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Austin chain here in today's video I'm

gonna be talking about mobile health

apps related to weight loss to help you

on your weight loss journey and I'm

really excited to be doing this video

today because I was actually recently

invited to give a talk specifically on

this subject in Miami at a conference

and it was really well received plus I

had a lot of fun putting this together

and learning about this myself because

obviously a lot of people are using apps

for all sorts of reasons these days and

weight loss is no exception so I had a

lot of fun looking through the internet

for you so you don't have to I'm gonna

be sharing all that with you today so if

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off the level so before we get started

on the specific apps themselves I just

want to go over the general landscape of

mobile health apps and a weight loss so

a study in the International Journal of

obesity in 2016 actually showed that

there were over 100,000 mobile health

apps of which over 28,000 were weight

management related and this was coming

from the five top app stores at the time

now the study mentioned that there were

about a third that were related to

physical activity a third relation diet

and a third related to monitoring of

calories and other types of monitoring

like sleep monitoring as well

one key statistic that I want to mention

from this study was that only 0.05

percent of these apps only 17 of the

28,000 apps out there actually had

professional input so that's a major

thing to keep in mind and a quick note

from the FDA the last I read from 2015

the FDA only regulates certain types of

mobile health apps that are directly

linked to medical devices

such as

scops blood pressure cuffs insulin pumps

things of that nature and not

necessarily these other health apps that

are tracking your fitness tracking your

food intake etc so another thing to keep

in mind when thinking about the vetting

process of these apps and how they're

actually being evaluated so in other

words there are no standards no best

practices and a high risk of

inaccuracies with these mobile health

apps but I think a lot of people still

find benefit in these apps so if you

like to judge for yourself please keep

watching just a quick note before we do

anything else and nothing in this video

is being sponsored this is purely from

looking through the internet myself and

what I found now there have been some

studies out there comparing the use of

an app versus not using enough and how

that compares with regards to weight

loss outcomes and there was one study

from the obesity research and clinical

practice journal earlier this year in

both at the one-year mark and at the

two-year mark as well there was another

study however also from this year 2019

that looked at 20 different studies

related to mobile health apps and weight

loss that there was a significant

benefit at the six-month mark but not at

the 12 month mark so so the authors of

this study actually said you know there

might be a short-term benefit but mmm

long term maybe not so clearly there are

some differing opinions out there about

how well these mobile health apps work

now there are other studies out there

I'm not going to get into them let's go

straight to the apps themselves now

categorizing things was very difficult

because there's a lot of overlap and the

functionality of these apps and these

eight categories include calorie and

fitness tracking apps food education

apps food suggestion apps fitness

tracking apps specifically apps that are

geared more towards the professional

guidance diet specific apps weight

tracking apps and community and image

sharing apps as well so the first scoop

of apps are the calorie and fitness

tracking apps which is the broadest

category out there and there are a lot

of very popular apps in this category

including lose it My Fitness Pal also

the Fitbit app

Noom and other health apps as well now

many of these apps have common functions

such as the ability to calculate your

daily caloric requirement food logging

barcode scanning for when you're going

to the grocery store it and you want to

actually scan the barcode on some of

these items that you're buying progress

tracking of some of these apps have

exclusive functions like some can

actually take pictures of your food and

calculate how many calories are in it

and what other nutritional facts are

with your food directly also vitamin and

mineral logging syncing with other apps

or also the ability to communicate in

community forums and share your ideas so

let's go into these apps right now so

this is my Fitness Pal and based off of

my height in way they're actually taking

in 1,700 calories a day

there is looks like a newsfeed here

where I might be able to read some

stories read some tips I can see my

progress and there are different fit

premium features like fitness gear goals

challenges things like that reminders

recipes oh and it looks like you can

even post your status how much water

you're drinking the food you're taking

what exercises you're doing and your

weight for the day so really interesting

features in my Fitness Pal I know this

is a very popular app lose it is the

other app in this category that I'm

gonna go over there are different

sections for breakfast lunch dinner and

snacks also water sleep let's see my day

this app calculates that my calorie

budget is seventeen ninety and if I were

to log what I'm eating I'm sure it will

tell me how I'm doing every day it looks

like it also has a newsfeed and

different helpful tips it breaks things

down into nutrients and let's see what

else do they have here it has a section

for my logging okay

social looks like a key message friends

within this group of apps are some of

the apps that are bariatric procedures

specific including Vera tastic bariatric

Pal or bear coach and these apps are

really helpful for patients who have


bariatric surgery or are preparing to

undergo bariatric surgery because they

may have some pre and post surgery

recommendations that are specific to

this population as well as the ability

to link to your practice to your doctor

so that there may be some communication

there also support groups that are

specific to this population which may be

really helpful and also podcasts and

other types of resources specific to

people who have undergone bariatric

surgery or are planning to undergo very

Ettrick surgery or barrett coach just so

you know is the app specific for the

entry gastric balloon which is an

endoscopic procedure that I perform now

the second category is food education

apps and the main app in this category

