MPI tested truly durable full

auto rated bolt carrier groups they do

come standard with a mil spec trigger

they all will come with an ambidextrous

selector lever which is great for

lefties or righties and you have the

ability to switch from the long side of

the short side with just removing a

small little screw here and you can

switch your long selector to either side

that you want it's also going to come

standard with the ending of offense

rubber over molded furniture which is

extremely comfortable

overall the DDM 4 v7 is a perfect rifle

for anybody from beginning shooters all

the way up to the pros


introducing the st. edge pistol from

Springfield Armory the premium build

quality that defied the battle ready st.

edge now available as a pistol with a

maximum CQB brace and ten point three

inch barrel for the ultimate in mobility

and versatility in a 556

it's just twenty four point six inches

the same edge pistol comes fully

furnished with an MP I tested bolt

premium components and accessories for

unrivaled performance ready for duty

right out of the box every aspect of the

same edge pistol is designed for the

most demanding user generously fitted

with spring-loaded flip up sights an

ultra rugged freefloat handguard with

hand stop ambidextrous safety and

acutight tension system all built on a

rock-solid premium billet lower the all

new st. edge pistol from Springfield

Armory is painstakingly built and

configured to offer undeniable

performance at an unbelievable value

today I want to talk to you about the

DDM for violetta the DD m4 v 11 for the

longest time was our best-selling rifle

and still holds its own in our lineup

it's going to come standard with our

daniel defense flash hider which is a

salt bath nitride finish behind that you

have a 16 inch mid length gas system

barrel which is a government profile

barrel and then the rail system is our

slim rail 50 no the slim rail is a

keymod system that is also utilizing our

patented bolt up system the v 11 much

like every other day of the fence rifle

will ship standard with our daniel

defense 32 round magazine and it will

also ship with our new thing of the

fence grip and rip ambidextrous charging

handle the DDM 4 v 11 is one of the

lighter configurations that we make

weighing in just at 6.2 pounds it is

going to come standard with ambidextrous

selector levers and is chambered in 556

this particular configuration comes in

multiple different colors you can either

get it in our gang of offense milspec

plus or the daniel offense tornado gray

and then obviously we have it in the

black color as seen here the DDM 4 v 11

is an overall lightweight fantastic

rifle that will make

great addition to your dog safe Ruger AR

five five six the standard model 8,500

is an exceptional value in the modern

sporting rifle a rugged reliable Ruger

it will serve you well out of the box or

serve as a great foundation for your

custom built the Ruger AR five five six

MP R or multi-purpose rifle is Ruger's

custom built it's assembled with

top-quality well matched components it's

still a rugged reliable Ruger it's still

an outstanding value the AR five five

six MP R is an exceptionally accurate

rifle and it seems to do everything very

well the heart of the AR five five six

build is its barrel cold hammer forged

from chrome moly steel it's forged with

minimum bore and groove dimensions and

5r rifling 5r rifling distorts bullet

jackets less fouls more slowly

cleans more easily this barrel is forged

with a one-in-eight twist that will

stabilize just about any bullet length

and the 18 inch length gives a little

extra velocity boost over the standard

16 inch tube a highly accurate build

need not have a super heavy barrel

contours the AR 5 5 6 MP R has a 700

diameter in front of the gas block a 750

diameter at the gas block journal and

the barrel contour is trimmed away

behind the gas block this lightweight

contour contributes to fast and quick


the barrel is capped with a radial port

muzzle break that reduces recoil and

muzzle rise further contributing to

quick handling recoil is further reduced

by the rifle length gas system the

softer operating impulse is easier on

the rifle and here on the shooter

accuracy is further enabled by the

lowepro gas block which is free floated

inside the 15 inch handguard this light

trim handguard features M lock slots at

the 3 6 and 9 o'clock position as well

as the upper 45 positions and a

full-length Picatinny rail that matches

the Picatinny on the flattop upper the

barrel is nitride to help it maintain

its great accuracy over more rounds

downrange longevity is further enhanced

by chrome plating on the ID of the bolt

carrier and the bolt the bolt is 93 10

its shot peened

and truth tested Ruger AR 5 5 6 MP are

features rubriz elite 452 trigger it's a

two-stage trigger the first take up

stage is followed by a crisp clean four

and a half pound break the Ruger MPR

features Magpul m OE furniture the

adjustable full-length buttstock with a

comfortable cheek weld the appropriately

