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YouTube anti-aging is a term that I

don't hate but I do feel there is a

better way to describe a product that

reduces / slows down the signs of aging

or premature aging of course there's

nothing wrong with getting older we all

have to do it it's just the vast

majority of us want to look either the

way we do now or maybe just a few years

younger what I do hate is the absolute

claims that comes with anti aging

moisturizers creams serums that

advertising around it so these painted

formulas stem cell technology in fact

the FDA doesn't even recognize

over-the-counter and here wrinkle creams

to have any medical value meaning

studies haven't been done like these

brands if they want to be FDA approved

they have to prove that their products

can reverse or halt the signs of aging

they need evidence to back up these anti

wrinkle claims which they don't have

which is fine but another issue is that

even though these creams will contain

effective enough ingredients to help

prevent the size of aging they're often

not in high enough concentrations to

have much effect and these products are

just so expensive there are things you

can do to help prevent the signs of

aging reverse some sun damage which is

one of the main signs of aging as well

so today I'm gonna personally share what

I do what I'm doing and what I have done

in the past to kind of hopefully freeze

my face up so in fear of sounding like a

broken record

sunscreen we know what sunscreen can

protect us against but the Sun is

actually one of the biggest causes of

premature aging you'll notice that

people who sunbathe regularly go on sun

beds regularly as well start to age

quicker their skin looks drier they have

worse pigmentation their pores can look

slightly bigger too it causes sunspots

obviously it reduces the elasticity in

your skin and you know you Cavill you're


serums you could have all your expensive

creams but if you're not protecting your

skin from the Sun the main cause of

premature aging there's no point you're

wasting your money so just please put on

sunscreen even if anti-aging isn't a big

deal for you it's not for everyone

people don't care but skin cancer uneven

skin tone in general but just please use

it what about before I'm going to get

these out the way is double cleansing

now I know too about double cleansing

before as a method to get rid of days

wear sunscreen anything else that may be

on the surfaces of your skin before you

go and give your skin a deeper cleanse

this is less about removing what's on

your skin and more about the motion of

what you're doing with your skin when

you cleanse so I personally like to use

an oil cleanser first because it means

there's less scrubbing and tugging and

pushing on your skin when it does come

to using your a water-based cleanser

there's this idea that obviously

repeated muscle movement like smiling or

frowning can leave to finalize the

wrinkles in fact it's not an idea it's

definitely what happens but the idea

behind being more gentle with your skin

is that if you're using an oil cleanser

first your hands are gliding over your

face and you're removing all that dirt

with very very minimal kind of tugging

and pushing on your skin if you're kind

of scrubbing away at your sunscreen or

makeup or if you wear makeup with just a

normal cleanser you're kind of doing

this you know you're doing you're

rubbing it everywhere you're pushing

you're like folding so the idea is that

doing this on a daily basis look how I'm

pushing up my cheeks is gonna lead to

the same kind of indentations no same

kind of like the same kind of fine lines

and wrinkles I'm not sure how much

scientific backing this has but is one

thing I've seen a lot of dermatologists

and aestheticians all agree on and you

know what I love a double cleanse and if

that could potentially make my wrinkles

worse quicker I'm gonna avoid it let's

talk about our neck and hands as well

I'm sure we all know the saying that you

can tell a person's age by looking at

their neck and this is very very true

you can see some with fillers and Botox

or facelifts whatever but if you look at

their neck and

hands you can really tell what their

true ages or your hands can actually age

a lot quicker because you do so much

with them everything from washing your

face every day washing up in the sink II

to look after them before your neck I

feel like it's super simple to care for

everything you do to your face you do to

your neck I think that's pretty

straightforward cleanser toner essence

serum moisturizers SPF can all just be

brought down onto and around your neck

even further down here onto your

shoulders your décolletage I believe

it's called just all around here it does

add a little bit extra time to your

routine but if you like me and you spend

time on your routine anyway it doesn't

really matter as for your hands you can

really do the same as well so you know

splashing on your toner just do that on

your hands same with serum essence

moisturizers well you can use a hand

cream and but one thing I like to do is

when I use a sheet mask all that excess

serum in the pouch I like to squeeze out

and just rub on my hands like a hand

cream then follow that up with a hand

cream it does make such a big difference

especially in winter when your house can

get dry and almost painful I don't think

we can do an anti-aging video without

talking about retinoids I'm very new to

retinoids so retinoids are a form of a

vitamin A they enhance collagen

production and the general renewal of

your skin and there's actually the only

proven ingredient that can actually

penetrate into your skin and stimulate

new collagen production which is pretty

cool and that is of course a factor that

helps our skin looking youthful plump

wrinkled and fine line free I was very

very scared of retinol because it seems

like such a process you have to go

through so you know you obviously have

to build up your tolerance to them and

they can be very drying and it was a

little bit confusing but I just bought

one a weaker wife thought was a weaker

strength one and start using it once a

week and then built up my Tourister

twice a week which is where I'm at now

so yeah it's kinda like a patience thing

you have to take your time obviously I

don't know if it's making a difference

because I'm not like flattering myself

but I don't look that old yet and I've

not seen a general improve

in my complexion yet again is not too

bad anyway in general but we'll see

you'll see later on down the line but

I'm still very very early days but is

one of the only proven ingredients that

can genuinely help with the signs of

aging one of my favorite ingredients at

niacin amide whilst I always talk about

it in the sense that it helps even out

skin tone and everything from

hyperpigmentation the overall appearance

and brightness and wellness of your skin

it's also known to help retain moisture

so nice anyway can actually help kind of

renew and restore your skin's surface to

help it retain moisture preventing your

skin from becoming dry flaky dehydrated

even and generally keeping our skin

moisturized and nourished gives us skin

that more youthful plump look it can

make a huge difference if you moisturize

twice a day it doesn't have to be an

anti-aging moisturizer or a moisturizer

of anything fancy in it just a good

hydrating moisturizing moisturizer

you'll find nice and white in serums you

will find it in moisturizers too but my

favorite way of getting niacinamide is

in an essence form I just find these

super hydrating they really do make your

skin look brighter and refreshed and

essence is unknown as a good anti aging

products as well generally helping fight

fine lines and wrinkles so that's why

I'm currently doing at the moment I have

to be honest and say that anti-aging or

age prevention isn't something I'm

massively worried about at the moment I

have just hit my 30s so maybe is

something I should be taking a little

bit more seriously but I feel like I'm

taking all the right steps anyway as I

mentioned this is only what I'm

personally doing and what works for me

so anything that you enjoy doing to take

these steps towards and premature aging

ingredients you love exact products you

love leave it all in the comments box

below I'm gonna leave products I'm using

in the description down below as well so

yeah this was kind of more of a checking

of what I'm doing and my opinion on it

cuz I'm being asked a lot of questions

about anti aging recently age prevention

what can we use instead of anti aging

let me know but check out this video to

the side here my late

this video and the one down below that's

been recommended just for you but that's

it for me now guys I will see you next