How to Apply for a Corporation Bank Fixed Deposit


hello welcome to bankers our educational

videos in this video I will be walking

you through how to apply for a

corporation back fixer deposit what is a

fixed deposit it is a same as instrument

that pays a fixed rate of interest until

maturity date for a predefined tenure

rate of interest depends on amount

deposited 10 your bank and wish uj+


advantages of fixed deposit high

interest rate choose a tenure from wide

range of options special interest rates

for selected 10 yards

same tracks by our five year tax waiving

fix-it deposit features of cooperation

bank fix a deposit for seven days to 120

months evidence of rupees one crore and

above for 15 days to 120 months and

deeds of any amount amount of deposit

minimum rupees 500 in rural and

semi-rural branches and rupees 1000 in

urban whole town and metro branches

interest payment frequency monthly

quarterly half-yearly yearly as per the

option of the depositor premature

closure facility as per the rules laid

down by the bank


gather required documents for identity

proof any one of the following passport

pan card voter ID card driving license

government ID card photo ration card and

senior citizen ID card for address proof

a one of the following passport cell

phone bill electricity bill back

statement with Shrek certificate ID card

issued by post office how to apply

fixing deposit at Bank bizarre car you

can go to or forward

slash fix it - deposit dot html' for

example if you want to open cooperation

bank fix a deposit you can go to or forward slash fix it -

deposit or forward slash cooperation -

bang - fix it - deposit dot html' you

will see a page as shown in the

screenshot click on get cooperation ban

ft application form like shown with an



- no more ml Cooperation Bank fix-it

deposit rates please visit our website

present on the video please visit our

website present on the video to download

corporation bank at the application form

my search for a fixed deposit at bangkok

you can compare fixing deposit rates you

can easily access detail terms of the

fixed deposits such as penalty on

premature withdrawal

you can check returns before investment

our fixed deposit calculator helps you

to know the maturity amount before

meeting investment you can find reviews

of various banks that provide fixed

deposits and also by comes to

you free of charge


I know FA pues how are interest rates

calculated the rate of interest defense

of the period of deposit payable at the

rate as decided by the bank from time to

time when Asterius deducted for regular

fixed deposit cherien's shall be

director and applicable rate on entire

interest amount once it crosses rupees

10,000 during the financial year

contact details feel free to contact us

for more details or to clarify any

doubts about comparing fixed deposits at

bangles or website

of forward slash fix this

- Jeff forces dot HD young L email

address suppose at bangles are calm for

number zero four four six six five

double one a double zero address Bank

a and eight the current financial

services private limited third-floor

camellia Center 1443 Harris Road noonim

backup channel six zero zero zero zero

six India thank you for visiting pangas

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