Open a business bank account or business brokerage account for your corporation or LLC.

acid profile calm thank you for

incorporating how to open a bank account

for your corporation or LLC when

ordering a corporation or LLC from asset

profile comm we include many of the

documents and support in opening the

account to open the bank account for the

business you'll need the following one a

copy of the filed Articles of

Incorporation for your company to a

current Certificate of Good Standing

that was issued in the last 60 days this

demonstrates to the bank that the

company is current with the State

filings if you have a Certificate of

Good Standing that is more than 60 days

old you may obtain another certificate

from the Secretary of State where the

company was originally filed 3

demonstrate to the bank that you have

the authority to sign over the bank

account by presenting at least one of

these documents a public records showing

you're a corporate officer to the

company beef not all states report the

names of the corporate officers or the

names of the LLC manager you may need a

signed statement from the incorporator

that you're the new owner of the company

see there are times you may need to

refile the Articles of Incorporation to

reflect your name and the new business

address on the public record for the

president Vice President or treasurer of

the company should sign a corporate

resolution to open the account and

identify the person who is authorized to

serve as the signer on the account 5 the

initial deposit is 100 to 500 dollars to

open a business banking account for

brokerage accounts the initial deposit

may be $500 or more 6 photo

identification such as a driver's


seven the company's employer

identification number E I n you must

obtain this from the IRS before applying

for the bank account if you're in a

hurry you may apply for the ein online

eight your social security number is

required by the bank to identify you as

the signer on the account ask the bank

representative to confirm the ein of the

company and your SSN to avoid confusion

between these two identifiers 9 the bank

uses your John Hancock on the signature

card to compare your handwriting when a

check is presented to the bank 10 you

should qualify the company to do

business in your state as a foreign

corporation or for an LLC before

arriving at the bank not all banks may

ask for your company to file as a

foreign corporation or for an LLC many

banks obtain their license to operate

from the state and the state encourages

the banks to require companies to

foreign qualified be patient with your

bank representative remember they're

examining business documents throughout

the day the bank representative also

seeks to know the customer the purpose

of the company and the future activity

of the account this is called the know

your customer regulations be patient

with the bank representative and with

their questions all this information is

necessary to open the account and to

protect your signing authority over the

fund the bank is also protecting itself

from fraud and forgery expect them to

ask these questions 1 what is the

business of this company - how much in

deposits are expected on a monthly basis

3 what is the maximum expected deposit

at any given time 4 how many checks will

you be writing every month 5 do you need

a debit card for the business bank

account 6 what's the expected monthly

balance 7 are you interested in

accepting credit cards

do you have a personal account with the

bank if not are you interested in

opening an account 9 are you interested

in opening a brokerage account 10 are

you interested in opening a personal

savings account be ready for answers to

these questions as part of your business

plan acid profile common corporates new

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list of ready to go

aged shelf corporations and LLC's why

should you open a brokerage account for

your business you can write checks on

the brokerage account receive wire

transfers and link the funds to the

company's bank account you can discuss

investment options with a licensed


we're not licensed to provide investment

advice what is the procedure to opening

a brokerage account for your business

applying for a brokerage account

involves downloading and completing an

application or making an appointment

with a licensed professional at the bank

it's like opening the bank account and

this may involve additional questions

you may find an online brokerage or

apply for a brokerage account at the


the brokerage may ask for a copy of the

ss4 form E I n application issued by the

IRS or the letter confirming the ein or

both the brokerage seeks to verify that

the person who is making the investment

decisions is the same person who applied

for the ein for the company if these two

persons don't match they likely won't

open the brokerage account we don't

provide investment advice seek the

advice of a lawyer licensed professional

or a tax advisor if you have questions

about investments thank you for doing

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