Day in the Life of a Corporate Banker | J.P. Morgan

My role currently, I manage a team of bankers and our responsibility is to cover the subsidiaries

of our largest clients, that are actually headquartered outside the US.

What we are responsible for doing is really ensuring that we understand what their objectives are,

and what their needs are and leverage the different parts of the bank in order to pull the right

people, systems, services, whatever we need together to really deliver that to them.

“Is there a trend, do you see that with the client?”

So that might mean helping them with their core cash management and

leveraging the expertise we have in our treasury services, that could be lending, right?

We obviously help them from a lending perspective, from a debt perspective,

and leveraging our debt capital markets both on the investment grade and non-investment grade side,

and those are some of the products that we focus on within CIB.

We also coordinate with the commercial bank, as well as asset management and sometimes CCB, again,

in order to deliver the whole platform to our clients.


The early part of the week there’s a lot of early meetings, so I’ll start with an 8AM meeting

and then a couple of team meetings, and then a client calls in meetings, and also invite colleagues where they

can give us an update on trends in their lines of business, ways in which we can partner better together,

again just ways in which keeping my team up to date and keep that internal connectivity, right?

It’s really, really, really important. And the more we get together,

the easier it is for somebody to pick up the phone, to ask a question, to figure out a solution.

The council of foreign relations has been very valuable for me.

Their focus is a think tank, they have fellows there who have different areas of

expertise from an international perspective. It’s been really exciting to be able to travel as much as I do

and I have found a balance, at least I’ve found what is a balance for me and my family.

When I do come back from long trips they always have a ton of art waiting for me.

Sometimes it tells a story, some of them are funnier than others,

I also enjoy seeing the evolution of the artwork on my walls, it’s getting a little bit more intricate,

and some of their words and thoughts are being put on the page, whether it’s a

“welcome home mommy, I hope you had a good trip,” or their self portraits which I always find quite humorous.

As a manager I think that you have to provide the team with opportunities to get to know each

other outside of the work environment.

Heading outside of the office as a team on a summer afternoon is just

one way to try and instill that comradery and that teamwork.

I really do feel a strong connection to this firm, and I think we do wonderful things for our clients,

I think we do wonderful things for our communities,

I’m really just looking forward to continuing to work with my team, grow our relationships with our clients,

develop as a group and really take this to the next level.