Racist Bank of America manager had Man arrested when he asked to close account - Part 2


good sir how are you a few questions on

my account

here's my tight here's my debit card

here's my driver's license

okay as of yesterday did I have more

than 3500 dollars available to me mmm so

yesterday at Ford I had more than 3500

available for draw so I did have a

deposit balance more okay so I would

like a printout do you have a account

statement can you print out an account

statement for me with that with my

balance now and everything I can do like

your transaction history oh sure you

don't have a statement bank statement

I do statements really cycles so I can't

print a Sigma it's in there see because

it comes out something I put your last

one was there okay so that's okay all

right you can yeah if you print out the

droids are just yes and I just have that

and I just should be

about 43 in there I think noop 43

they got a bonus offer out there for you

for a credit card to deliver to our box

okay let's know if you need one now in

the future of this that's a really a


then perfect air in church all right

thank you

well Oh Chris right you put a car

together business card all right so no I

you can keep those if you need them I'm

gonna need to close close this account

now well yesterday I went to the North

County branch on Parker Road the manager

up there is Olivia

she'll track yep she she had me arrested

for trespassing as I went to make a

withdrawal $3,500 and she said she had

to verify with somebody gates yeah so my

card I gave her my cash my ID I gave her

my ID and while she was processing my

transaction and about to give me my

money because she there was a whole back

and forth back there which she under

teller I'm to tell us that she wasn't

authorized to give me any money and so

she had to verify with her if she can

give me money and I saw in the manager

took over from when Eric when Olivia

took over from the teller I said I don't

understand why I there should be

authorization for me to receive my own

money she didn't respond and while she

was processing my transaction and I and

she's about to end any money I said and

I want to I don't want to misquote

myself I said to her it shouldn't be so

friggin hard to get your own money from

a bank but I'm sure I use the word

friggin and she just threw the things

back at me and said I'm not I'm not

giving you any money you need to leave

and she called the police

and I said I am here too I my business

is now spoiled because I went there to

make a withdrawal to do some business

yesterday and now what whatever I wanted

to do was spoil it is she had me

arrested for trespassing and I was there

do another legitimate business

I was making a withdrawal from my own

account there it is

trespassing on private property I have

that's why I asked you at first if I had

money in the account so I had a

legitimate business there it's posted on

YouTube if you want to see it I'm

recording every transaction because I

don't know what's gonna happen okay just

close that account and I can just leave

and go do my business although it's

already spoiled

Christopher book height relationship

manager Bank of America bridge st.

Charles or one two four three zero st.

Charles Rock Road rich in Missouri

telephone number 304 506 0 to 87

all right

Mayfair Plaza Florence well Christopher

buck height I told him that I'm here to

close my account you verified my

information my driver's license and my

debit card is still on the table there

he just walked away and said one moment

and that was about two minutes ago

probably I'm not gonna have to watch on

let me see if there's a clock there's no

clock so I don't even know the time


turn left about five minutes ago


excuse me man just before you start with

her can you ask mr. Christopher if

there's something wrong with my account

he asked me to hold on I told him that I

wanted to close the account he said hold

on and he left I didn't see where he

went but I've been waiting for about

five minutes okay thank you I'm sorry

well I gave him my driver's license and

my ID and told him I'd like to close the

account and he told me to hold on and he

left I don't understand he didn't say

what he's gonna do or anything you just

walked away and there there sitting on a

table right by this right I'm sorry

lunch break lunch break I I don't think


okay see I'm taking my driver's license

and my ID and I'm leaving as he left all

right okay Oh

okay so I went to this branch to close

my account and the bank

Christopher buck height or whatever his

name is he I decided that he was gonna

walk away and I did not get too close