Best 65-Inch TV in 2020 - Top 5 Picks For Movies, Gaming & More!

hey guys it's Cory with 10 best ones and

today we've decided to review the five

best options for you we've ranked these

products based on many hours of research

and testing and we've picked the five

best models if you'd like to see their

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description down below first we'll

discuss what you should look at before

buying then we'll look at the five best

fix to make it easier will include

timestamps in the description let's get


generally the size is the biggest thing

you need to be careful about when buying

a TV but since we're taking a look at 65

inch TVs the focus falls on the

resolution the resolution of a TV tells

how many pixels are on its screen at any

given moment so the higher the

resolution of the TV the sharper the

image which brings out more details

there are different TV resolutions

though the 465 inch TVs I don't

recommend going lower than 4k resolution

but there are also full HD 1080p TVs out

there but they're becoming rarer every

day you'll also spot 8k TVs nowadays

which are top of the class but they're

not very feasible financially right now

as there's just not enough native 8k

content to justify the cost of it

secondly high dynamic range high dynamic

range or HDR is one of the best features

that's come with 4k Ultra HD panels this

feature has delivered amazing colors

better contrast and more peak brightness

which makes the whole watching

experience much more pleasing nowadays

the standard HDR content is of the HDR

10 format which is rather good but then

again there are better and newer formats

such as the HDR 10 plus Technicolor

advanced HDR IMAX advanced Dolby vision

hig and so much more it's better to have

all these formats available but only the

most expensive TVs deliver all of them

so get what you can for the price you're

prepared to pay thirdly panel type

there's a lot of jargon on the TV market

these days with a lot of terms but I'm

gonna clear up some of the air for you

the two major types of TVs out there are


light-emitting diodes to lighten up the

pretty thin LCD panel and deliver great

denied lighting local dimming makes the

TVs pretty attractive and they're superb

price range makes them extremely popular

for both budget and high-end buyers OLED

TVs on the other hand take the local

dimming of the LCD TVs and elevate it

the black levels of these TVs were just

stunning and the contrast is much better

but then again these are much more

expensive than the other options

we are going to start this list with the

best budget option that you can get your

hands on it's generally risky buying a

budget 65 inch TV and I don't recommend

it but there are exceptions to every

rule such as the lg UK 6300 this TV

delivers a pretty pleasing performance

with tons of sharpness tons of

connectivity ports nice HDR support and

an expanded color gamut that will

impress even the most nitpicky users

from an aesthetical standpoint the 65

inch LG UK 6300 is one of the simple and

minimally designed TVs out there it's

utilitarian device that puts

functionality first and everything else

second there are two pairs of inverted V

feet to the device that are on each

corner to keep it upright and deliver

its stability the whole TV without the

stand measures about 57.8 by 33.6 by 3.5

inches in total the 3.5 inch thickness

is not a lot but it might be a bother

for some users especially if you want to

wall mount this TV account state that

the bezels around the screen are

adequate or not distracting at all

however those small limitations are

expected on this budget Fry's 65 inch TV

on the back of this TV you'll spot the

connectivity ports which are plenty as

the package includes three HDMI ports

two USB ports an RF composite in

Ethernet and an optical out port which

makes this a great package for everyone

this TV despite being a budget model is

packed with some great features such as

the advanced webOS platform that's the

best of its category moving on I can

mention that the lg UK 6300 has a

beautiful image quality it's based on

in-plane switching panel with the 3840

by 2160 resolution it delivers amazing

colors with a 99% of the DCI p3 color

space in HDR content but the performance

was not pleasing with SDR content

however it handled the upscaling of non

4k content excellently thanks to its

think AI feature the accuracy the colors

might not be the best in the market but

for the price it's much better than I

was expecting this next model is the

best option for gaming and I think that

this would be a great fit for

any type of gamer coming up next on our

list we have another TV from LG but this

time an OLED model the LG benign this TV

is the cheapest OLED you can get but it

delivers some excellent features and a

flawless viewing experience with

beautiful colors tons of detail great

contrast and so much more while it's not

as good in terms of processing as the

high-end models it's still one of the

best 65 inch TVs especially for console

gaming the LG b 9 has a pretty similar

design to its more high-end sibling the

c9 but that's a good thing since the c9

has a beautiful design overall it has

very slim bezels around the screen that

don't distract you at all from the image

I was most impressed with a trapezoid

shape stand of the LG b 9 that looks

amazing overall and keeps the TV

standing without any wobble I should

mention that this TV will fit into most

living room designs also despite being

the cheapest oled around the LG b 9 has

some good build quality on the back of

the TV you'll also see VESA mounting

holes for wall mounting if you choose

that setup and I think it's a good

option since it has a slim body besides

the mounting holes on the back you'll

see the connectivity ports which include

four HDMI ports through USB ports

ci slot Ethernet antenna and optical

inputs with this package you also get

the magic remote that's one of my

favorite remotes out there since it

operates like a magic wand normal remote

and also as a microphone for voice

assistant features the webOS system also

appears here and it does a wonderful job