textured grip for great control and

great comfort and when coupled with the

trim handguard the MPR offers great

ergonomics the Ruger AR 556 the

multi-purpose rifle everything well here

to introduce you to the 6 hour and 400


so this rifle is basically our

introduction into the sub thousand

dollar category so one of the key

features in this rifle is going to be

the barrel itself we've got a 16 inch

stainless steel one an 8 twist barrel

comes with our taper lock system here

two of the muzzle device we'll talk

about that in a second so stainless

steel live stainless steel well you're

going to get with that stainless steel

more accuracy downrange with this rifle

and not worry about too much corrosion

going on either stainless steel is good

for that we've also got the 1 and 8

twist so maybe that might ask why one

and a twist

well again this is more apt for the

introductory shooters people are just

getting into this

so one Nate twist people don't typically

start off in this industry here spending

a whole lot of money on ammo they tend

to go with the lighter 55 grain rounds

and what that will allow you to do is

have more accuracy with those light

around 255 green etc the taper lock what

God here is our taper lock works really

well with our suppressers line what that

does is allowed for a good solid lockup

it takes more effort to take the can off

and it does to put the suppressor back

on and also good solid alignment all the

way through as you can see this is going

to come with a three prong flash hider

to keep your vision in check while

shooting multiple rounds in lower light

you're not even blinded by the flash

coming with that barrel is going to be

our Sigma crow light gas block it's

actually made of stainless steel believe

it or not lighter than most of the

titanium gas blocks out there very light

very inconspicuous runs underneath the

most hand guards out there and it's

going to be a very light option for you

so one thing I look for in a rifle is

going to be ambidextrous friendly

components with this rifle out of the

box you're going to get several of those

your run-of-the-mill

baseline rifles typically come with

righty only components and so a lefty is

gonna have to learn how to figure that

out with this again out of the box

you've got several different lefty and

righty ambidextrous components so first

is going to be the safety selector

switch so I've got the safety here

righty and Lefty friendly also I've got

the ambidextrous magazine catch so again

I can access it from the left side or

the right side very very easily also

it's going to be the QD points on both

sides right and left so if you're a

lefty like me can run your sling point

in here righty slim side right over here

so very very impressive this comes with

several different ambidextrous

components also if you decide to upgrade

to later on we also offer a ambidextrous

charging handle so that's gonna help out

significantly as well also coming stock

with this rifle is going to be the stock

itself Magpul SLK stock there's really

nice sleek lined six position stocks or

the taller folks out there

the shorter folks out there like me

you're going to have a perfect position

just for you when it comes to that level

of comfort another thing I'm a big fan

of the stock 2 is gonna be a little bit

of a wider cheek piece here so it's

going to give you a good solid cheek

well when it comes to shooting

rifle not no strain on your neck that's

gonna be nicely comfortable for you if

you're having to sell the stock for a

prolonged period of time another organ

ah mcli friendly piece is going to be

the new sikh pistol grip so there's

about a thousand different pistol grips

out there made for air 15 SiC that I

should have very very good job of making

this new grip very very ergonomic eep

inside there so probably the biggest key

feature on this rifle coming out of the

box this thing is going to have a

free-floating handguard already on the

rifle what does that mean essentially

most of your lower-cost rifles out there

come with some sort of a handguard that

in some way shape or form touch the

barrel now typically it's not a great

thing if anything touches the barrel in

any way shape or form what that does is

tends to mess with the harmonics of your

barrel if you rest the barrel on a

barricade or a car part or anything like

that what I'll do is send that around

literally a matter of inches at a mere

50 yards away away from its intended

target so with a free-floating hair

guard what you have is nothing at all

touching that barrel so you're not

messing with any of harmonics whatsoever

I can rest this thing on a barricade

arrested on a bipod I can rest it on a

car part or whatever it is and nothing

is messing with that rifles accuracy

which is pretty key it's pretty sleek

very very smooth so no matter where you

run your hand on this handguard it's

going to be a nice smooth position for

that hand too so a big fan of that so

whether you're a first-time buyer or an

experienced m400 shooter this is a good

place to go