Bank Of America Is Being A Nightmare!

Joanne is with us and Johanna is going

to start off this hour from Maryland hi

Joanne welcome to the Dave Ramsey show

hi Dave it's such a pleasure speaking

with you is such an honor thank you so

much sure when I get to the point um so

i had a small online business account i

had a small business last year

and I opened a account with a major bank

which I had since closed last year also

but during the time when I opened a

checking account also opened a credit

card which I used one time and purchase

a small you know this small item for

less than $100 I had painted off and

recently this year in April I got a

statement from the bank stating that I

owe them money for late charges and I

called them and tried to resolve this

issue and come to find out the payments

that I made last year were reversed by

them but they didn't notify me or give

me a call to let me know that they had

done that until I called them this April

well my payments reversed

and that's the reason why I was calling

them because there was no explanation

and every time I called them I've been

transferred to your multiple department

and none of them could tell me exactly

why they were reversed

what did you you paid a payment out of

your checking account correct out of my

savings account or your savings account

okay do you not go back and look at your

savings account and make sure that

balances well when I look at my account

it showed that it posted on both

accounts in my savings and in the credit

card statement and then three weeks

three weeks or a few weeks after that

they came back and told me that no we

credited your account back we would list

the payment but there was no explanation

as to why they did it and I was a year

ago it was last year okay so you knew it

though at the time that it came back

right no I just found out actually this

April and you don't look at your

checking account

to see a reversed charge but once a year

I you know I did not that was my problem

I guess that was my issue I did not look

at that account and since I had not been

happy with their customer service I

actually closed my account with them and

then they just sent me a statement this

April and I shall I spoke so how much

did I say you owe them now it's not much

it's only sixty dollars and 55 cents

sixty dollars on a charge that's under a

hundred yeah so those were actually late

fees for a year that I owe them for you

yes that's what they told me that I owe

and you're not been getting statements

from them saying you owe money well this

is the first time actually I look at the

same Oh actually an April those was the

first time I receive a speaking and

showing I had okay here's what you need

to do what company is this Bank of

America of course it is yeah that's what

ok so you've learned two lessons well if

you're smart one is you don't deal with

mega banks like Bank of America because

they're stupid

yeah the second lesson you've learned is

you have to watch and take care of

business better than you have been you

didn't open your credit card statements

for a year and you didn't look at your

savings account to see that the charges

have been reversed for a year that's not

taking care of business well that's

that's true and I understand that and

this cost you so this is what's called

$60.00 in stupid tags not looking at

your statements or opening them for a

year stupid so it cost you 60 bucks

mm-hmm should I be complaining about

this in the future what if I mean my

behind is it's going to show that you

have late payments on your credit bureau

report for a year

well I guess that wouldn't matter cuz

I'm trying to follow your step that

doesn't matter much but here's the thing

when I do something stupid and it costs

me money I call that stupid tax I have

paid a lot of stupid tax and the good

rule about stupid tax is never pay the

same one twice okay okay and there you

pay you're paying a

$60 which is a fairly light tax I mean

that's not too bad for not opening your

statements and not watching over your

business well and for doing business

with companies like Bank of America so

you learn two lessons both for 60 bucks

that's a bargain

that's a bargain right the check closed

the account be done with these idiots

because you're technically legally over

the money

I don't know why they would reverse a

perfectly good payment but what the heck

do it anyway you know they're it's Bank

of America they're stupid they just they

have no soul and the best thing to do is

not do business with them so yeah yeah

that's what I would do if I were in your

shoes you know it's kind of like this

guy's it's the same thing I'd I never

did this but I had a whole bunch of

friends that did this because I grew up

in the real estate business so I knew

better but a lot of people when you're

leaving a rental property they just move


well that lease is up and you just move

off and you go well I want my deposit

back because the property was left in

good condition don't do that that's

gonna cost you your deposit a bunch of

times with a bunch of landlords because

they're gonna come in and NIT pick apart

the condition of the property and keep

your deposit instead you should always

meet the management company of the

landlord or whoever on the site after

you have moved out and get a signed

agreement that the property is in as to

what as to the condition the property is

in and the amount of the deposit that's

going to be returned returned and the

fact that you've completed the lease

legally and in full

you should check into a property when

you lease it you should check out of a

property when you lease it with

documentation when you don't you're

gonna end up paying stupid tax law

repaid to rent moved off I can't tell

you any times I've heard that and then

they go well we had to replace the

carpet you know the corporate was fine

when I left and we're taking that out of

your deposit because there was no

agreement as to the condition of the

property when you move that's the same

kind of thing you have to open your mail

you have to do look at your biz

this you can't stick your head in the

sand and ignore stuff you can't have but

do business in transactions as an adult

out here walking around and end up

anything but losing money as a result

and that's what happened to her that's

what happened those people I'm talking

about I've done stuff exactly like that

- can't think of an example off the top

of my head right now but believe me I've

been as stupid as any of you have ever

been and it still catches up with you

and still bite you and I still pay

stupid tax that's the thing