Best Antivirus for Windows 10 (New) | Top Paid & Free Picks for PCs (2021)

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so let's begin do you know that a

malware attack takes place every 39

seconds according to the recent data

from SonicWALL the global malware volume

hit 10 billion last year

similarly a hundred and eighty seven

point seven million ransomware attacks

forty point eight million web app

attacks and four trillion intrusion

attempts were also recorded during this

same year the number of malware attacks

are increasing exponentially and so are

the costs associated with them the

statistics suggest that cyber crimes

will cost the world a whopping 6

trillion dollars a year by 2021 it's

equal to 1/3 of the u.s. GDP and double

the combined market value of Microsoft's

Apple and Amazon the world's top three

companies by market capitalization these

stats paint a bleak picture however the

good thing is that these days we have

several top-notch cyber security

companies that work day and night to

keep your devices free from malicious

programs and hackers these companies

offer both premium and free antivirus

solutions that help protect your data

and private

see of course the free versions aren't

as sophisticated as the premium ones but

they do offer some value we believe

peace of mind is important so we highly

recommend a premium full-blown antivirus

Suites if you can afford it the premium

products come with a slew of advanced

features and utilities that you won't

get with a freeware these include a file

shredder a VPN multi-layered ransomware

and web protection a full-fledged

password manager a useful system

optimizer and many more now let's talk

about the best premium antivirus

software available on the market we

evaluated and ranked these antivirus

softwares on five different criteria

these are features malware protection

system performance user interface and

pricing we have examined the recent

protection and performance tests

conducted by independent labs such as

the AV test and av-comparatives if

you're in a hurry and don't have time to

watch the complete video check out the

links in the description section below

for our number-one antivirus

recommendation for this year also we

have added official links to all these

products in the description section of

this video so no matter which product

you choose make sure you buy it through

the links given down below if you want

to secure special discounts let's begin

number 5 on our list is bull guard

bull guard is one of the leading

antivirus brands and provides excellent

security solutions for both consumers

and small businesses the company's

product line starts with bull guard

antivirus which only works on PCs this

entry-level package offers complete

anti-malware and anti ransomware

protection a secure browser a

vulnerability scanner advanced machine

learning algorithms to detect malware

next level up is the Internet Security

Suite which offers all the features in

the previous package plus a solid

firewall a parental control module a

tune-up utility cloud backup feature and

protection for Windows Mac and Android

devices you can cover up to 3 devices

with a single subscription of this


the company's most comprehensive package

is BullGuard premium protection this

package includes everything from the

previous products as well as two

additional features a home network

scanner and a comprehensive suite of

identity protection tools this package

comes with 10 device and 15 device

options now let's see how BullGuard

fares when it comes to anti-malware

protection in the recent protection

evaluations by the a/v test institute's

bull guard received a full 6 out of 6

score it successfully detected almost

all malware samples included in the test

in the performance category bull guard

achieved another 6 out of 6 which is

incredible let's look at bull guards

user interface bull guard offers a

straightforward design that uses big

white blocks on a light grey backgrounds

UI is easy to navigate most features

like antivirus firewall backup PC

tune-up and parental controls can be

accessed right from the dashboard you

can also check for software updates at

the click of a button from the top bar

settings are also displayed on the top

bar overall the interface is intuitive

and has a sleek and modern look and feel

when it comes to pricing plants bowl

guards entry-level product cost $29.99

per year for one PC BullGuard internet

security comes at $59.99 for 3 devices

including PCs Macs and Android devices

you can cover five devices for 83 99 and

10 devices for 140 ninety-nine the

premium protection suite cost $99.99 for

10 devices and one $39.99 for 15 devices

if you're considering BullGuard

we recommend the Internet Security Suite

it covers more devices and offers a good

feature set number four on our list is

Kaspersky Kaspersky is one of the most

popular products in the antivirus

landscape and boosts a worldwide user

base of more than 400 million customers

the company's entry-level product is

Kaspersky antivirus this product only

works on the Windows platform it offers

real-time protection against all sorts

of malware threats as well as advanced

ransomware protection

but Kaspersky's advanced features and

utilities are not part of this suite

next level up is the internet security

package which offers everything from the

antivirus suites plus a secure encrypted

browser for safe online banking and

shopping experience a limited VPN tool a

webcam protection utility this product

is compatible with PCs Macs and mobile

devices next we have the more

comprehensive total security suites this

package has all the features of earlier

Suites plus cloud storage space a secure

password manager advanced parental

controls a useful data backup utility

for your precious photos music and files

finally there is Kaspersky security

cloud the company's high ends

all-inclusive security products all the

features included in the total security

package plus smart adaptive technology

