Best Music Downloading App EVER!

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another mp3 downloading app that you

guys can use for your phone since the

other ones that I've mentioned recently

have been deleted out of the App Store

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this app yet I must say it's the best

app for 2020 and I'm gonna show you guys

how it works so let's get right into

that video oh yeah and I'm not gonna

show you guys how to find this app in

the App Store I'm just gonna put the

link down in the description below it

will be the first link down in the

description for you guys to find so make

before you guys click that link just

stick around so you guys can see how

this app works so let's get into the app

guys so when you open this app once you

download it it'll be a home so

down download and my section so at the

top there is a rating section at the my

there is a your songs in your phone that

you have right now history last added

and my top track slow downloads will be

downloaded songs they downloaded and say

you want to search search something

let's say let's say Eminem kamikaze

album so

M&M kamikaze album there will be for

search engines available and number two

doesn't does not work for me number

three works but it stops at the bottom

right here and you used to see it stops

and number four engine does not work

number one engine

you can go scroll as much as you want

down below so let's just start at the

top and let's click the ringer to go to

his music and when you click on the song

that you want there'll be a play in a

download section but the next step is

pretty awesome

for this app and you could play the song

okay pause the song and you can push

play again in order to download the song

right there if you want it or not but

what you want to do next after you

download this song I mean push play on

the song you want to scroll your

notification bar down you want to click

on the mp3 download er and it will be an

ad that pops up when you do this step

right here you want to exit out of that

at the bottom there will be a play

button and aerial pointing up you want

to push that arrow and it brings up the

album of the artist that you searched

and the multiple songs that come with it

so say you want say you want a song by

Eminem I'm gonna get I'm gonna try the

Eminem fall song you can fast-forward

the songs as well

so once you do that you push the three

dots at the top or wherever is playing

it at the top and it says play next we

move from playing queue download and add

to playlist you get download this song

straight to your phone just like this

watch download it's already downloaded

complete so after that you want to go

over to your music player that you have

in your phone

I have samsung music and you want to go

to you recently added and once you go to

you recently added it's already right


so that is how you use this app this app

is pretty awesome it works with really

well I just wanted to show you guys this

app if you guys do not have a mp3

downloading app for your phone this app

is good guys

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