Bank of America closed my account because someone wrote me a bad check!

I'm trying to figure out why my account is being closed.

Okay, well your account is being closed due to a deposit that was made

on the 7th

for $100.

And the item is pending for returned back.

Okay, so what you're telling me then is that

I deposited a check that is not good

and that's the reason that my account is being closed?


A deposit was made into your account

It was not a good deposit.

It's being returned

and therefore the bank has decided to no longer keep a relationship with you.

Okay and how is this my fault?

I don't understand how I'm being penalized for a check that's not good

Ok well, sir, Bank of America holds all customers responsible for each deposit that goes in their account.

The deposit went into your account, you're responsible to make sure that the funds are good

before you make the deposit.

So how am I supposed to find out if a check that somebody gave me is good without depositing it?

How would you expect me to go about doing that?

...with whoever gave you the check to make good, sir, so that it can be confirmed before you make the deposit.

But what I'm saying is there's no way for me to verify

whether or not somebody gave me a check that's good or bad without depositing it in my bank account.

So I don't understand how you can hold me accountable and close my account

because somebody gave me a check that they told me was good, and then it ended up not being good

Well in that case you can go to the issuing bank

and see, you know, if they're willing to verify the funds for you before depositing into your account.

Since when is it the average consumer's responsibility to verify funds with the issuing bank

before depositing it in their own bank?

This is something I've never heard before.

If you don't want to verify funds that's at your discretion.

That's just a suggestion that I was giving you

so that this doesn't happen to you in the future when you go to another bank.

So what would you suggest I do if I get a check drawn on a bank that's not local?

What would you suggest I do?

Ask that person to give you cash

okay that's that's not a legitimate answer that

doesn't make any sense somebody gave me a check which I was willing to accept

because I believed that it was good I see this doesn't make sense I think

you're just coming up with excuses here I don't understand just for shoes you

know I don't okay so then the only remedy that I have which is basically

nothing I can write a letter to somebody who's not gonna respond and it's not

gonna get my account back open so now I go from having a bank account that has

pending direct deposits to having nothing now now I have to go find

another bank is that what you're telling me because I made the mistake of not

verifying with the issuing bank that the funds were good is that what you're

telling me this is really the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my

entire life is this Bank of America's standard procedure for everybody

so any Bank of America customer who deposits a cheque that ends up being not

good is gonna have their account closed

and who made that decision okay was it you did you make this decision so then

at this point my account is closed and the direct deposits from my employer

that are coming into this account will be returned as well is that correct

okay so then right now my account is just locked and I don't have access to

it but you haven't closed it so you will be keeping my direct deposits and I have

to ask your permission to get my money is that what you're telling me but

you're telling me it's going to close

but you're telling me that my account will be closed so then it is in my best


okay this is the most ridiculous thing I really have ever heard and you know what

I am disappointed that Bank of America does business like this this is

absolutely the last thing that I expected from a what I thought was a

reputable company like yours this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard do

all Bank of America customers get treated like this no none that you're

gonna be willing to answer