Best Anti-Aging Products | Dermatologist at the Drugstore

hi I'm dr. McQueen I'm going to show you

all the best anti-aging products here at

the drugstore so follow me look for

products that contain peptides an

example of a product that contains

peptides is the Olay Regenerist here we

are targeting fine lines and wrinkles

when we apply this product overnight one

of the most obvious manifestations of

skin aging are fine lines and wrinkles

the ingredient to look for for treating

this problem is retinol a brand called

ROC is very famous for its retinol

containing products when applied

overnight over time you will see a slow

correction in the appearance of fine

lines and wrinkles skin aging does start

to manifest when you're in your 20s so

it's important to start young so that

you stay young an example of a brand

that's really targeting a younger crowd

is Garnier and Garnier does so by

depending quite a bit on plant derived

ingredients but this product is

particularly good because it not only

has salicylic acid which will gently

exfoliate the skin but it also has soy

which is known for its anti-aging

benefits regardless of what age you are

I creams are really really important the

key ingredients to look for here are

things that will de-puff the eyes and

those include things like caffeine I'm a

novel in theobromine a really good

example of a deep puffing eye cream is

the Loreal eye defense and you will see

results really quickly with the products

such as this because it does contain the

caffeine which constricts the puffiness

around the eyes