"Jojo Rabbit" wins Best Adapted Screenplay

everybody comes to Rick's Shoeless Joe

queue a diversion but you may know them

better as the film's they became

Casablanca Field of Dreams Slumdog

Millionaire and fatal attraction

like the writers of those classic films

this year's nominated writers have

managed to capture the essence of their

source material in a way that is

entirely unique and original here are

this year's nominees for Best Adapted

Screenplay the Irishman

screenplay by Steven Zaillian based on

the book

I heard you paint houses by Charles

Brandon Little Women written for the

screen from Gregory based on the novel

by using the archived Joker written by

Todd Phillips and Scott silver based on

characters created by Bob Kane Bill

Finger and Jerry Robinson Joe Joe rabbit

screenplay by kogo TT

somber cadence sighs bye Christine

woman's the two popes written by Anthony

McCartan based on his play the Pope


Tycho ytt

this is the first Oscar and third

nomination for take over IT team




thank you

amazing thank you this this is really

light this one's white it's supposed to

be heavy I'd like to thank my mother

then everyone

I lost you hours ago oh yeah thank you

for being my mother and and I mean many

other reasons but forgiving me the book

that I adapted and and and this film

wouldn't have existed without you doing

that just Christine for writing the book

thank you to the producers of the film

Cathy O'Neill and Chelsea when Stanley

was a right from the beginning thank you


many of you people that I want to thank

but I won't because I can't remember


that's it this is really great and I

dedicate this to all the indigenous kids

to live in the world do want to do art

and dance and write stories we are the

original storytellers and we can make it

here as well thank you