Top 10 Strongest Ice Type Pokemon

all right everybody you spoke back on

the top 10 psychic types and i listened

so we're continuing the top 10 typing

series today with the top 10 strongest

ice types this list was put together

with tons of stuff taken into account

with a little extra focus put on the

competitive aspect of things

i feel these ice types we have here

today represent some of the best of the

typing and i really hope you guys see


let's wrap this intro up and just get

right into this but first

maybe you guys should turn that ac down

i know it's the summer but it's gonna be

cold enough


we're going to be kicking this list off

with a fire type's favorite opponent the

fourth generation's obama snow now just

because it has a major weakness to the

fire type

doesn't mean it's a bad pokemon when it

comes to obama snow it's a great

attacker with base 92 and physical and

special and some great moves that enable

it to excel on either side with moves

like ice punch energy ball and blizzard

taking center stage

it gets earthquake and earth power as

well which acts as great coverage

especially for fire types that is if

they can manage to

speed them with its absolutely awful

base60 speed though its speed gets even

worse when omega evolves dropping to

base 30 you don't have to worry about

that too much though because it gets

access to ice shard which is a fantastic

stab priority move that can really bring

the damage to the opponent whether it's

a mega

or not it will have access to the

ability snow warning which creates hell

and that can be a big help on a hail

team with getting the weather set up

really if obama's snow finds itself out

when the hill actually stops

it can just mega evolve and bring the

hill again while also potentially

confusing the opponent into thinking

that it's not even a mega it gets access

to aurora veil as well which can only be

used in the hill and helps it take some


which all in all warrants obama snow a

spot on this top 10.

even if it's right on the cusp


next up we've got alone sandslash which

slush rushes its way onto this top 10.

speaking of slush rush that's a big part

of why i decided to include it here on

the list

it's currently the fast slush rush user

and as you guys already know

slash rush will double speed in the hill

so it's going to be a rather quick

option on weather teams

though even if not in the hill getting

that speed boost it can still benefit

from the priority offered by ishart so

no need to worry too much if you can't

maintain hell for an entire battle with

sand slash around

just like with the bomb of snow it's got

a really bad typing but that's to be

expected with the ice tapping

it isn't made to be defensive and

somehow even when throwing in a steel

type it gets even worse in that regard

however when it comes to being a set-up

pokemon it is incredibly useful as you

can get off spikes and stealth rocks

with it and in the hill it's even easier

since you'll probably outspeed the

opponent it can run rapid spin too

and serve mostly as a fast supporting

pokemon and it fills that role better

than any other pokemon of the ice typing

the supporting pokemon of the world

deserve respect too and i figured there

was no better way to show that respect

than giving sanslash the spotlight in

this top 10.