the LGB 9 is based around a 65 inch OLED

panels that delivers 4k resolution with

all the other goodies that come with

OLED panels I should mention the maximum

brightness of this panel on HDR is about

650 nits which is immensely bright the

colors look pretty pleasing and the

image overall looks very vivid film the

response time for gaming was rather fast

as well and combined with all the other

features it makes a great companion for

your xbox one x or ps4 pro next up we

have a model which gives you the best

value for your money number three TCL 65

are six to five like I said in the first

entry of this list the budget 65 inch

TVs are always a gamble but then TCL has

managed to surprise us time and time

again with it

amazing TVs for that reason the TCL 65 R

625 is our best value pick on this list

this TV delivers 4k resolution a pretty

interesting design that's attractive

great colors plenty of brightness and

the superb Roku TV smart platform what

more could you need with a few words I

can say that the TCL 65 are six to five

looks pretty sleek and attractive

despite not costing a small fortune it

looks premium in our super thin bezels

on top and sides and a bit thicker band

on the bottom all rocking a brushed

metal finish that gives this TV an

industrial look and I've noticed that it

comes out as a bit blocky while it won't

fit well into rooms with more classic

designs if you're more into contemporary

style then you'll find yourself right at

home the TV sits on a pair of v-shaped

feet that are mounted on each side of

the panel keeping it steady and

attractive on the back of the panel

you'll find VESA mounting holes like on

most TVs out there for wall mounting

while the thickness might be a bit of a

problem for wall mounting it won't be

that bad on the left hand of the rear

part of the TV you'll find the

connectivity ports which include four

HDMI ports a USB port Ethernet composite

video input an optical audio output and

antenna ports before moving on I should

talk about the roku TV platform which

works like a charm combined with the

roku voice remote the TCL 65 R 625

delivers a beautiful 4k image with

superb HDR support for HDR 10 Dolby

vision and hybrid log gamma formats it

amazingly delivered a peak brightness of

1,100 nits and a great contrast ratio of

20,000 to one it's effectively brighter

than last year's model and color space

is much wider and richer TCL might be a

newcomer but you can't beat its TVs

especially for the price they come at

this next model has the best-looking

display out there so if you like vivid

and realistic colors this one is for you

in recent years sony has outpaced most

of its opponents in the TV business and

with the sony x9 50g I can't say it's

delivered the best image quality the

sony x 950 g has been one of the

strongest choices when it comes to

performance as it has an upgraded

processor great motion handling superb

upscaling and so much more going on with


let's take a look the Sony X 9/5

tgd has a very interesting design most

importantly with its speaker placement

it's the company's special acoustic

multi audio feature that employs two

down firing speakers and adds two more

tweeters to the top of the screen right

on the rear to emulate a front and

center channel that sent us the sound

and gives a more immersive experience of

course the Sony x9 50g is a good-looking

TV as well with a modern and refined

design thin bezels and narrow metal feet

that keep it standing I should mention

that looking at it from the side the

Sony x9 50g is a bit thick however that

shouldn't prevent you from wall mounting

it it also has VESA mounting holes for

the very same purpose it has a great

selection of ports including four HDMI

ports two USB ports digital optical

outputs Ethernet 3.5 millimeter port and

a remote IR that completes the package

it has the Android Orio smart platform

that's pretty much the best iteration

and allows for smooth operation the

biggest selling point of the 65 inch 4k

Sony X 950 G is its x1 ultimate image

processor that has a dedicated Netflix

calibrated mode which is my absolute

favorite the backlighting is also one of

its stronger points and it delivered a

pretty pleasing experience overall the

collars looked marvelous with a wide

color gamut without losing any accuracy

sony has unquestionably done some of the

better jobs in the TV making business

with the X 950 G next up we had the

highest end model that you can get your

hands on it costs more than the rest but

it does do its job extremely well if

money is no issue and you want the very

best then you should definitely check

out the LG e 9 this is one of the most

impressive OLED TVs ever designed with

amazing sound great HDR content

beautiful design and so much more with

this one LG establishes itself as the

best TV manufacturer in recent years the

biggest difference between the LG e 9

and other LG TVs at least in terms of

design and build is the superb glass

panel on the front that looks amazing

overall this allows you to have a more

immersive experience and basically

nothing will distract you my favorite

thing about the LG e 9 is that its stand

allows it to sit nearly flush with a

desk to give a beautiful look looking at

it from the estate

Sixpoint you'll notice that the LG e9 is

an amazing TV moving on the LG e 9 has

VESA mounting holes in the back for wall

mounting but it's better on a low desk

thanks to its near flush design and slim

bezels on the back there's also the

connectivity ports that give you plenty

to work with including 4 HDMI ports

three USB ports optical etc I have

nothing but praise for the webOS smart

platform and you already know how I feel

about the magic remote moving on I have

to mention the performance of this 65

inch 4k OLED TV this beast is equipped

with a second generation a 9 intelligent

processor that delivers better color

brightness contrast and also up scales

the content appropriately it's all an

automated process by AI and it's

excellent HDR content works like a charm

and everything is optimized to elevate

your viewing experience LG has clearly

made a statement here