What is the Best 7 inch Tablet?

hello this is ric KY the android guy

today we have the three top seven inch

tablets on the market starting from the

left to the right the Amazon Kindle Fire

the Acer Iconia 100 and the Samsung

Galaxy 7-inch plus and today we're gonna

find out which is the top seven-inch


alright let's just turn each one on and

first thing we're going to go over is

just simply ecosystems there's two

definite differentiations between these

tablets and that is that the Samsung and

the Acer have Google's eco system where

the Kindle Fire has Amazon's now what

this mean is what this means is that you

do not have any Google Apps on the

Kindle Fire available that means Google

Maps Google Docs their entire ecosystem

is not present in this tablet which can

definitely be disappointing comparing to

Android tablets you don't have as many

things just for example the biggest one

that it lacks is Docs Docs basically you

have to upload from your computer and

that's it but you can't you can view

them but you can't edit them or anything

like that built in you have to download

an app to create them but yet it just

it's a lot more complex just because it

doesn't have a file manager built in so

you have to get an app for that so it's

a lot more add-ons

to do those kind of things so for the

Kindle Fire whereas these you can create

documents no problem with Google Docs so

it's just one thing that the Kindle Fire

is lacking in terms of other things

speaker system you do have a Kindle book

store but which can be used on both

these two tablets so it's not really a

plus side for the Kindle Fire now what

is a plus side is for the video

streaming if you don't like Netflix you

do have Prime instant video

which does cost you an annual fee that

rivals Netflix but you have to pay it

all at once so if you're not willing to

do that it's just as an ecosystem Amazon

is still lacking when compared to

Google's so and it's definitely present

in things like that as well as app

stores of course you have over 450,000

apps available on the Google Play Store

whereas on the Kindle Fire you only have

slightly around more closer to a hundred

thousand but also a lot less free apps

many games that are free on the Play

Store you have to pay for on the Kindle

Fire Store now how Amazon makes up for

that of course though is on their App

Store every single day you get a free

app but again this isn't too beneficial

simply for the fact that you can get

this same App Store on either of these

tablets and just download the Amazon App

Store so in terms of overall comparison

you do get a lot more in terms of

ecosystem with Google than you do with

Amazon now next let's go to web browsing

so let's just go to web browsing and see

each of these in the act and zoomed out

all the way you get a very similar kind

of look to each of them this the Acer

Iconia 100 is definitely a little bit

even more zoomed out than the other two

when zooming in though all the text

seems rather crisp and rather clear the

Kindle Fires bit dull these are supposed

to all be blue and they look black it

looks the most blue on the Samsung but

what's more of a grave aking and then

this is kind of like an old page but

with the blue text so just

differentiation between them that's

gonna go about now in terms of books for

here like I said again you only have the

Kindle bookstore which you can't have on

the Acer or the Samsung but however you

can also have the Google Play Books you

can also have the nook you can also have

Kobo so you have access to every reader

on the market instead of just having

limited to one reader on

market which can be troublesome

especially if you have to cite anything

the biggest problem with Kindle is you

do not have page numbers so you can

never cite anything on terms of page

numbers so it's one major flaw of Kindle

that has never been addressed and that

you don't have that problem with these

tablets because you can just use another

ereader if you need to cite now in terms

of music they all have pretty loud sound

quality in terms of overall play the

Kindle Fire is nothing too shabby at all

very loud in terms of the Samsung you

get a really loud tone but definitely

probably the clearest out of all of them

as where the Acer will be the loudest

one however it doesn't have the same

type of clarity that all the other ones

have so it definitely just not as clear

again the Samsung just going to be the

clearest one out of all of them and as

for the Acer it just definitely notice

it's not as

very loud but just not in this clear you

can kind of hear a staticky tone in the

background just it's definitely

noticeable when especially when putting

it all the way up now in terms of video

playback I will just go over real quick

just see how each of these compare in

terms of video quality I'll just put

each of them sideways

you want me


now of course the problem with Kindle is

that you do not have stock YouTube

player just because it is the way it is

so what you have to do is it's just

definitely has to be nowhere near the

same kind of quality but with the other

two you have a built in Google app where

as you can see one thing the Samsung is

by far the brightest now I'm going to

move that a stir out of the way and

comparing these ones you can definitely

see in terms of the three that a

surprise the most jealous

out of the three now in terms of these

two again the Samsung probably stands up

in those it's just the best overall for

video playback now one thing I do have

to know with all of these though is that

videos are a bit disappointing simply

for sound because your sound is always

two speakers at the end it does not have

it at the bottom for some reason all

seven inches have the same fault where

all their speakers are on the bottom

which means if you play and hold your

video like this you get a lesson

satisfactory sound just because it's

playing by one side and you covering

part part of it so it just doesn't stand

out as much now in terms of extras on

the Kindle very simple you have a

headphone jack that's about it on the

Acer you have a micro HDMI a micro USB

as well as the SD card slot and as well

as a camera so you do have a camera on

this one camera quality though in

viewing it though definitely just not as

detailed very lackluster pictures to say

the least

now the Samsung definitely a bit better

in terms of just as we just looked at

the camera over there if we look at the

camera right away on here a lot sharper

a lot better detail just definitely you

can actually see things where you

couldn't even see it at all on the Acer

at 100 but still it just not something

you would of course just take for your

regular casual photos but for a quick

snapshot it does a good job now on this

side you do have the proprietary plug

which does have connections like a USB

adapter for 20 bucks and HDMI adapter

for 40 bucks so but that's adapters

built in all you have is a micro SD card

slot to add on storage as well as a

universal remote infrared sensor so you

can actually use this as your remote

control for TV cable everything else now

how about battery life

well battery life on the a 100 is about

only five hours so it definitely cuts

out rather quickly

both the Samsung and the Kindle Fire

will last about eight to nine hours on

average so definitely a longer battery

life on this side comparing to the a 100

now in terms of price point there is a

definite division between the three the

Kindle Fire is coming in at 199 the Acer

Iconia 100 is coming in at 259 and the

Samsung seven-inch plus is coming in at

299 now in terms of which one you're

getting for your money it really depends

on the person but you over the overall

satisfaction is much greater with the

Google platform tablets and clearly

competing all three against what you get

for your money as well as what you'll be

able to use later on and not just

thinking right now you might be tempted

to go at the fire but definitely for the

long run it definitely just comes down

to the Samsung Galaxy seven-inch plus

it's just the lightest sentence one it's

really just good quality good feel you

have a much better ecosystem than

Amazon's ecosystem built in plus you can

get most of Amazon's ecosystem on here

so it really just is a lot better for

your price now the thing about this is

this is the current holder on these

three competition but there will be a

new version of this that's coming out

that's a little bit lower in specs but

it's coming in at 249 so definitely look

out for that one it's called the 7 inch

2 and I will be doing a review on that

one so check out that in about 2 weeks

if you have any other questions

definitely feel free to leave a comment

below and on any of these specific

tablets alright this has been Ric KY the

Android guy