Top 3 FREE Music Apps For iPhone & Android! (Offline Music - 2021)

hey what's going on guys welcome back to

false tike in today's video I'm gonna be

sharing with you top three free music

apps for iPhone and Android devices

these apps that I'm about to show you

are completely offline music app players

that lets you play any song you want in

the background without having any

internet connection the last video that

I've created about the best free music

app right there

that was for only iPhone and the problem

with that is once they updated the app

it got kind of inconvenient to download

any offline music so here as I promised

these are the top three free music apps

for both iPhone and Android devices I've

tested this online Google pixel 3ei so

it works for both iOS and Android

devices so without any further ado let's

dive in and let me show you these three

apps alright guys so the apps that I'm

about to show you are not in any

particular order also I am not

affiliated with any of these app these

are simply the apps that I use on a

day-to-day basis to listen to music

offline without having an internet

connection so the number one on the list

is this one right here the name of this

app is called audio Mac I'm not gonna

give you guys a full review of these

apps I'm just gonna prove to you that it

works in offline mode also talked a

little bit about the user interface the

particular reason why I like this so

much is because of the user interface

right here as you can see in order to

download the app you can go to App Store

and download it real quick I'm gonna

leave the links in the description as

always that's the name of this app right

here once you download it you have to

create an account in order to save any

songs and listen offline let's say I

want to download this song right here

you go to search

make sure you leave a thumbs up if you

know the song you hit that download icon

right there and as you can see it's

being downloaded on my device once this

is downloaded it says that is

successfully downloaded you can go to my

library and here as you can see there is

this offline section you can create your

own playlist if you want but you don't

have to there's this offline player this

right here

which lets you listen to any song you

want just like this so this is how the

player looks I'm not gonna play the

entire song but if I let's say I'm gonna

turn off the airplane mode now I exit

out at the app go back again and says

you're not connected go to offline music

just like this I'm still an offline not

even Wi-Fi nothing is on just like this

I can play the music that I was playing

or I can play any other music just like

this as you can see totally offline and

I can lock the device and it still keeps

playing just like that you can skip the

song if you want it works totally fine

all right moving on guys at the next app

that I have on the list is called treble

links gonna be in the description as

always this app is available in both

Android and iOS devices you can look it

up on App Store cool thing about this

app is that you can create your own

playlists with the all the offline songs

just like I did right here and you can

keep adding them or you can download any

playlists all together let me show you

let me make a quick demonstration if you

go to browse let's say you want to go to

today's top pop music and you want to

download this entire playlist you can do

that just like this and as you can see

it is downloading all the music right

now to my offline playlist after its

downloaded you can find all these music

that you have downloaded here or you can

create your own playlist just like I did

right here and add all these offline

music right here with no problem


let me demonstrate that it works turn on

the airplane mode just like you see

right here no internet connection go to

my downloads and play any of these music

as you can see I'm not gonna play the

entire thing because of the copyright

issues so as you can see it works

perfectly fine all the downloaded music

you can listen to offline in airplane

mode with no internet connection once

again moving on number three I don't

know how to pronounce it but as you can

see this that one right here the link is

gonna be in the description it's

available in the App Store it's only

about when iOS but the first two that I

showed you is available for iPhone and

Android let me show you real quick as

you can see the audio Mac and the treble

the first two apps that I show you are

available and Android as well but the

last one is not it's only available in

iOS so how this one works is pretty


once you download you can go to search

and then download any song you want

again let's do the same song just like

this so you're gonna do search same song

you hit that plus and then save offline

to playlists as you can see it is being

saved to my offline music list give it a

couple seconds yep but there we go it's

done if you go to trending and it's

gonna be in the same songs as you can

see you can play it no problem and you

can lock the device and it would still

play it perfectly fine only problem with

this app is that I don't really like to

use your interface it looks kind of hard

to understand hard to follow but other

than that it gets the job done it works

but probably my favorite app is the

first one that I'll show you audio Mac

and the second one is trouble these are

the two that I use on a day-to-day basis

but other than that guys that is it for

this video hope you enjoyed these three

best free music offline apps that I

showed you if you guys have any other

questions or any other concerns any new

video ideas leave them down in the

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