If you have Bank of America Account you must watch

so I received a phone call from eight

hundred four three two one thousand

that number is associated with Bank of

America 843 two one thousand I answered

the phone the lady said hi my name is


I'm calling from Bank of America about

fraudulent activity on your account I

said okay hi amber amber said this is a

in regards to account blah blah blah

with dead link to debit card blah blah

blah she had all of my information she

said I'm gonna send you a code to verify

your identity via text message I get a

text message code that comes to my phone

from Bank of America from it's like I

have a previous chain you know if you

call your bank and it needs to verify a

code or whatever it came in a chain that

I already had messages in from Bank of

America I give her the code she says

okay one of the things on your account

is a four hundred and thirty five dollar

purchase at Whole Foods in San Diego


are you traveling I said no I'm not

traveling so when she said that I

thought to look at my mobile app and see

if anything was on my app I said well

this isn't showing up in my app she says

it wouldn't show up because it's

fraudulent this call happened at 6:18

p.m. when she said that I thought it to

hang up the phone and call Bank of

America back myself I called Bank of

America I actually speaks to the fraud

department I said hi this is my name

somebody just called me from the fraud

Department named Amber Lewis and this is

what she said Bank of America had no

record of anybody speaking to me from

the frauds apartment by 621 621 I I'm on

the phone with Bank of America this lady

called me at 6:18 by 621 I received two

emails first email saying your online ID

has been looked up second email saying

your online ID password has been

changed within three minutes whoever

that was was able to change my to look

up my online ID and change my password

so I could not access my accounts so now

the fraud department that I'm talking to

has to transfer me to another immediate

department that can access and freeze

all of my accounts so when I'm speaking

to them she said hey this is happening

it doesn't look like any transactions

have happened but since they've already

had access to your account and logged in

via your online ID that means that they

have your checking account numbers and

that means they have your account and

your routing numbers so I now have to

change all of my bank accounts that I

have a Bank of America i had to change

my bank accounts get new bank accounts

luckily I was actually speaking the

second time to the actual fraud

Department they freeze all of my

accounts and they put a massive hold on

my account so that no other transactions

could be made from my bank account so if

you get a phone call from somebody that

says that they are calling from your

bank and they ask you to verify any

number via a text message any number or

verification code via email do not

verify it

you immediately hang up and you

immediately call your banking account

like call your banking center back and

access speak to the fraud department and

verify that you that somebody just

called you the lady that I spoke to from

the Bank of America fraud Department

says they never call and ask you to

verify information you would only get a

authentification code or a code to let

you like verify your account if you call

the bank not if the bank calls you again

this phone call came from eight hundred

four three two one thousand

anybody that is a Bank of America

customer knows that on the back of your

card the number on the back of the card

says 1-800 four three two one thousand

so some way somehow there is a company

that is able to call you from a number

that looks like Vancouver new America

they are sending you text messages that

look like it comes from Bank of America

while which Gantt gives them access to

your account mind you I didn't tell this

lady anything I didn't say any of my

account information I didn't give her my

social security number I didn't give her

my debit card number

I gave her an authentication code that

she sent to my phone via text message

that's all I gave her and that phone

that code that I gave her came from Bank

of America it said it was Bank of

America so again if you get a phone call

and it's from your banking they said

somebody that says they're from your

bank somebody that says it from your

credit card and they asked you to verify

information you asked who you're

speaking to

said may I ask who I'm speaking to get

their first and last name you hang up

and then you call your bank back

yourself so as of right now I have no

access to any of my well I so because of

that while I was on the phone with Bank

of America they had to change my online

ID and give me a new password so I now

have a new online ID I now have a new

password but I don't have any money

because they have to put a big negative

balance on my account to ensure that no

other withdrawals would hit my bank