is food UK which is one of my favorite

apps and I'll tell you why even though

it has the barcode scanner that allows

you to scan products in the supermarket

it also gives the product a grade in

comparison to other products in the same

categories alright so as I mentioned

food you case of one of my favorites now

this app is calculating twenty one

thirty calories got the food scanner and

I'm just gonna show you let's see if I

can grab it okay so I've got the food

scanner right here if it will actually

scan this barcode okay okay so it's

showing me that this coffee made coffee

creamer is a grade C there are a lot of

comments from other people on here and

the reason why it's a great C is it

because it contains trans fat and it

also contains controversial artificial

colors it's highly processed okay no

surprises here it also shows the

nutrition facts what's really great in

my opinion is this alternative section

so remember this product got the grade C

but it's showing me that a minus is

showing me that B pluses in this

category as well so other options that

potentially might be a little more

healthy than this particular brand of


now this app also has a different

recipes looks like I can favorite

different trending recipes here again

another type of newsfeed blog that may

be helpful for people who potentially

want to read up so the third category is

food suggestion apps and the main app in

this category that I was referring to is

healthy out and this is basically for

those of you who enjoy eating out

healthy out can help you narrow down

your choices if you are looking for a

specific diet like keto low-carb

gluten-free it can narrow down the

choices for you and even tell you which

restaurants provide those options and

what those options are in those

restaurants so it'll say and a specific

restaurant that there are nine

gluten-free options at this restaurant

five vegan options etc which is really

helpful if you have certain dietary

restrictions now the fourth category is

fitness tracking apps specifically and

two of my favorite apps in this category

are step at and Sweatt point because I

think they're really innovative

approaches to fitness tracking step F

actually allows you to place a bet and

put money in to a pot with thousands of

other people and if you reach your own

personal fitness goals you can get your

money back plus a chunk of the pot as

well now from what I've seen on YouTube

and elsewhere it usually comes down a

couple extra dollars if you do meet your

fitness goals but nonetheless I think

it's a great motivator to help you

achieve and complete your fitness goals

the other app that I mentioned is sweat

coin there are certain rewards that are

associated with sweat coins so if you

meet your fitness goals over time you

can rack up points and use those points

to buy certain things what however long

it takes you to get twenty thousand

sweat coins that can give you a new

iPhone which

pretty cool and so the way the app makes

money from what I understand is that it

runs ads which allows it to provide some

of these perks now there were some

studies looking at this and yes it

seemed to reduce the amount of time that

people were being sedentary and now back

when Pokemon go just came out and took

over the world now there were some

studies looking at this and yes it

seemed to reduce the amount of time that

people were being sedentary now there

are other really cool apps out there

like all trills that actually suggest

hiking trails for you

active studios some of these other apps

have audio based workouts and other

creative ways of keeping you active now

in the professional guidance category

there is rise up noon and or Barratt

coach as well these are specific people

on the other line of the app that are

giving you a person of person guidance

so that may be really helpful now these

might be helpful not only for the

guidance they're giving but also to keep

you accountable with your progress

now the diet specific apps out there I'm

not going to go into too much detail but

some of them are specific to a certain

diet like the whole xxx diet like the

keto diet I'm not endorsing any of these

diets but just to say that there are

apps out there specific to those diets

if that is the approach that you are

taking now weight tracking apps are also

very helpful there there are plenty of

scales out there that sync up to your

mobile phone where it can track your

progress over time now the main app that

I see time and time again recommended is

happy scale now a happy scale allows you

to track your weight but it sort of

smooths out the curve over time because

you're gonna have ups and downs and

that's okay and that's normal but it

smooths things out for you so that you

know just because you're going up one

day and down one day that you aren't too

distracted by those little fluctuations

you can actually see that everything is

going in the right direction

and lastly community and image sharing

apps there are really fun apps out there

like you ate or see how you eat these

apps sort of are like the Instagram of

weight loss you take pictures of your


it keeps you accountable it shows up in

other people's feeds and you can also

provide feedback about how you felt when

you took these pictures of what you ate

like were you hungry where you stressed

out things like that so it can really

help advise you on what the triggers are

for your eating habits in a sense

Instagram and YouTube also serves this

function so I can definitely not

discount the importance of those more

common popular apps so all in all I

think that these apps can be very

helpful for people who are looking to

lose weight again keep in mind that not

a lot of these apps are regulated and

there is questionable effectiveness at

least based on the studies but I know

different people are looking for

different things maybe you need help

with your fitness tracking maybe you

need help with eating out better or

choosing certain products when you're

grocery shopping so I think that maybe

you'll find one of these apps helpful

now a final note no matter what app you

use especially those on social media on

YouTube and Instagram not all

information is accurate not all

information is tested and evidence-based

so be sure to verify whether or not they

are trained to talk about what they're

talking about whether or not they have

the credentials to back up what they are

saying because you really should be

getting your medical information from

trusted sources so that's it for today's

video hopefully you can pause through

some of the sections and look at the

different apps that I've listed if you

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