how to find you bank Swift (BIC)code | verify Swift code which is Belong to your branch.


hello friends

welcome to my channel tricks in this


we will see how to get your shift code

so swift code is basically used for

international transaction

for that first go on google

and search

zip code finder after that

select on first link

better file then after opening this link

here we can check a swift code if you

you know your swift code then you can

check your number

uh it belongs belongs from which branch

here and here you we can find a swift


so first select a country

here i select my country

then select bank bank name

select brand bank name

then select your branch

if here you cannot find your

branch then you can select a nearer

head branch also so here i select mumbai

and then click on find swift code

then scroll down and click on this arrow

after that we will get our swift code

here so if we want to check

this flip code it belongs to which

branch then copy

this number and go back

as i told you here

we can see our zip code is belongs to

which branch

we can see that this number is belongs


dbs bank india limited

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