9 of the BEST All Season Tyres For 2020 Tested and Explained

thanks to the promise of one tire being

able to do everything

all season tires otherwise known as all

weather tires in north america

are a rapidly growing market segment to

find out which all-season tire is

currently best

i've bought nine of the best tyres

available on the market

along with a summer and a winter tire

which should allow us to see whether an

all-season tire or even the best

all-season tire

really can do the job of two tyres or

whether it compromises in any area

we're going to start the testing here at

goodyear's amazing arctic test facility

in lapland

where we're going to be doing snow

testing then we'll move to the south of

france where we'll do dry

wet noise comfort rolling resistance

testing which should allow us to work

out which tire works best where

and whether all season tires really are

one tyre to do everything or a summer

and winter tire has advantages in

certain areas

as always i'm going to try and keep this

video a watchable lens so if you want

any more of the geeky data i'll leave a

link in the description to the tire

reviews website where you can pour over

all the data

and dig into each category further and

before we start testing

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rather expensive and time-consuming

tests for many years to come

on test we have the bridgestone weather

control a05 the continental all-season


the cooper discover all season the gt

gt all season the brand new goodyear

vector 4 seasons generation 3

the hankook kinergy 4s2 everyone's

favorite michelin cross climate plus

the nixon n blue four season the

redstone quadrack pro

and the summer and winter tire

represented by the brand new goodyear

efficient grip performance 2

and the goodyear ultra grip performance


right first test of the day is snow

handling and before you say it

i know snow handling isn't strictly the

most relevant test for the uk climate


when it does snow we're hardly going out

there and setting lap times but snow

handling is a very valid test for two


firstly not all my viewers are from the

uk there's some european and north

american audience which means

snow handling is actually quite an

important test for them because they do

go out and drive at reasonable speeds in

the snow

and secondly probably more importantly

for the uk market slow handling gives

you an idea of how the tyre works during

sort of transient or emergency

situations so

if something steps out or someone pulls

out on you and you have to break and


it shows you how much grip or how much

ability the tyre's going to give the car

the best on test in the snow handling

was surprisingly the cheapest tire it's

the gt

now this tire felt the most winter-like

and it was quite a joy to drive

it gave the car good balance a little

bit of oversteer but generally find that


the front axle grip gets better the car

ends up with a bit more oversteer just

because the

rear's carrying more speed and it comes

around a little bit more but

fair play to gt let's see how that

translates into its

wet and dry performance because often

they're opposing qualities but

very good snow performance the next

group of tyres about a percent behind

the gt

with a goodyear continent hand cut now

of the three it was less than a percent

splitting all three on lap time and

subjectively they're all very similar

if anything i'd say the conti was the

best overall

in that it just felt a little bit more

positive and direct on the front axle

but it didn't really translate into lap

times so all three of those tires

excellent in the snow for an all season

tire next up was the summer optimized

michelin cross climate now this is a

tire that isn't designed to have the

best snow and ice performance it's


for summer conditions and in other

testing it's shown to be very good in

the dry and wet

so to come fifth overall good result for

it it felt really good

balanced like the goodyear a little bit

a little bit less grip everywhere

and it seemed to get upset a little bit

more by the small patches of ice

we've found on this snow handling

circuit but otherwise excellent

after the michelin was the nexon again

nothing particularly interesting to


might felt a little bit more floaty on

the front axle than the rest of the


and just had a little bit less grip

everywhere overall

which is why it was about a percent

behind the michelin again then we come

on to the redstone which is

interestingly the only all-season tyre

on test that has the asymmetric tread


and directional tread patterns are

common in all season and winter tires

because they work really well in snow so

the red stein did a good job

it wasn't the quickest turren test but

it wasn't a disaster and hopefully that

asymmetric tread pattern

will pay back some of the negativity

here in the dry and wet testing

finally we finish up with the

bridgestone and cooper now the


again just it was okay balanced it just

felt a little bit less grippy everywhere

and uh it just

struggled again like the michelin with

the icy bit so it was a significant

chunk behind the very best all season


and the cooper well you can kind of see

from the tread pattern where it suffers

it might have a blocky tread pattern but

it's not a very heavily siped tar and i

think that's made it struggle a lot more

than the others

in the snow and ice but again like the

other tyres perhaps it will bring it

back in the dry and wet

the winter and summer reference tyres

now the winter tire as you would imagine

absolute joy to drive on the front end

was even more precise than the gt

the back was stable and it just allowed

you to position the car

and it gave you a lot more ability to

