Amazing Relief! Benadryl Itch Stopping Gel

hello everyone my name is dr. Dave I'm a

licensed podiatrist I would like to

thank you for watching my video on my

frugal foot YouTube channel if you enjoy

these videos please don't forget to

subscribe well last week I wanted to put

out a video but I was doing some long

work and I accidentally got stung by

three horns one of the back of my thigh

and then one on the inside and one on

the outside of my right ankle now

anytime that someone is stung by a bee a

wasp or Hornet there's obviously concern

for anaphylaxis at anaphylaxis is a

severe allergic reaction when your

airway can shut it's a very common

allergy and it's something that needs to

be taken very seriously and if this ever

happens to you and you find it that you

can't you can't breathe you need to

contact 911

you might even have an EpiPen because

you're aware of these reactions and that

needs to be administered right away in

my situation I don't have that kind of

allergy and so the treatment that I

provided for myself was the standard

rest ice compression elevation and I

also wanted to make certain that my

tetanus was up to date and in my

situation I had a little bit of redness

that was occurring around my ankle and

so I got on the appropriate antibiotic

but after that was all done and actually

one other thing that I did take was a

benadryl event that antihistamine really

helped to control some of the swelling

that initially happened but after the

acute phase was all over after a day or

two I really found that I was suffering

from a lot of itching around the bite

sites it was really really bad and I

found a product that I wanted to share

with you because this was amazing

it's called extra-strength benadryl itch

stopping gel my wife turned me on to

this and so I grabbed it out of this out

of the medicine cabinet and started

applying it and it within five minutes

the skin was so calm from the itching it

was amazing so it is useful not just for

insect bites but also for poison ivy or

poison oak or sunic mosquito bites

sunburn and it says minor cuts and

scrapes the important thing to

to understand about the product is that

you don't want to use this in addition

to taking the oral antihistamine

benadryl or any other kind of

antihistamines it's one or the other you

don't want to use this product on large

portions of your body you don't want to

use this for chickenpox or visa 'ls and

if your symptoms worsen or don't get

better after seven days of use you

should definitely contact your doctor

and I've been using it pretty much every

day for the past three or four days and

it has really quelled the itching

dramatically and it lasts quite a while

I can go without itching for probably

four or five hours before I start to

feel it again and then you can apply it

several times a day just make sure that

you read the directions on the back of

the of the container so but it's extra

strength benadryl itch itch stopping gel

but something that you can pick up into

your pharmacy and you can also get it

online I'll leave a link to the product

below the video in case is something

that you want to check out yourself

thanks for watching if you enjoyed the

video please give it a thumbs up I'm dr.

Dave and I'll see you in the next video