Best Air Mattresses 2020 - Our Top 4 Air Beds!

hey guys Martin here from madness

clarity so an air mattress can be a good

investment for a couple of reasons you

might want something to go camping with

or something for those last-minute

guests but whatever your reasons I want

to talk about my top four picks for air

mattresses I want to talk about each one

by one what makes them so special and

how we choose the right one for you

let's get started first off at any point

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end of the video I'll be answering

frequently asked questions about air

mattresses so what should be looking for

when you're shopping for an air mattress

well first off think about what are you

gonna use that air mattress for is it

more for camping or more for indoor use

that's gonna determine the type of air

mattress you want to get now also think

about durability a big issue with air

mattresses is popping and air leakage so

definitely find something durable it

will stand up to a lot of use also think

about inflation you got to blow this

thing up so it come with a built in air

pump a pump included in the box or you

have to buy one on your route and keep

all that in mind you're thinking about

your budget are you getting some good

bang for your buck this is a good air

mattress for the money but again keep

all that in mind shopping for an air

mattress but I want to hop into my top

picks now starting with the air a bit so

the air Abed is a very substantial air

mattress it's 20 inches tall very thick

for an air mattress but it has the

really cool features I want to talk

about the first one is its built-in pump

so basically you plug into the wall and

you can kind of set it and forget it

will float on its own the big issue I

have with kind of these built-in pumps

is is it gonna pop I'll leave it but it

did not happen with the air bed so a

very cool feature it also has a

secondary pump so while you're sleeping

and air it usually is going to escape

while you're sleeping it will pump air

back into the air mattress to maintain

the firmness that you want and then

lastly it has a very cool headboard at

the top of the mattress and a big issue

I have on air mattresses is when I'm

sleeping I push the pillow off the edge

not have this issue with the arrow bed

this is going to be a very nice luxury

'epic so you want to impress your guests

and they come to visit take a look at

the arrow bed and what's not the most

affordable option on this list is one of

the most high quality next up we have

the Intex air mattress now this is

another substantial air mattress this is

22 inches tall so even thicker than the

era bed well it's cool but this air

mattress is a couple of features and the

first one is it also has a built-in pump

so plug into the wall it'll flate on its

own you don't have a three firmness

settings but still a very cool pump now

also it is a very durable air mattress

and that is because they have these

polyester fibers woven through the PVC

so that makes it more durable it will

last for a lot longer the same time it's

a very good value only $75 for a

queen-size a very good deal for a

substantial air mattress like this so

you want something good for a guest room

something for that last-minute guest

something very durable as well a good

value take a look at the Intex

then we have this sound of sleep air

mattress now a big thing people look for

in an air mattress is something they can

take camping with them and the sound of

sleep is my top camping pick let's cool

it the sound of sleep is it's only 9

inches thick that perfect size to kind

of put into your tent it is also very

durable and durability is something you

definitely want to consider you're

finding a camping air mattress that's

because when you're outside you have

sticks rocks a lot of things that can

pierce that air mattress but that

shouldn't be happening with the sound of

sleep it also comes with a pump included

in the box and this pump works so

quickly.i inflated this air mattress in

under a minute so inflates very very

quickly if you want something you can

take camping with you somebody can even

throw on the ground inside for the kids

take a look at the sound of sleep last

but not least we have the coleman air

mattress so it comes from coal and

producer some very high-quality camping

equipment such as lanterns and tents as

well it's a very substantial air

mattress is 18 inches thick and what's

cool about it it's good for indoor and

outdoor use so something quick to

inflate inside for your guests or you

can take it outside and use in a larger

tents it's also a pretty good deal right

now it's only around $80 for a

queen-size so a pretty good budget pick

as well so if you want something you can

use indoor and outdoor as well take a

look at the coleman

and now I want to answer some frequently

asked questions about air mattresses

first question is what is the best air

mattress for everyday use now first off

I don't recommend using an air mattress

everyday if you've something to use for

an extended period of time I'd probably

look at the era bed it is more luxury

more substantial and is very durable as

well second question is is it bad to

sleep on an air mattress every night and

the quick answer is yes is not a good

idea to use an air mattress every night

an air mattress not gonna give you the

support you need in the long run so

you're never going to feel some lower

back strain some pain in other areas as

well the last question is what is the

most durable air mattress and in my

experience it's the insect's air

mattress it's made of a very thick PVC

that also has polyester woven throughout

it to make it puncture proof and more

durable as well at this point you should

know which air mattress is right for you

but if you're still a bit confused you

want a personal recommendation just

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