okay you guys I'm gonna tell you why

banking with Bank of America or a small

business checking account is like dating

a guy from bumble so let's start off

with the beginning phase of our


so Bank of America let's call him ball

so when I first started dating Bob like

things were great you know he seemed

really great on paper just like he did

on his dating profile it said that there

was not going to be a monthly fee so

long as I had met the requirements AKA

spent $250 a month which is so easy or

had a minimum balance of around three

thousand dollars a day or five thousand

on average a month sounds like a good

idea so you know Bob and I went on a

couple dates like you know we sent out

the application it took a while to get

proved I would say about two weeks so we

went on like no three four dates and

things are good I mean the first date

was fine like the application got proved

very fast within the same day and then

when after the first week you know Bob

sent me nothing in the mail basically

for my debit card and some other items

to have it filled out and all Bob

required from me was basically telling

him what my ìin number was for my

business and also where my business was

registered and founded in and where was

going to be operated so overall the

entire experience and a process was

super seamless and I thought me and Bob

are going to be happily married for ever

and then on the second month which is

what happens whenever you date a guy on

bumble this is like when you start

approaching date number five and above

where you start deciding and defining

what the relationship is well Bob like

every other guy on bumble ghosted me and

I never was able to get into my checking

accounts which was bad because that

means I couldn't meet the minimum

requirements so then Bob decides to

ghost me I can't get into my account and

whenever I sided too

set my password aka hit a Bob in other

communication channels AAB totally

ignored me and said that our

relationship aka my checking account

never existed and I was like that's

sketchy that's weird

we did not already have history what's

going on

so basically around this time that's

when the roni started going on and that

was a really essential time for me and

Bob to have this situation go on because

I really needed this account active in

order for me to out my SP Eila but

unfortunately I couldn't do that because

I couldn't get into my checking account

so Bob really screwed me over on that

anyways so finally I decide I'm going to

call Bob so I called Bob and Bob puts me

on hold for about three hours I know

who's gonna want to be on the phone for

three hours so I decided to hang up and

I'm about to give up on this entire

process when Bank of America basically

mails me a bunch of paperless documents

so Bank of America decides to mail me

documents and I'm like why are you

mailing me documents when I decided to

go paperless I mean it's like we're

trying to save the world and there's a

thing called global warming hello have

you not heard of Greta anyways so I was

furious because I was like why is Bob

setting me paper documents when one I

told Bob that we were going to be

paperless too Bob cancelled my checking

account and three now Bob is telling me

that not only is my checking account

still open but that Bob is starting to

find me for not meeting the monthly

requirements so I give Bob a call again

and this time I decide to actually stay

on hold for over two hours finally Bob's

friend Rustin over in New Mexico answers

the phone and at first Preston was

really nice like Weston was airing out

my story and was able to give me access

back into my account but then Weston

totally flipped a 180 on me and started

going off on me and saying that Bob and

Bank of America was not responsible or

what happened

that they were not going to take any

accountability or waive the fees that I

had accrued during this time because it

was my responsibility to have not done

this to my account and so basically if I

was just some this entire experience I

would say Bob is another F boy just like

Marcus over at Goldman Sachs and you

guys should definitely avoid banking

with Bank of America if you guys have

any examples of better banks that I can

start dating that aren't gonna be like

people on bumble and definitely comment

below what type of Bank you're using I'm

thinking Chase is really attractive but

I also don't know like he looks like

he's someone on hinge but let me know

I'll see you guys in the next video bye

my coin