brake and turn

the lap time wasn't night and day ahead

of the best all-season tires

but the confidence it gave you and the

stability it gave you you were

driving the car less if that makes sense

so it was just a

better optional round for these

conditions but these are quite extreme

wintry conditions

and the summer tyre well this new

goodyear efficient grip performance too

is a really really strong summer tyre

on snow compared to any other summer

tires i've tested in this kind of


however it still felt downright

dangerous compared to the pestle season

tires and even the worst all season

tires now

i think that's the lesson to take away

the cooper might have been 10

15 percent behind the best all season


but even the worst all season tires

still 40 ahead of the summer tire and

the summer tire might get you going but

it's the braking and turning where you

really really find it difficult

especially you find yourself just aiming

at a snow bank braking

thinking you've done it way in advance

and then just not stopping and sliding

and sliding and sliding and always

having an accident so

if you do want to stay safe in snow

summer tires just isn't

the option and that's represented in the

name i guess

gt also aced the snow braking test with

continental and goodyear close behind

the winter tire again proved best

overall with the summer tyre taking an

alarming amount of distance to stop the

car the next stop is the south of france

for wet and dry testing

as these all season tires they're very

likely to be used in a climate which


quite a bit of rain much like where i

live in the uk so their wet performance

is one of the most important criteria

now the slowest tyre on wet handling was

the cooper

now this tyre was only about three

seconds off the leader

but it struggled with grip or the

balance of the car seemed to move around

front to rear

and it was quite a tricky tire to drive

so in such a close group of tyres it's

such a capable group of tires someone

had to be last and it was the cooper

the next up was the snow specialist the


now while this tyre was still relatively

slow compared to the pack

about a second faster than the cooper it

was a completely different tyre to drive

than the cooper

where the cooper was a little bit

unpredictable with the balance moving


the gt was lovely and safe and balanced

and it felt really good laterally it had

a neutral balance

but it just seemed to lack grip

especially when trying to break down for

the slow speed corners

which was backed up by the wet braking

results i'll show you in a minute

another half second ahead of the gt was

the nexon now this tire felt a lot like

the gt

it was a nice tire to drive it just

didn't quite have as much grip as the

best tires on test

and it seemed to lose the most time

while braking and turning for the slow

speed corners the next tire was the


the tyre felt the best it had of the

all-season tires it had the best

most direct steering and felt the most

positive on brakes

the tire just defaulted to a bit of an

understeer behavior which is very safe

for the road

but it was frustrating because it felt

like the tyre had more time

but you just couldn't extract it on this

short wet handling lap so

disappointing for michelin the six and

the breaking results back that up

however we know the cross climate two

has been announced and should be with us

in europe

next year so that's one to look out for

fifth and fourth places were

redstone and continental with almost the

same times getting very close now

interestingly these two tires were the

only tyres that say that had an

oversteer balance and that made them a

little bit trickier to drive

but both had good levels of grip

especially laterally

you could actually get quite a good time

out of the tyres but perhaps they

weren't the easiest tires to drive but

still good amounts of grip

the top three tires were all very close

to each other

4 10 separated them over the 72nd lap

hancook was third place that handcuffed

tire was a

very pleasing tire to drive it just felt

easy it felt it had really good lateral


and it just didn't give you any

surprises it was a kind of like

safe blanket of a tire i really enjoyed

driving the hancock

the goodyear was second place at home

now this tire

it felt good it felt good all round had

strong lateral grip

felt good on the brakes didn't give you

any surprises if i was going to

criticize it in any way

it didn't give you not that any not that

any of the all-season tires gives you a

huge amount of

feedback through the steering wheel but

i would say goodyear was one of the

ones that were lacking maybe a bit more

but the grip was there the brakes was

there there was no problems aquaplaning

it was just a good all-round package and

the fastest tire and test narrowly

beating the goodyear

was also the best high-end wet braking

it was the bridgestone weather control


this tire just had a lovely neutral


didn't give you any surprises anywhere


was nice and easy to place just does

everything without any fuss

and had great levels of grip especially

in the brakes so well done bridgestone

you've produced a very good all-season


for wet performance as for the summer

and winter tire

well the winter tire very very good

performance neutral hint of understeer

was probably the woolliest through the

steering wheel but that's not surprising

with the most amount of sights and block


uh and didn't really like braking that

much but if it had been

in the overall results it would have

placed eight as for the summer tire well

after driving all those all-season tires

it kind of felt like you just directly

connected the car to the floor

it was so direct and so precise compared

