Which Mac to Buy in 2020? MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro!

Apple is constantly changing their Mac

laptops so in order for you to make the

best purchase you need to know all the

main differences and the pros and cons

of each and this Mac buyers got a video

I'll go over each model the MacBook Air

the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the 16 inch

MacBook Pro and I'll break them down

into simple explanations so you can find

out which one is best for you to buy in

2020 and at the end of the video I'll

give you some tips that could save you

some money along the way now the good

news is even though they're a bit

expensive Apple laptops are very high

quality and all models come standard

with the following features at least 128

gigabytes of solid-state drive at least

8 gigabytes of RAM at least 2

Thunderbolt 3 USB seaports rehna display

with true tone technology touch ID

fingerprint sensor a 720p HD webcam and

of course the Mac OS operating system

now all those features make up a good

foundation for having a fast reliable

laptop which is what we all want right

now let's begin with the MacBook Air

which was released in mid 2019 if you

meet any or all of the following

conditions the MacBook Air will be best

for you

if you want the absolute cheapest Apple

laptop you've got to go with the air

which starts out at just under eleven

hundred dollars if you want a gold

MacBook yes this is the only Mac laptop

that comes in the gold color option it

also comes in silver and Space Gray

which are the colors that the MacBook

Pros are limited to if you want the

longest battery life of any Apple laptop

the MacBook Air battery life is up to 12

hours on a single charge if you don't

want or care about having the touch bar

the air is the only Mac laptop that does

not come with the touch bar which in my

opinion is overrated anyway I have it on

my macbook pro and it's nothing special

however the MacBook Air does come with

such ID which is certainly useful if

you're not planning to frequently use

processor intensive applications and you

mainly only use standard applications

that don't need a lot of power such as

web apps and word processing and things

like that the MacBook Air only comes

with a dual-core processor so for

example it won't be able to handle 4k

video editing as smoothly as a MacBook

Pro if you don't care about having the

best screen even though the MacBook Air

Display is the same size and pixel

density as the 13-inch MacBook Pro it

does not get as bright and it only has

full standard color range compared to

the wide color range in the MacBook Pro

it's not a huge deal but for some it

could be a deciding factor

finally if you won't be smallest and

lightest Macbook like the name suggests

the MacBook Air is the only Apple laptop

that weighs less than three pounds so

it's perfect for people who want a small

lightweight laptop that is portable and

easy to take on the go moving on to the

13-inch MacBook Pro which was released

in mid 2019 as well if you meet any or

all of the following conditions the

13-inch MacBook Pro will be best for you

if you're still on a budget but need

something more powerful than the air the

13-inch MacBook Pro starts out only two

hundred dollars more than the air and

for that extra two hundred dollars

you'll get some better features like a

quad-core processor a brighter more

colorful display with better graphics

performance and the touch bar if your

almond go a lot and you need a small

laptop but you need better performance

than what the air offers the 13-inch

MacBook Pro is actually slightly thinner

than the MacBook Air is at its thickest

the 13-inch MacBook Pro is best

described as the perfect balance of

performance and portability

if battery life is not a priority the

13-inch MacBook Pro has the shortest

estimated battery life on a single

charge at 10 hours which isn't that much

behind the 11 and 12 hours on the other

MacBooks but still something to keep in

mind and finally if you plan to use more

processor heavy applications but don't

want to spend more than $2,000 the

13-inch MacBook Pro can definitely

handle some of the more CPU intensive

applications compared to what the air

can handle but also at a more affordable

price than the 16 inch MacBook Pro

speaking of let's talk about the 16 inch

MacBook Pro which is Apple's newest and

most exciting laptop so far but first I

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days so the 16 inch MacBook Pro was just

released in late 2019 and if you meet

any or all of the following conditions

it will be best for you if you want the

most powerful and higher performance

MacBook of all time yes this is built to

be an extremely fast workhorse and it

can be used to replace your desktop

computer if you have one you can

configure it to up to an 8 core i9

processor up to 64 gigabytes of RAM and

up to 8 terabytes of solid-state drive

storage which is insane it's one of the

most powerful laptops available right

now if you want the best keyboard out of

all the Apple laptops the 16 inch

macbook pro includes apple's magic

keyboard which has more travel and is

easier to type on compared to the

butterfly keyboards in the other mac

books if you're okay with having a huge

laptop the 16 inch macbook pro is not

small by any means it weighs over four

pounds and has the largest Retina

display ever in a macbook but on the

bright side it also has the thinnest

bezels out of all the current Mac books

if you're creating or consuming large

amounts of media this laptop is a beast

for photos video and audio it has six

high fidelity speakers with forced

canceling woofers and wide stereo sound

it has a new studio quality 3 microphone

array it has the most pixels out of all

the current MacBooks and the new AMD

Radeon Pro delivers the most graphics

horse power ever in a MacBook Pro and

finally if you have the largest budget

no surprise here the 16 inch MacBook Pro

starts at 2400 dollars and can be

configured to over $6,000 if you max out

all the specs so it's not for the faint

of heart

but speaking of budget if the prices of

Apple laptops scare you here are some

tips to save money along the way don't

pay extra for the largest SSD storage

when configuring your laptop most people

can likely get by with a max of 256

gigabytes to get by with smaller storage

you can do things like utilize free

cloud storage like Dropbox or Google

Drive and later on if you do need some

extra local storage you can always get a

USBC SSD these are very small and

lightweight and are constantly dropping

in price

I use this SanDisk 500 gigabyte one and

it's extremely fast I can edit 4k videos

directly off of it on my 13-inch MacBook

Pro buy from other places besides Apple

comm one of my favorite places for new

MacBooks is mac mall and they usually

sell the latest MacBook sat a little bit

a discount for example here's the new 16

inch macbook pro at $150 offf so that's

a good place to look when you're about

to buy and finally you can choose to buy

from Apple certified refurbished

inventory you won't get the latest brand

new MacBook but here you can find some

great deals for some fairly new laptops

that have been returned by customers

Apple certifies them and they basically

come in like new condition and even come

with a one-year warranty from Apple so I

hope that helps you find the best

MacBook for you in 2020 if you have any

questions please comment down below and

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I do one of these every single year

thank you for watching my name is Andy

and I'll talk to you in the next one bye