TOP 5: Best 4K TV 2020

are you on the hunt for a shiny new 4k

TV there are so many of them that it can

seem like a whole new world of confusion

and it's not always easy to figure out

which is best in this video we're

breaking down the best five 4k TVs on

the market this year based on price

screen performance features and

situations that will be used in we'll be

taking a look at 4k TVs in every price

range so whether you're looking for a

great value for K TV or the ultimate

experience and visual performance we'll

have an option for you so if you're

interested in finding out which 4k TV

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you don't miss anything first up we have

the samsung q 60 our pick for the best

value $4 4k TV if you have your sights

set on a 4k q LED TV but you're not

ready to shell out premium pricing then

the samsung q 60 is a great way to break

into the q LED territory without

breaking the bank for a price under $900

for a 65 inch screen at this price range

you can't expect the same Q LED color

vibrancy and brightness of Samsung's

higher premium models such as the Q 90

coming up later in this video but at a

third of the price the Q 60 performs

very admirably especially with the

dynamic setting turned on its 100% color

volume with quantum dots gives you

vibrant pictures and supports over a

billion shades of color giving you

improved image depth you will clearly

see the difference of the Q 60 over

traditional 4k displays if you're a

gamer the Q 60 gives you free sync

support for tear free visuals with

amazing motion handling and excellent

low input lag like other high-end

Samsung Smart TVs the Q 60 is preloaded

with plenty of apps and you will

definitely appreciate the ease of

navigation on the remote with quick

access buttons for hulu netflix and

prime video voice control with pixee and

can be programmed to control additional

compatible devices as well some nifty

features to mention is the Q 60s ambient

mode that gives you the ability to put

stunning photos on the display when you

aren't watching TV the Q 60 is also

Google assistant and Alexa compatible

you can perform simple voice commands

for a number of tasks like asking the Q

60 to search or play a particular video

on YouTube

the 65 inch Samsung 4k q60 delivers Big

Bang q LED quality for the buck the Q 60

offers a good balance of entry-level Q

LED quality combined with an array of

Samsung features at an affordable price

making it one of the best value choices

on the market for those looking to get

into the 4k q LED seen at a reasonable

price next on the list is the LG c9 OLED

our pick for the best overall 4k OLED TV

if you are willing to invest for a

premium 4k OLED TV then at under $2,200

the 65 inch LG c9 is one of the best you

can buy and is well worth its price tag

the LG c9 comes close to perfect blacks

are insanely deep color accuracy is

outstanding out of the box and

brightness for both SDR and HDR content

is one of the best you are going to find

the picture is clean and highly detailed

in both bright highlights and shadows in

color is maintained in dark areas better

than what you will find with most Q LED

TVs the HDR performance of this TV

whether you are viewing content in HDR

10 Dolby vision or H LG is quite a sight

one of the single most significant

features of the LG C 9 is its hdmi 2.1

certification having hdmi 2.1 on board

means the LG c 9 is as future-proof as a

TV can get these days when combined

together with sound bars and AV

receivers equipped to handle a arc the c

9 will deliver totally uncompressed

audio including full-on dolby atmos and

DTS X another game-changer is the c9o

LEDs Wiese a compatibility whysa is a

wireless audio standard that lets you

set up a wireless home theater speaker

system with speakers that have

amplifiers built right in you can say

goodbye to wires or AV receivers you can

also tie the LG c9 into any smart home

eco system you are building because it

supports both Google assistant and Alexa

LG c9 OLED is one of the finest 4k TV

screens you can buy made even more

compelling by it's smart and

future-proofing features such as HDMI

2.1 and why is the compatibility however

if you're seeking the absolute ultimate

in best image quality and you don't mind

laying down extra cash for it then the

Sony's Master Series a 9 G coming up

later in the video

slightly edges out the LG C 9

up next is the Samsung q90 our pick for

the best 4k q LED TV the Samsung Q 90

our series is Samsung's flagship line of

TVs that combines remarkable contrast

with excellent color performance for one

of the best pictures you'll find on an

LCD TV at under $2,600 for a 65 inch

screen the Samsung Q 9dq LED gives OLED

TVs a run for the money

the Samsung Q 9 DQ LED is a 4k LCD TV

that shows some of the best color and

contrast performance on the market the

colors are natural and the AI enhanced

image processing upscales lower

resolution content with remarkable

precision the screen uniformity is also

excellent with none of the banding or

clouding that often affects LCD TVs the

ultra viewing angle technology makes

sure you don't get the contrast or color

degradation that's often associated with

LCD as you move off axis in physical