to these

block movement sipes tyres apart from

maybe the michelin

it was a really joy to drive wet

breaking confirmed the bridgestone's

overall leading the way with hankook and

goodyear close behind

in fact wet breaking nicely mirrored the

wet handling results which isn't always

the way with tyre testing

continental led the way in straight

aquaplaning with hankook and cooper

closely following curved aquaplaning

which can be found on the tyre reviews


was a similar overall order except

cooper was at the front this time

now let's get to dry testing the air


is currently 30 degrees and as i'm

testing in the afternoon

the track is in the 40s and while this

isn't the ideal temperature to be dry

handling all season tires

they are cool all seasons so they need

to work in all conditions and some of

them will experience

these conditions not only that

every single one of these sets of tires

has had at least

three flat out laps with understeer and

oversteer and everything i do during a

tie test

flat out baking heat and not a single

one has had a huge noticeable drop

in performance or has had any issues

with the tread pattern starting to tear

or anything like that

sure they all look a little bit worn at

the end of the test but

they've all done really well so i'm

proud of them good job all season tires

now the overall results are very very

close closer than even wet handling

it's a hundred second lap here and the

slowest tyron test which is again the


was only 2.4 seconds slower than the

fastest so you can see

just how close the group is the cooper

you know it felt fine to drive

obviously not as quite as direct as a

summer tyre but it didn't feel bad

had a nice safe understeer balance it

just didn't really have the grip


the nexon was the next slowest it felt

a little bit worse than the cooper it

felt a little bit harder to place

especially in the high to speed turns

like this

you're just kind of turning in a couple

of times wondering whether the car was

going to turn and when it was going to

attain its slip angle

but again very very safe balance a

little bit understeer primary

the gt finished seventh feeling a lot

like the nexon

and the continental finished six feeling

a lot like the gt

now you might notice a theme here of me

saying all the tires felt very similar

to each other

i pride myself and be able to tell the

smallest differences between tyres in

all conditions

it's what got me into tire testing

initially that's subjective handling but


all season tires during the dry handling

laps when they're all being pushed to

extreme they all do feel

quite close fifth and fourth place were

hancook and bridgestone posting

essentially the same times and

you guessed it feeling very very similar

to each other

a tiny bit ahead was goodyear in third


now this tire did feel a little bit

different for the rest

it was the first higher that moved the

balance more towards a sort of neutral

balance and

the grip circle felt a little bit more

even so you could break and turn it

didn't give you any real big surprises

and it was a nice package like fair play

a good year for this

i would have liked maybe again a little

bit more on the front end

but i can't really complain as it's an

all-season tire that's

proven to have very good snow

performance so it's looking to be

quite a well-rounded all-season tireless

good yeah second and first place

posted the same lap time and it was the

red steiner michelin and this is very

interesting because

both tyres did it in very different ways

the michelin

felt probably the most like the summer

tire on the brakes and turning like it

felt like it just had a

a stiffer sidewall a stronger

construction it was a more positive tyre

but like in the wet that slipped into

understeer which was a little bit

frustrating the redstein

kind of switched it around it was a very

quick turning

tyre at the front axle just felt nice

and sporty

but the rear didn't really feel like it

could keep up with what the front wanted

to do

so you felt yourself correcting and

correcting and correcting again

especially in the high speed stuff

and then the braking wasn't quite even

it felt like the tyre was a lot better


than it was in the brake so you kind of

slung it round the corner

dancing with the car on the limit which

was a lot of fun for an all season time

then you got to the breaking point and

you're a little bit oh

that's going on a little bit but the

summer and winter time well the winter

time finished last in time overall

and while it felt absolutely fine in the

corners it

felt probably the worst on break so

that's where you

feel like you're losing time on the

winter time just felt like it was

smearing itself on the road

but again that's not unusual because

you've got so much block movement in the

winter tire which is designed to help in

snow and particularly ice

and then the summer tyre well like in

the wet

it just felt like this golf 1.4 tsi

had been upgraded to a golf gti it felt

like a little race car in comparison to

all the all-season tires

felt like it had grown up the car if you

have a thing for driving enjoyment

if you like positive steering and

positive braking there just isn't an

all-season tire that can match your

summer tire and dry handling but they're

not designed for that so that's no huge


the summer tire was again best in dry

braking with the summer optimized

michelin a halfway point between the

summer tyre and the rest of the

all-season tyres

all that's left to test is noise and

comfort levels noise and comfort is a

very important test and as usual i've

spent quite a lot of time on it

but as i've noted in dry handling

subjectively these tyres are very very