that makes the software adapt to your

online behavior and apply necessary

settings remote management for all

connected devices VPN data limit of up

to 500 megabytes of data per day per

device and protection for up to 20

devices when it comes to protection

against malware Kaspersky notched a

perfect 6 out of 6 score in the recent

protection evaluations by the a/v test

lab Kaspersky also received full marks

in the recent performance test conducted

by the lab Kaspersky also offers a

pretty straightforward and simple user

interface almost all utilities are

accessible from the dashboard big white

blocks make it easier to find the

desired tool to access additional

features you can click on the more tools

tab the bottom bar displays your

subscription status and the Settings

icon now let's see how Kaspersky prices

its products the antivirus suite carries

a price tag of $39.99 per year for one

PC the internet security package can be

purchased $79.99 for three devices

Kaspersky total Security's cost $99.99

for three devices Kaspersky Security

Cloud cost $99.99 for five devices

Kaspersky Security Cloud

comes in the family version which covers

20 devices for one $49.99 overall if

you're considering Kaspersky we

recommend the security cloud product for

complete peace of mind if you want to

cover a large number of devices in your

house its family pack is one of the best

deals out there third on our list is

Norton Norton is a leading antivirus

brand that provides comprehensive device

security identity theft protection and

online privacy to nearly 50 million

people around the world it is one of the

oldest and most valuable cyber security

companies in the world by market value

the company offers various antivirus

Suites the entry-level product is Norton

AntiVirus plus it offers complete

anti-malware protection online web and

threat protection to gigabytes cloud

backup and a useful password manager

next level up is Norton 360 standard

this suite has all the features of the

previous product plus you get a smart

firewall that protects you against

network attacks a web cam utility that

protects against webcam spying secure

VPN tool 10 gigabytes of cloud storage

and dark web monitoring features with a

single license of this product you can

protect two devices one PC and one Mac

or mobile device next up is the more

advanced 360 deluxe suites this Product

Ads two useful perks to the previous

offering these are parental controls and

50 gigabytes of secure cloud storage

space with this product you can cover up

to five devices including PCs Macs or

smartphones in any combination another

step up is Norton 360 with life lock

select it offers everything that's

jammed into the previous products plus

you get even more advanced features such

as life lock identity alert system

credit monitoring system million-dollar

protection package in case of theft a

hundred gigabytes cloud storage data

breach alerts and ID verification and

monitoring another high-end product from

the company is Norton 360 with life lock

ultimate plus

this product is a bit expensive compared

to other products but could be useful to

you if you conduct a lot of business

online now let's review Norton's

protection and performance capabilities

in the recent av-test assessments Norton

got a perfect 6 out of 6 score on both

protection and performance tests which

shows it provides exceptional

anti-malware protection without putting

a burden on system performance as for

user friendliness Norton's UI is

straightforward and easy to navigate

even for new users the interface uses a

soothing color scheme which is a mix of

white and green you can do most things

from the dashboard with just a couple of

clicks you can also start a quick scan

right from the main window overall it's

pretty good now let's see how Norton

prices its products Norton AntiVirus

plus comes at $19.99 a year and covers

one PC and one Mac Norton 360 standard

costs $39.99 per year and covers two

devices Norton 360 deluxe package costs

$49.99 per year and protects five

devices Norton 360 with life lock select

cost $99 per year and Norton 360 with

life lock ultimate plus cost around

$2.99 per year overall we recommend the

life lock select Suites it's a little

bit pricey but comes with a

comprehensive feature set and offers

good value for money the second position

goes to McAfee McAfee is a household

name when it comes to cybersecurity

it protects over 500 million devices

across the globe as well as some of the

biggest companies in the world unlike

other companies McAfee offers just one

flagship product for home users that is

McAfee total protection it comes in

three different tiers individual multi

device and family this product offers

all the advanced features and utilities

you can expect to find in a full-blown

antivirus package it offers complete

anti-malware protection home network

protection identity theft protection a

full suite of performance optimization

tools secure VPN utility a password

manager a hardened

browser a file shredder and encrypted

storage for sensitive files the

individual package protects one device

while the multi device option covers

five devices the family package which

represents great value for money

protects up to ten devices and also

offers the safe family utility that lets

you monitor and control your kids online

activity in the recent av-test

evaluations McAfee as expected got

excellent scores on both protection and

performance tests which is good McAfee

user interface is pretty good as well

its interface is very simple and

intuitive all the important features and

functions are just a few clicks away the

gray area on the left hand side displays

the security status of the device at the

top there is a toolbar with home PC

security identity privacy and account

options you can run a quick scan or a

full scan directly from the main window

in terms of pricing the individual tier

costs $29.99 per year and protects one

device the multi device option cost