design the Samsung Q 90 looks good from

all angles in the back panel you will

find the one connect box there's

literally only one connection with

everything else in the one connect box

this makes connection and cable

organization very simple and tidy to

note on top of the usual supported

inputs the q90 also comes with built-in

Wi-Fi and Apple AirPlay to help you

organize your content samsung's

universal guide collates all your

favorite games movies sports and

streaming services into a single

user-friendly interface the Q 90 uses AI

machine-learning to analyze your viewing

patterns to create a single for you page

with personalized content and the more

time it has to analyze your behavior the

better the recommendations will become

however on the downside unlike the LG c

9 the samsung q 90 isn't future-proofed

and doesn't support hdmi 2.1 or enhanced

audio return channel er k-- this may be

something to consider since the q 90 is

a big investment the samsung q 90

delivers a performance that is capable

of competing with and often surpassing

most OLED TVs if you are looking for a

top 4k LCD panel then the Q 9 DQ LED

should be at the top of your list if

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next is the TCL six series our 625 our

pick for the best budget 4k TV not

everyone is quite ready to spring

thousands of dollars for a TV if you're

looking for a solid budget 4k TV that

won't break the bank the 65 inch TCL R

625 is available for just under 750

dollars and is well worth considering

the TCL 6 series R 625 isn't the most

beautifully designed TV it's somewhat

industrial and fairly chunky and there's

also not really any way to manage cables

that come into the back of the TV with

that said if you are looking for a

budget performance workhorse and you

want Q LED technology on a big screen

without the Samsung price tag then the

65 inch TCL R 625 delivers you get great

4k Ultra HD clarity outstanding contrast

ratio excellent blacks and great local

dimming support not found on lower end

TVs plus if you are a gamer the TCL R

625 also comes configured with an auto

game mode that automatically enhances

performance by offering the smoothest

action lowest latency and the best

picture settings for gaming with Dolby

vision high dynamic range for stunning

overall picture quality that should

satisfy even hardcore gamers the TCL R

625 runs on the Roku TV smart OS giving

you access to over 500,000 different

movies and TV episodes one nice feature

of the R 625 is that its screen cast

ready and allows you to cast content

from your mobile device to your TV which

comes in handy if you want to share your

favorite YouTube clips or use your TV as

a digital picture frame on the downside

you won't find any smart assistants like

Google or Alexa here if you temper your

expectations you'll be very surprised

with the TCL six series our 625 s HD and

SD are performance it's not the

brightest TV in the world nor the best

on the market in terms of upscaling but

it's both surprisingly bright and offers

good upscaling for the price and

continues to shine as a beacon of hope

for budget 4k TV buyers finally we have

the Sony Master Series a 9 G oled TV our

pick for the best premium 4k OLED TV

if you can afford the splurge and demand

the best of the best then you won't have

to look any further than the Sony Master

Series a 9g 4k OLED TV it's a

top-of-the-line 4k OLED display but it's

also accompanied by a top-of-the-line

price tag of 3,300 dollars for a 65 inch

screen the Sony a 9 G has an ultra thin

profile and a bottom edge that sits

directly on top of its flat circular

stand the design may not be entirely

practical if you want to add a sound bar

across the front but when combined with

its ultra trim bezels it gives an almost

all picture and no edges look sony has

picture processing perfected HDR

handling looks extremely effortless

gradations are smooth detail high and

bit noise is only notable by its absence

there are no banding issues with UHD

content either and overall Sony does a

great job of balancing punch and

specular highlights by maintaining

bright highlight detail thanks to Sony's

acoustic surface technology amazingly

the entire TV screen is the speaker by

using actuators behind the screen Sony

is able to get the glass panel to

produce surprisingly clear balanced

sound with a strong sense of

directionality for example if two people

on opposite sides of the screen are

speaking to each other you'll hear their

voices come from opposite sides of the

screen seemingly from the characters

mouths and since the screen can't

produce enough bass

Sony has also incorporated little

subwoofers which actually rounds the

sound out beautifully while they're

worthy notables to mention the sony a 9

G uses Google's TV OS has chromecast

built in and it's screen can also be

used with Google home and Amazon Alexa

devices as well as with Sony's own smart

speakers certainly the Sony Master

Series a 9 G has tight competition

coming from LG's OLED TVs and Samsung's

cue LEDs yet when everything is weighed

the Sony a 9 G comes out on top in terms

of 4k picture perfection and if you can

afford it you will not be disappointed

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