similar so it hasn't been the easiest


all the all-season tires are slightly

more comfortable than the summer tire

which is a very comfortable summer tire

as summer tires go only the michelin the

cross climate which is the most

summer-like of the all-season tires

proved to have slightly worse levels of

comfort than the group

of the group there were three tires that

really stood out and that was the


nexon and bridgestone and interestingly

on the way to wet handling i could tell

i was on the bridgestone before i got to

the circuit bearing in mind i'm testing

blind i don't know what tyres are fit to

the car

because as i went over a bump on the way

to the circuit

it just felt like it was the bridgestone

and i was like oh this must be the

bridgestone so in my notes i put i think

this is the bridgestone

and then when i went back at the end of

all the testing and looked at what tyre

was what

it was the bridgestone so that's why i'm

putting that at number one

the noise testing was again done by

goodyear and i'm really appreciative of

them doing it because it's very


it took them two days of driving and

three days of processing

of the group again the next and

bridgestone were very very good proving

to be the nicest tires to live with from

a noise and comfort point of view

but i'm going to put some of the data on

the screen so you can pick through it

yourself and look at all the decibel


if you want the very basic stuff again

go to the tire reviews website and look

at the test there the link will be in

the description

as for fuel use well recently

bridgestone have been killing it and

rolling resistance testing

and they have again here but they only

got second place first place went to the


goodyear vector four season generation

three which is mighty impressive

considering how well-rounded attire this

seems to have been

in all the tests so far so well done

good year for that the worst all-season

tyron test was the cooper

nearly 20 down and as a tyre contributes

about 20

of the overall rolling resistance to a

vehicle that's 20 percent of 20

for roughly for extra fuel use so it's

significant over a tires life


so before i start the conclusion there's

a few bits of housekeeping i want to

talk about in advance to preempt any

questions you might have

firstly if you're wondering why i

haven't tested any tyres that were

released or updated this year

that's because i started ordering tires

for this in november 2019

started testing in february 2020 and it

was meant to be finished in march 2020


as we all know the world's got delayed

secondly i want to put a huge thanks out

to goodyear again for fitting me into

their french facility in miraval

they didn't have to fit me in and demand

is obviously sky high

since the world's reopened so thanks

once again to goodyear for letting me

run this test on my own

in their facilities it's a really big

help so thank you so much

thirdly i've had lots of people on

previous videos asking if i test blind

as i do for a lot of my tests where i

don't have to physically fit the wheels


i do test blind and if you're a little

bit confused that doesn't mean i'm

literally blindfolded driving around the

track that wouldn't be much good for


what it means is i don't know what tires

are on the car while i'm testing

that is the case for everything i've

done here in france so good gear have

even gone to the lens

of covering the wheels before i get in

the car just in case i wanted to take a

sneak peek

not that i would but it's important you

know that when i'm testing tires and

taking notes all i know is a sequence

number i don't actually know what time

i'm driving on

and lastly as my audience is worldwide

i'm going to do what i think is a

world's first and give

two different sets of results the first

set of results will be the traditional

all-season score weighting

and that means dry and snow performance

will have an equal level in the overall

results and then wet just a little bit


this is the result you should look at if

you're in a climate that gets

proper all season so you get snow in the

winter you get sun in the summer

you get wet in the autumn the second set

of results is going to be for people

like me who live somewhere in like the

south of the uk

where you see snow once every three

years and when you do see snow

you just want a tyre that gets you home

that's better than the summer tire

what i'm going to do is i'm going to

drop the snow section of the score


right down to 5 then i'm going to bump

up dry wet in equal percentages

which means we'll be looking at a set of

results which is more useful for someone

who lives in london

in ninth place is this it's the cooper

discoverer all season

now this was by no means a bad tire i

only finished seven percent overall off

the best

but it didn't really excel in any of the

tests struggled in the snow

struggled in the way and while it was

good in dry breaking and aqua planing

it just wasn't up to the ability of the

rest eighth place overall went to the

redstone quad track pro

now as the only asymmetric tire on test

this has been a bit of an interesting

test because it's had a quirky set of


excelled in dry handling but really

struggled in dry breaking it was a

mid-pack for the wet test but struggled

in aquaplaning and it was the quietest

on the smooth surface but the noisiest

on the rough surface so

really interesting tire perhaps the

all-season tire for track days because

it was so much fun on the dryer handling


but for the rest of the year there are

better ties in this group seventh place

went to this the nexon m blue four


and while it was a quite uncomfortable

tie it didn't really excel in any of the

grip tests

it's another title that's very well