$34.99 and supports five devices the

family version is around $39.99 a year

for 10 devices finally our number-one

antivirus pick is BitDefender it's

arguably the best antivirus software

available on the markets with a global

security delivery infrastructure

BitDefender protects half a billion

users around the world also some of the

world's leading companies and government

organizations rely on bitdefender's

security infrastructure for their safety

the company offers different levels of

antivirus coverage BitDefender Antivirus

Plus is an entry-level product it offers

advanced anti-malware protection

multi-layered ransomware protection

vulnerability assessment features Wi-Fi

security advisor tool a dedicated

browser for online banking a password

manager a file shredder this product is

only compatible with PCs next level up

is the Internet Security Suite which

offers everything from the previous

package plus webcam protection and


a robust firewall parental controls

vulnerability scanner and save files

utility then we have BitDefender total

security the company's full-fledged

offering this anti-virus package

provides comprehensive security to all

your devices it includes everything from

the previous Suites plus a full suite of

system optimization tools to improve the

performance of your device's anti-theft

tool for location in case your device is

lost or stolen and coverage for all of

your devices including mac OS android

and iOS devices with a single license of

this sweet's you can protect up to five

devices in any combination if you have

more than five devices in your household

you should go for the BitDefender family

pack suites with a single license of

this Suites you can cover up to 15

devices now let's examine bitdefender's

protection and performance capabilities

in the recent examinations by av-test

BitDefender got exceptional scores for

both protection and performance

av-comparatives which is another

well-known independent organization in

the cyber security space recently

awarded the product of the Year award to

BitDefender due to its excellent

performance and all the tests conducted

over the last 12 months now let's see

the interface BitDefender offers a clean

and modern interface that uses black

gray and white as its primary colors

everything is neatly organized and well

labelled on the main default screen

you'll find modules to do different

things you can also pin your favorite

feature on the dashboard using the quick

action button on the left hand side as a

black rail from where you can access

primary options like protection privacy

utilities and settings overall the

interface works exceptionally well for

both beginners and tech-savvy users and

also gives a lot of room for

customization if we look at pricing

BitDefender Antivirus Plus cost $29.99

for the first year and protects up to

three pcs Internet Security Suite comes

at 3499 for three Windows devices

BitDefender total security costs $39.99

for five windows max and mobile devices

the family pack costs fifty four

ninety-nine and covers fifteen devices

overall we recommend the total security

suites as it offers great value for

money thanks to its robust feature set

and excellent pricing structure if you

need to protect more than five devices

go for the family pack suite for more

value the link to all these products are

in the description section of this video

if you want to get a special 50%

discount on BitDefender make sure you

buy the software using the links given

below also BitDefender offers a strong

30-day money-back guarantee so even if

the software doesn't meet your

expectations just request a refund

within 30 days of the purchase and

you'll get your money back so it's

completely risk-free but the sale may

end soon so better act fast

now let's cover the best free antivirus

software for Windows PCs the third

position goes to Avira free antivirus it

offers good antivirus protection and is

lightning fast so it doesn't slow down

your PC it offers an anti-virus scanner

that detects and removes malware such as

viruses ransomware Trojans etc

night-vision features that protects you

and your devices against new and

evolving threats a web protection tool

that blocks dangerous websites and

phishing scams an ad blocker that

prevents ads and other malicious content

from loading anti tracking protection

that stops companies from monitoring

your online activities and behaviors the

second position goes to Kaspersky

security cloud free this package

provides full scale malware protection

and won't cost you a penny

it offers real-time protection against

common malware threats along with some

extra utilities that add value as well

as automatic software updates number one

on our list is BitDefender free edition

the main reason why we put this freeware

number 1 on our list is because it

offers unbeatable malware detection

without hogging your system resources

the software is extremely lean and the

scans are lightning-fast

it does its job quietly in the

background without annoying you with ads

or pop-ups this freeware offers

top-notch protection against all sorts

of malware threats advanced threat

defense that the techs and blocks

advanced threats and ransomware web

attack prevention tool that ensures you

never land on a harmful websites and

anti-phishing and anti fraud features

that prevent phishing or online fraud

when you shop bank or browse that's the

end of our list these free antivirus

programs are useful however they may not

work in the long term as they lack

advanced features and utilities that

have become commonplace tools these days

only a premium antivirus Suites can give

you the highest level of anti-malware

protection and performance so it's

better to invest in a paid product for

complete data and privacy protection

check out the links down below for

special discounts on all the premium

antivirus softwares you can save up to

60% if you use these links when

purchasing the software we hope you

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