Documentary Corporation Bank

corporation bank established on 12 March

19 not sex at small temple town of would

be in Karnataka during Swadeshi movement

days a group of flaunt office of the day

under the visionary leadership of Khan

Bahadur Raja Abdullah Qasim Sahib

Bahadur started the bank but just rupees

5000 as its capital to permeate banking

habits among people of the then

undivided district of South kendra with

moto of bang-bang surveyed jalaja

sukhino bhavantu prosperity for all

banquet started with first day business

of 38 rupees 13 Anna's and two pies has

grown into a premier public sector bank

with total business of our rupees 3 lakh

crores and net worth of rupees ten

thousand four hundred and ninety-seven

crores as on 31st December 2017 during

this journey of 112 years Bank has

witnessed two world wars and two versed

for mine and withstood like a solid rock

while hundreds of banks ceded to the

crisis the bank eventually emerged as

the well managed private sector bank

until its nationalization in 1980 after

this historic event of nationalization

the bank has grown rapidly my initially

crossing rupees 1000 crore business in

1985 the band touched a new milestone

subsequently Bank pioneered then cash

management service and grew as a market

leader backed with strong financials

the bank received many laurels and stood

out amongst beer banks by securing

recognition of best public sector Bank

under mid-sized Bank category

consecutively for several years during

the dawn of this millennium today

corporation bank with over 2,500

branches and over 3,100 ATMs and more

than 300 kilo bees across the country is

recognized as one of the most customer

friendly and techno savvy back in the

industry back in last 112 years has

reached the unique status under the

leadership of visionary 20 chairman

since inception


and today the bank has carved a niche

for itself in the industry for its

excellent and unparalleled customer

service the bank is progressing and

moving towards police tech development

under the dynamic leadership of

President MD and CEO sri guru maharaj

Financial Inclusion is a means to

provide banking services to all excluded

sections of the society in rural and

urban areas at an affordable cost

for inclusive growth to realize the goal

of financial inclusion corporation Bank

has engaged more than 700 business

correspondents to extend banking

services to people from the unbanked

area committed to its customers the bank

has moved to the latest version of core

banking solution finical ten point two

point one seven to enrich customer

service and ensure customer delight in

the endeavors of giving back corporation

Bank has contributed immensely to the

welfare of the society the Balsas Arvind

cough Kiran in association with its

zonal units has assisted several

institutions across the country in the

gesture to support their humanitarian

service Corp in head of his unit donated

refrigerator and chairs to Austria

ashram Mandalore computer projector and

screen to garment high school by Campari

and also extended financial support to

palace umbrella Kendra Corcoran

Coimbatore unit donated cup boards to

the Sadhguru save Ostrom trust the

Hyderabad unit donated wheelchairs and

tailoring machines for disabled persons

and extended financial support to

orphanage bank organized cleanliness

drive at the nearby beach mangu


and donated barricades to Mangalore

police the commencement of the bank's

watch a topic wada Ramadan's was also

extended with Swami Yogananda


corporation pact surpasses the

benchmarks of excellence

winning a galaxy of awards and accolades

Bank was conferred MSME banking

Excellence Awards 2016 sk o CH awards in

the year 2017 and Raj Basha Kilty puris

car corporation Bank was endowed with

two sk o CH awards for mudra performance

2017 order of merit award for a road map

to be best in insurance penetration two

awards for the best performance under

SSG backlink each program at best SME

lending award 2017 adding to the array

of the appreciations where the two other

words under a sodium social banking

Excellence Awards 2017 corporation Bank

a premier public sector bank