priced but there are better ties in this


sixth place went to the quickly

improving gt with their gt all season

now this tire was the snow king it felt

the most like a winter tire in the snow

but it did struggle in the wet test so

maybe this is the all-season tire you

want to think about

if you're on a budget because it's a

very well priced tire and

you live in a climate that sees a lot of

snow probably not as suited

for a climate like the south of the uk

where it's mostly dry and wet running

but excellent in the snow

fifth place went to this the michelin

cross climate plus as always this tire


excellent in the dry and wet

subjectively with direct steering and a

really good brake pedal

and it works pretty well in snow so that

dispels the myth that this tire doesn't

work in snowy conditions

however after a string of six places in

the wet it just wasn't up to the rest of

the group in its wet performance

i know the michelin cross climate 2 has

been announced it's in north america

only at the moment but should be with us

in europe next year

so i'm mega excited to test that

subscribe for that if you haven't


bridgestone finished a solid fourth with

the weather control a

005 now this tire wasn't the greatest in

the snow but excelled in the drying

particularly the wet

plus it had very low rolling resistance

and it was a really

nice quiet and comfortable tire to drive

on really really impressed with this


and the a005 evo is already to market

that's come out this year

so i'm mega excited about testing that

in next year's all-season tire test see

if it can build on

where this is lacking and that's snow

performance right now we're at the top

three things are getting very close


in third place is this the continental

all-season contact

now this is a tie that didn't really

jump out at me at any point in testing

at no point did i leave any notes in my

testing notes against the secret numbers

that this tile was remarkable however it

just did

everything well which is what an

all-season tire should do it's such a

well-rounded tire

really impressive package from

continental so world on continental for

third place

highly recommended hancock will be very

pleased with the second place for the

kennedy 4s

now like the continental this tire

didn't actually win a single test

but it was second third fourth fifth it

was there or thereabouts in every single


meaning it's just one of the most

rounded tires on test it has no real

drawbacks it's such an incredible piece

of technology from career

hancock should be really proud with this

mega impressive tyre

i really enjoyed driving on it just just

a fantastic breadth of ability which all

season tires should have

and by a narrow margin we have the

winner which is the newest tire and test

it's the goodyear vector four season

generation three

like the other top tires it had no

faults in fact looking at how well this

tire did in all the testing it's amazing

one tire can do everything so well it

was the second best overall in snow it

was top three and wet

it was really good on dry handling it

had the lowest rolling resistance it was

quite uncomfortable

the fact this one tire can do so many

things well

really really does shout out just how

much work the goodyear engineers have

put in

upgrading the already excellent goodyear

vector forces in generation two so well

i'm good you should be really proud of

this tire you've made it's excellent

in pretty much every category so as i

touched upon at the start of the


what if you live in a climate that

doesn't actually get much snow you want

that safety net of an all-season tire to

get you home safely when it does snow

but your focus should be on dry and wet

performance well if you've watched this

video from the start you're not going to

be surprised it's this

the bridgestone weather control aw05 was

pretty much

unrivalled in the dry and wet so this is

the tire for climates like the south of

the uk

where you're not going to see much snow

ever this is the tire you should be

thinking about

hancock remains second and goodyear

slides down to third with the dry

specialist michelin in fourth

as for the summer and winter time well

both these tires did what we expected

really the winter time was amazing in

the snow

was okay in the wet but struggled in the

dry but we have been testing at over 40

degrees track temperature so the winter

compound is going to struggle a little

bit more than the all-season compound

and the summer tire well that was the

best in the dry and wet it had the best

sense of driving enjoyment you can't


an unsiped tire did just you don't get

feedback like this from any all-season

tire even the cross climb it's have

stepped down

but you just shouldn't be using a

summitary snowy conditions

and if you're in a climate that sees

very hot summers or very cold winters

a summer and winter tire is still the

safest way of motoring year round

all season tires are very good for the

kind of milder winter summer seasons

but they don't replace a summer and

winter tire if you want the optimum

safety for year-round motoring

well that concludes the video i hope

you've enjoyed it it's been a long old


thank you once again to goodyear if

you've got any questions please ask

below if you've enjoyed it give it a

thumbs up

if you haven't already subscribe and hit

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winter stuff coming

including four wheel drive and all

season tires versus two wheel drive on

winter tires which is going to rain


if you've watched this video you've

probably got a good idea but i'm doing

both the european and an american

version which will be mega exciting

and as always safe motoring