‘Person Seeking Personal Ads Pages’: Alternatives to Craigslist


okay so everyone has needs right and no

I don't mean like eating or breathing I

mean like a place to sell your old

laptop or find a new roomie somewhere to

get a job or maybe even fall in love you

get the point sometimes you need an app

or a webpage to handle your personal


and sure Craigslist may be the gold

standard or whatever but it's also

starting to feel outdated and maybe the

anonymity could be a little dangerous so

where else can you go for Craigslist

services that aren't you know Craigslist


one of the best features on Craigslist

is the housing section it allows users

to find roommates rentals sublet sand

well anywhere to rest your weary head

but if you can't find what you're

looking for spare room might be the

place for you with a service called

speed room ating in cities like New York

and LA the app connects users with

people who are also looking for a

perfect roommate also sites like Rooster

make Home Sharing as simple as listing

and filtering through potential

roommates do they have a filter for

roommates that will do their dishes

without being passive-aggressively

reminded so now you've got a place to

live but where are you gonna sell your

old beanie babies and lawn furniture

sure Craigslist has an array of sellers

and buyers but we still have a few great

and slightly less seedy options

available the first obvious choice is

Amazon Amazon has a selling option with

two subscription plans for individuals

and businesses for just 99 cents and

$39.99 respectively Amazon keeps the

vending process simple and cost

efficient alternately you can check out

Facebook it's not just for fake news


Facebook has its own marketplace for

anyone to buy and sell items locally

with these options your relationship

with Facebook might go from it's

complicated to obsessed

and speaking of relationship statuses

you know I said at the beginning that

people have needs and this one might be

yours no shame

but Craigslist personal ads are gone so

what can you do about finding your one

true love or maybe just to hook up

happen is similar to missed connections

on Craigslist and tries to reconnect you

with the one that not

maybe you saw them on the train or in a

coffee shop or talking to that person

who's not as cute as you but there's a

catch the person you're looking to find

also has to be a happen member either

way you get to cross paths again and

hopefully get married have kids two dogs

a house a yard a fence or not and if

you're looking for something a little

less romantic comedy ask you can look

for a quick romance on apps like tinder

hinge Grindr Bumble and about a hundred

others that are let's just say less

reputable now you may end up with a few

more tabs open than you would with

Craigslist but ultimately you'll have a

safer and more efficient answer to your

personal needs good luck out there