alright coming up next is some gen 1

power with everyone's favorite ice water

type not named lapras the bivalve

pokemon cloister

this one was an interesting one to put

on the list because it isn't

inherently the ice typing that makes it

good but it definitely is a part of it

right off the bat i'd be remiss to not

bring up the fact that cloister gets

access to the grit setup move

shell smash which can easily be used to

sweep a pokemon on both the special and

physical sides thanks to the great move

pull cluster has on both ends

there are moves like ice beam that it

can use specially while in the physical

end it can use moves like razor shell

and the skill link boosted icicle spear

and rock blast

as you guys already know i'm sure

skillink makes moves that hit multiple


hit the max amount of times possible and

its other ability shelimer prevents


which is great defensively though just

being an offensive threat with good


isn't the only thing cloister is good at

as it can run spikes and toxic spikes

together as well as get rid of the

opponent's hazards by wearing boots

somehow and using rapid spin

i'd say the big thing that works against

cloister is probably the fact that it

doesn't really have any form of recovery

that works in tandem with the best

possible moveset you put together for it

now you

can put lifedue on but i don't see it as

being super great to include since it's

only giving cloister back 25 percent of

its hp

however it combines two good offensive

typings in water and ice that will hit

opponents hard and with a great coverage

move like rock blast as well it's

looking pretty good


we now move on to the other ice type 11

form being alone

ninetails as it turns out despite being

in a region based off of hawaii we can

actually find some rather good ice types

in alola ninetails is honestly better in

its low end form than its regular form

and that's kind of impressive

considering the fire typing isn't all

that bad

it has access to snow warning as a sort

of complementary hidden ability to the

regular's drought and it's probably the

best pokemon to actually have snow

running as an ability it's able to use

auroraville immediately upon switching

which is a big help to it and promotes

defenses right off the bat i don't think

i really have to sell you guys on its

great typing of ice and ferry as well

which offensively is terrific so you've

got a great duo of great typings and

instantaneous hell setup for miss

switching in and i haven't even really

gotten into these stats

nine tails has base 109 speed and 100

special attack

and that speed is an absolute killer

you'll probably be out speeding most


and on top of that with 100 special

attack you're free to run nasty plot so

you can make nine tails hit incredibly


the best move it's got to use is

blizzard which you'll never miss thanks

to hell being set up and all in all

ninetales really has all the tools to be

a fantastic speedy special attacker that

makes the most of its two typings

let's close out the bottom half of this

list with a pokemon that you can both

hide behind as a massive shield and use

as a coffee table

avalog this one is perhaps the most

interesting pokemon i decided to include

here because

prior to putting the top 10 together i

hadn't really thought it would be


and yet here we are the big thing that

stands out to me is the explosive

defense it has

starting at 184 base it also has that

117 base attack stat which is pretty

good considering how awful the rest of

the stats are on this one

it's got the ability sturdy which is a

pretty great complement to that

fantastic defense as well

really letting avalog take advantage of

moves like avalanche speaking of the

moves it has

it also has recover which is a big deal

because it's one of a very few ice types

that are actually able to have a good

move that allows recovery

being well recovered if that isn't

enough there's also body press

which will just wreck anything thanks to

that over-the-top defense stat though

there's always the quintessential move

to run on avalog rapid spin

we've talked a lot about pokemon that

set up hazards and get rid of them thus


and avalog is one of the best with rapid

spin when it throws on those silly heavy

duty boots

it's a pokemon that gives new meaning to

the terms the best offense is a good


and it truly fits in as the sixth string

of size type


starting off the second half is none

other than the first generations

lapras an absolutely beloved pokemon

that i was so happy to see crack my top


let's get this right out of the way

lapras's gigantomax form is legit


it looks so insanely cool and it's a big

part of why it's such a good pokemon in

this generation

i mean prior to sword and shield it was

a really good pokemon still but this

gigantomax form really puts it over the


it gets access to the exclusive move

g-max resonance

which essentially works like aurora vel

meaning it can use a powerful ice tip

attack and do possibly massive damage

while getting the defensive effects of


all in one neat package it would also be

able to set up some rain thanks to max


the water type move used by dynamics

pokemon and that can only help things

lapras being able to set up the rain so

easily means it can make usage of a move

like thunder where it can't miss which

it can use to take on other water types

as well as deal some massive damage to

other typings

its water type moves would benefit from

having the rain up too so there are

multiple positives that come from having

that rain up the bulk that lapras has

with its base 130 hp

is going to be supported well by its 95

based special defense

and the effects of gmax resonance but

perhaps its most important support is

that shelimer ability which prevents

critical hits

while hydration and water absorb are

also a couple of good abilities

shell armor really helps by moving crits

from the occasion and forcing pokemon to

go toe-to-toe with lapras's impressive

bulk which can be improved upon even

further by the usage of a move like


next we have weville and i think it's

the sort of pokemon that really speaks

for itself

we vile is an insanely fast attacker

