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your readings viewers and welcome to the

video in today's video I'm gonna be

showcasing to you one in my opinion is

the best animation software for

beginners so this software is perfect if

you know absolutely nothing about

animation and you're looking to learn so

let's not waste any more time on the

intro here and jump straight on over

into the tutorial alright so the first

thing you're going to want to do is go

to the link in the description once you

click on that it'll bring you to this

website here what we're actually going

to download the software so the first

thing you need to do is put in your name

I'm just gonna put in all in cuz that's

my name you don't have to put in your

actual age and the next thing you need

to do is type in your email then it asks

for your confirmation email so what you

want to do is just copy and paste your

other email into that and just like that

we have it done finally you can click I

agree with the Terms & Conditions or

whatever and then click download to pee

tube desk the next thing you need to do

is go to your email and you should have

a new email with the download link for

2p tube so you want to click on the

longer link here and it'll bring you to

a slice where it'll do a five second

countdown and then two peas tube should

start downloading in the bottom left

corner of your screen once it finishes

downloading all we need to do is click

on s I'm gonna minimize my browser here

and we should be given something that

looks like this so click run and click

next next again and then finally click

install installing should only take a

few seconds once it finishes installing

you can click finish and there we have a

2p Tube desk is now installed on our

desktop so now that we have it

downloaded I'm actually gonna show you

how to use it so in order to run us just

double click on it something like this

should pop up and you're gonna want to

take closed on tip of the day and then

come up to the top where it says file

and click new project I'm just gonna

name this project test I'm gonna name it

by Owen I'm gonna leave the description

as it is but something you should always

change to make sure it's right is

presets you always want to make sure

presets is at 1080 Full HD 24 it's just

better when you're uploading your video

onto the internet that it's the highest

quality possible and once you're done

all that you can just click OK so once

you have that finished you should be

given a blank canvas that looks like

this now in order to understand how to

animate you need to understand how

animation works all animation is is just

a load of still frames play together

very fast to create the illusion of

movement so you can see on the right

here there's loads of different frames

so there's like let's see by 30 there

and every second 24 of these frames will

be played and

we change that later on so for example

if we draw just a small little dot here

in the middle just cuz that's the

easiest demonstration and then if we go

on to layer - you see our - kind of went

gray so that's called an onion skin now

and it's kind of there just to give us a

general idea as to what the next frame

should look like so if we want to make

this bar bigger we can draw around not

just in in a bigger bar and so on see

how there's an onion frame there's an

onion skin there see there's an onion

skin again and we're just gonna trace

over it so essentially all animation is

is drawing lots of frames and then

playing them together very fast to make

a moving picture

now a quick life hack for lots of you

out there I know most of you will be

using a mouse to animate whereas

professionals will be using expensive

graphics tablets and the problem with

using a mouse is that it kind of creates

kind of like a scratchy line but you can

use this thing called smoothness to

smoothen out your line and in order to

do that you just want to crank your

smoothness which is also up here on the

right and I think 12 is like a good

number to go by I'll just show you what

one looks like

or you know I'm gonna go to zero and

show you the difference so I'm gonna

draw a similar line now see but when you

bring it up to 12 it makes a much more

nicer smoother line so I'm gonna get rid

of these lines and all I need to do that

to undo these lines is press ctrl + Z at

the same time and if you want to read

you you can do the redo hour up here

you cannot use the undo arrow I just

find ctrl Z at the same time easier so

I'm gonna continue drawing my animation

here but I want a bigger brush so I can

come up to brush size here and I can

make the thickness of my brush let's say

I'm gonna make it about 50 and I'm just

gonna draw it bigger again I'm gonna go

up to frame 5 now and I'm gonna make the

hundred the thickest brush I can and so

on just making the ball ever so slightly

bigger each time I'd recommend kind of

copying this animation just for your

first one just so you can get a general

idea before you go on to moving to more

complicated animations there are lots of

different things we can do we can even

change the color over a brush I'm just

going to leave it for black for now

there's more complicated caps and joints

here but I'm gonna leave them for now

because they're not that important and

you'll probably understand how to use

them yourself as you get better at

animating so I'm gonna repeat this

process over and over again until I have

a reasonably sized ball and I'm just

gonna skip that part

it's gonna be boring for you guys to

watch alright guys so I've done 15

frames of the ball just gradually

getting bigger and bigger and bigger

bigger but let's say I want to copy a

frame all you need to do so let's say I

want this frame to be out a bit longer

than the rest of them so right-click on

the frame you want to copy and click

copy frame and then click paste frame

and I'm just gonna repeat that a few

times by pressing control V a load so

now if we go up to the player and press

play our ball will just expand and then

just freeze for a few seconds so in

order to finish my animation I'm

actually gonna make the ball just

explode I know it's kind of random and

doesn't make much sense but it's just

gotta have a little ending to it so I'm

just gonna get an orange brush here and

it's gonna go all right so I just

finished making the ball explode and

we're gonna press play again so I know

it's not that much of an impressive

animation but I'm really trying to do it

as quick as possible for demonstrational

purposes but once you're happy with how

your animation looks you can come down

here and click export so select video

formats and I like to save myung as avi

video and then click Next click Next

again and then you're gonna pick where

you want your video saved so I'm just

gonna save it to my desktop here and

once I have it saved somewhere I'm gonna

click export and down there I have a

little notification saying that my video

was successfully exported so if we

minimize to pee tube desk there we can

actually see that our video has

successfully exported so we're just

gonna double click on it now in order to

watch it and yeah there's the video I

know it pass very quickly there but

we're gonna go back to the stairs

and play again and there we have it that

is how you create a video using to pee

tube desk alright guys so that pretty

much wraps up the video if you enjoyed

the video I would really appreciate it

if you would like comment or it more

importantly subscribe like I said the

download links to all of the software

which are free by the way will be in the

description below but with that said

thank you guys so so much for watching

and I will see you guys in the next