Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation

our CBC is one of the top universal

banks in the Philippines we are forced

to eight depending on the metric that

you want to use we pride ourselves in

being very innovative we have the

courage to go and try out two things we

actually have a segment that goes after

underprivileged and far-flung Filipinos

that are living in the rural areas by

providing this technology that would be

a way to give access to financial

services in this type of people we hope

to be able to give back and it's our way

of helping out our country engine we are

entrusted with the very precious

personal information of our clients and

we have to be very careful about that

our business is trusted in the last two

three years crime suddenly took notice

of the fact that you don't have to go to

the bank to steal anything you can do it

from wherever and so that became a

problem we now have to worry about third

party connections as well we sort of

prioritize the what we call ingress

points where these are potential areas

where you could be breached

we knew that email is the easiest source

so we started with with fire ie X this

px would actually mimic the person from

clicking on that on that link or on that

attachment but safely because they do it

in a sandbox and they observe what

happens to that payload we also have the

NX which actually guards our internet

traffic or our HTTP HTTPS traffic it

guards the browsing capabilities of all

our employees and it guards our

applications to where it connects to one

of my favorite acquisitions to the HX we

have several thousand endpoints and it's

really impossible to monitor each one of

them HX gave me a way to protect all

these endpoints even when they are

troubling or outside back investment in


good solution is no longer just a cost

it's actually become a strategic

investment that the solutions that we

have from fire I actually puts us in a

position that makes us a safe partner to

work with you get to learn about the

problems that other is probably across

the globe are or have encountered so you

don't get to suffer the consequences you

cannot have a solution that works for a

problem in the past you have to have a

solution that works for a problem for

today so far we we have had that kind of

solution with by one of our basic

strategies is to work with very few and

select partners we have viewed Barra as

one of those strategic partners both of

the people in the technology in far I

are very reliable to us where I is one

of the main security companies out there

but it's probably the only one that

comes up with innovations that really

are relevant