with 125 in speed

and 120 in attack and is really one of

the poster pokemon when it comes to

being a glass cannon

it's hp and physical defenses aren't so

great but almost doesn't even need to

worry about that

considering the fact that it'll be able

to hit so hard and out speed almost


it's got two fantastic physically

offensive typings and ice and dark and a

plethora of moves like ice shard

knock off and the new move triple axel

any moveset running those three will be

in great shape but it will sorely be

missing pursuit which just

isn't in the 8th generation though even

still weavile

is just so dang good and is well

deserving of being a part of the top


we've come a really long way on this

list without bringing up one of the gen

4 evolutions that were introduced and

i'm sure you guys were super happy to

have we value break that long streak

without them on this list

however for you cinema fans i'm going to

be giving you guys another one

right here at number three and it's got

to be memo swine it's got an absolutely

amazing duo of typings with brown and

ice that just offer a plethora of

incredible moves that can tear through

almost every typing

earthquake is going to destroy tons of

pokemon and is absolutely spammable

while ice type moves like i shard or

icicle spear will core up most of the

other pokemon that can handle ground

type moves

i'd be remiss to not mention stone edge

too which is another great move it can

use and will offer even more coverage

perhaps for other ice types that'll be

able to do neutral damage against

mammoth swine

you can throw a choice scarf choice spin

or life orb on a mama swine and with the

great 130 attack stat it has along with

a serviceable enough base 80 speed

you could potentially turn mama swine

into a sweeper that will most certainly

break through quite a few walls in the

competitive scene

you can even set up stealth racks with

it while maintaining spots for powerful

moves which it will definitely be able

to set up as a lead since it has a good

chance of forcing pokemon out of battle

right at the start there is a lot of

good with mammoth swine that really

enables it to be

up on the list this high and while the

two pokemon above it are just simply


don't let that distract you from the

fact that trying to say that mammoth

swine is the best of the ice typing

isn't all that farfetched of an argument

we've reached the penultimate ice type

and man this one leaves me with a

striking question

what is it about regional variants that

leave us with such good ice type pokemon

i don't really get it but the fact of

the matter is is that the second best

type is galerion der mantan

this thing has got two monster abilities

gorilla tactics which is essentially a

choice spent in the ability spot instead

of as a held item and zen mode which

lets it transform into an even stronger


after dormant ends hp drops beneath half

like you guys gotta think durmantine

starts with 140 base physical attack

and if it turns into zen mode that crazy

attack bumps up to 160

and its speed scourge gets from base 95

to 135.

seeing as this is a golearian form of

dormant 10 it still has access to most

of the other great moves it had before

and now gets a bunch of strong new ice

type moves there's just so much to say

about how good their mana 10 is

and with the move like u-turn you can

easily escape difficult situations

man to think when you enter zen mode you

end up becoming both fire and ice type

that is really such a crazy good typing

you can even brute force ending up in

zen mode by using belly drum and then

substituting on top of holding a salac


it becomes downright impossible to

actually take out unless the opponent is

running some sort of priority

so really galerian dormanten is just so


and very well could have been the

absolute best ice type we've ever seen

however if you've noticed we have come

this far without featuring a legendary

and that's all about the change


that's right we've got ourselves a

legendary finally showing up on this


and i'm sure for some of you you're

probably happy that there's only one

well the thing is the ice typing is just

so filled with pokemon that happened to

be good and not legendary that it was

super easy to do this

however i couldn't deny the fact that

the best ice type is without a doubt

kiram look at it this way with kiram

you've got a pokemon that has three

distinct forms

all of which are incredibly useful on a

team the regular kirim can be pretty

good on its own

making it a very capable mixed attacker

with 130 in both of its attack stats

and a very wide move pull that it takes

advantage of big time kirin block on the

other hand

is a 170 base attack pokemon with a nice

smooth infusion bolt that offers great

electric coverage

while kirum white sits on the other end

of the spectrum with 170 special attack

and fusion flare that offers a great

weapon against steel types

the presence of dragon dance makes kiram

and kirim black very threatening

giving it the chance to build upon

already tremendous attack stats and

incredibly serviceable 95 base speed

you'll put anyone on notice the moment

you even set one up and the prevailing

thought can be that your capability to

sweep an opponent after this one turn of

setup is pretty high

also i couldn't possibly finish this top

10 without mentioning just how much

those gosh darn boots can really help

cure him out in battle

it used to be absolutely stopped dead in

its tracks by stealth rock and sticky

web among others but now with those


it can completely deal with entry

hazards easily kiram just

offers so many different ways to run it

and without a doubt it's not the tip of

the iceberg

it's the whole thing

well that'll do it for this top 10. and

i feel like this could be the best one

we've put together so far

there was a lot of thinking that went

into this one and i'm overall incredibly

confident that you guys might agree with

what i've put together here

so i want to see what you think in the

comments below what do you think the top

10 strongest ice types are i'll be sure

to check it out

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